A Divided Nation Under Trump

Patriotism is something that the right and left and even those in the center have strong opinions about and it was a topic I believed needed to be talked about, which is why I wrote a book on the issue called, Divided Patriotism. I did so because we truly are divided but despite the views of the right, Obama did not divide us, Trump did.

Now, for years Americans have chose sides and it has always been a right vs left country and even those in the center or in third parties eventually pick a team. The division has existed since the early days in America but we have not seen anything like what we are seeing now, not even close. Yet, Republicans hold on to the belief that Obama divided us and “race baited” but the fact is, Obama united us and Trump is dividing us by the day into little groups and this can be seen by listening to his supporters talk for a few short minutes.

The same people who voted for Trump are the ones who divided us by being racist and hateful against him during those eight years he held office and they were suddenly empowered to be openly racist and hateful once Trump came into the political picture. These people are a minority (Trump did lose the popular vote after all) but there are still a lot of them and they are very loud and show no shame for their bigoted views.

Trump is very divisive, at the rallies he holds he speaks against immigrants and Muslims and the poor and so many other minority groups and because these events are hate rallies rather than anything else, his fans cheer and feel like they have permission to treat others that same way. It is obvious from these rallies and Trump’s tweets that he wants a certain kind of America and in that America, only white, rich, straight, so-called Christians have rights, everyone else is ignored.

Trump himself even said that he cares about the “winning side” not all of us and that is beyond clear by his words and actions, he cares about those who support him and that is it. If he cared about all of us he would not try to take away LGBTQ rights like his transgender military ban proposal nor would he put forth a budget that cuts Medicaid by more than $800 billion nor would he try to gut the healthcare of millions of Americans and on down the line with the things he is for.

Donald Trump is the Divider in Chief, not President Obama. Donald Trump does not even deserve to be called president and I personally will never call him one because a real president wins the popular vote like Obama did.. TWICE, and a real president would put forth policies that benefit everyone but Trump just attacks the vulnerable and divides our country into little groups and then he goes and demonizes the groups that he doesn’t like while trying to pass laws and policies that hurt them.

Donald Trump isn’t President of the United States at all, he is the Divider of the United States and his fans follow him every step of the way. They divide and hate and have the audacity to accuse we liberals of doing that when it is them who do it.

They defend Trump as he does this and the reason for this is that they think the things that he says and does. When he talked about grabbing women by their private parts they said nothing, when he made fun of a disabled reporter they claimed it never happened even though it was on video, and when they find out he colluded with Russia like will be proven soon, they will ignore and deflect as not only are his fans dividers like him but they also are sheep and that is the TRUTH!


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