Change Constitution to Reflect Today

Just a brief post today to piggyback on something I was talking about on my podcast today to start the conversation about how the Second Amendment is outdated and needs to be changed to reflect our current world here in 2017. The Second Amendment is what the pro-gun people always hide behind when we debate the issue, they cannot logically discuss the issue without uttering off the usual talking points like “shall not be infringed”, and others like “to keep and bear arms”.

They hide behind this 200+ year old document because they have no other way to defend the senseless killings through accidents, murder, and suicide at the end of a gun barrel. They think that the Founding Fathers intended for us to live this way but they did not. Had they intended for just any regular citizen to own anything but muskets they would have put that in their wording but instead they did not.

The amendments are called amendments because they can be changed and AMENDED but those who love and support the 2nd Amendment refuse to let go of the age old amendment that is responsible for thousands of deaths per year and scores of injuries per year, the other amendments don’t do that. This is why we must change it and change it soon. Nothing stays the same in this country, things change as time goes on and so should our gun laws.

For example, I am a big sports fan and have noticed how in the four major sports in America that each of those sports change with time also. The three-point line was added in basketball, baseball finally decided adding challenges and replay made sense, hockey got rid of their two line pass, and football has made several changes of their own. Actually, the safety measures in these major sports also have changed and those changes have prevented injuries and saved lives.

In fact, our country also changed our traffic laws, rules when flying an aircraft, and so much more yet we do nothing after these tragedies of gun violence time after time. The reason they say we cannot pass strict laws to keep guns out of the wrong hands is because, you guessed it, the Second amendment. This is unacceptable, lives are being lost and our leaders and gun “rights” advocates want zero change and that is something we cannot stand by and let to continue.

We can have change and we can save lives. I believe that we can have a common ground and pass sensible gun laws that reflect our current world. Every other country has done it and we have done it in the past so why not now?

It just makes perfect sense, to have some laws that keep people safe from senseless gun violence and not using an outdated document to make our laws when these very guns are taking away precious lives. The Second Amendment is an outdated document and needs to be changed so lives can be saved. No citizen should have the weapons they have today or carry them anywhere they want, that is not freedom, that is insanity and our leaders need to make up and say enough and not one more.

The founders didn’t intend for things to play out how they are today, they did not intend for everyone to have a gun, they wanted people to have regulated arms and be part of militias, not an unregulated populace like we have now and have had for some time. I know, back in that day well regulated meant in good working order and militia meant military able men. If we go by that definition of militia then half the people who have guns wouldn’t be allowed to have them and the well regulated meaning today means to control, to regulate.

As you can see, the Second Amendment is outdated and uses vague language not suited for today’s world and we need to address this. It is complete insanity for citizens to be armed to the teeth like they are today. If we were back to the original meaning of the amendment then I assure you we would have many less gun deaths and injuries. It is time to adapt to our current world and when you have 68% of U.S. murders and more than half suicides done by a gun then you know what I am saying is true, we must adapt so that the document reflects our current country, not that of 1791!


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  1. thegoodgun says:

    The Girardoni air rifle was made in 1779, 12 years before the Second Amendment was ratified in 1791.

    The rifle could repeatedly fire up to 20 .46-caliber bullets, with an effective killing distance of 125 yards. It easily outmatched muskets, and Thomas Jefferson himself owned two, which he gave to Lewis and Clark for their expedition.

    The Founding Fathers knew gun technology would continue to advance. You’re a liar, and will never suppress the truth.


    1. I do not lie, that is why people do not like me. I speak the truth! Good day Sir!


      1. thegoodgun says:

        The core of your entire argument is the Founding Fathers being unaware that gun technology would evolve.

        I provided documented, historical proof that the first semi-automatic rifle existed before the Second Amendment was even written.

        You then deflect and claim you aren’t a liar and play the victim card, and all after I PROVED you are lying.


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