What Makes America Great?

The weeks and months leading up to Trump becoming the president were dominated by one often repeated slogan in the media and what his campaign was about since the start and that is the “Make America Great Again” or the hashtag “#MAGA” thing that goes around. This continues even as he is the president yet nothing he has done or plans to do makes us great, yet his supporters continue to use it as does he on his Twitter page.

Now, campaigns often have slogans and these sayings do unite people to follow the candidate and believe in their message but in the past these slogans became realities like we saw with Obama’s “Hope and Change” message. He did bring hope and change to our country and this was evident by the way things did change for the better over those eight years he was our president, that slogan became a reality and the campaign promises of Barack Obama were not broken like those of Trump, they came true.

The fans of Trump think he is making us great but he isn’t, not even close. It is clear that the policies of Trump make us less great each day that goes by and undo the actual greatness of the Obama years. I try to reason with those who support Trump and show them how nothing he does makes us great but they continue to repeat that slogan, Make America Great Again. It is even said by Donald himself today as we are six months into his presidency and I agree with it in that sense, let’s make us great again by getting rid of Trump, that is what needs to happen.

Taking away healthcare from millions like the repeal of Obamacare and less than great GOP plan will do or cutting Medicaid and food stamps that will harm so many low-income Americans does not make us great nor does denying LGBTQ people and women their civil rights like is in the works, or walking away from our many allies, and so on does not make us great, nothing Trump does makes us great or will.

The backing out of the Paris Accord on climate change is more evidence that he is not making us great and there is so much more he has done and continues to do that hurts this country and our people. I just cannot see how they do not see how he is making us great and how his presidency so far is successful but sure, if you think that by hurting the needy and vulnerable, destroying our image in the world, and so on makes us great then it has been successful but in reality nothing about this is great and we are in a mess of a situation as a nation, very much so.

So, what makes us great? it is a good question and I have an idea of some things that do help ALL Americans and make us a great place, some of these things were put into place by Obama and some are things we as a country have not yet accomplished but they all are what make America special, but under Trump we are anything but great. The policies of Obama like Obamacare and efforts to raise the minimum wage as well as full LGBTQ and women’s rights and so on made us great. He did so much for this country and despite the lies of the right, life in America under Obama was great.

I believe that providing healthcare for every single person in this country as a right would make us great. Obamacare was a huge step in the right direction and helped so many and I have always been a huge supporter of the law but we can do better, we can have free healthcare for everyone who cannot afford it and that includes free medication. Healthcare should be a right and nobody should be denied care because they cannot pay. This is not all, those who are poor should not sleep on the streets or starve so to make America truly great we must end homelessness and poverty and we have the means as a nation to do this.

It is important for us to take care of the needy so no man, woman, or child goes without clothing, healthcare, food, or housing and if we stopped wasting trillions on unjust wars then we could do this. Besides taking care of the needy, another thing that would make us great would be to an guns or at least highly restrict them while getting rid of the ability to open and conceal carry which endangers the public. This is a big issue that must be addressed and as many know, my most passionate issue. It is important for us to keep our people safe in order to make us great and the NRA buddying up that Trump does and the lax gun laws many states and the feds have make us less safe and less great.

Passing full protections for LGBTQ people and the Equality Act would make us even more great as the community are discriminated in many states. As Obama once said, “We are not free until all people are free no matter who they are or who they love”. This is true, women’s and LGBTQ rights are yet another key to greatness as human rights matter and people should all have the same rights yet those two groups are not equal, even in the year 2017. You would think they would be but sadly that is not the case. Obama fought for these people but the opposite is happening under Trump and it is getting worse and worse.

Raising the minimum wage to a living wage, making housing more affordable, and accepting immigrants and refugees are more ways to make us great but the thing that makes us the most great is to have a president that values all the people who live in this country. We had that under Obama but we are far from great with Trump as president and we become less great every single day. The things I outlined will make us great and there is much more too but this is a start and what we must strive for as a country. To make us great we have to make it great for everyone who lives here not just the rich, not just men or straight people or white people, or Christians but for EVERYONE.

THIS makes us GREAT!


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