Trump Fans Are Selfish and NOT Christian

The ignorance of far right conservatives or as I call them .. Trumplicans is amazing .. they say that they don’t want to pay for Medicaid, food stamps, and so forth because they aren’t responsible for people’s bad choices. They think everyone on disability and welfare is “lazy” and they want to end those vital programs. They claim to be Christian yet don’t act Christ like. There are so many issues that they are on the wrong side of, they have no compassion for those who struggle and it is evident in how they treat others and the things that they say. They also say that they like Trump because of the fact that he says what they think, sadly this is true.

Addiction is one area they do not show compassion. So many addicts will no longer get care to get treatment with the Medicaid cuts and the new GOP health plan yet they don’t care because they claim that the illness of addiction is a choice when it’s been proven by the American Medical Association and others to be a disease and not a choice. It is proven by many to be medical condition and not that choice they claim that it is, to say that people choose to be addicts is false and heartless. Addiction and mental health care are not the only areas that will suffer under so-called Trumpcare but for sure those are illnesses that must be treated and will be cut and see so many hurt.

They call poor people lazy for being on disability or welfare forgetting that many of those on welfare work and those on disability worked full time for many years before becoming disabled. They do not ask to become disabled and it for sure causes them much pain. ..if they worked they could have better housing and healthcare , have nice things and more happiness yet they claim these people are freeloaders. It is extremely heartless to call people who just need help names like freeloaders, they are not lazy or a burden on society. They are humans who deserve to be treated with respect.

They also don’t care about the elderly who will lose Meals on Wheels, health coverage, and other vital programs . They don’t care that Planned Parenthood will be cut and they provide needed services to millions of low income women .. they don’t care that HIV funding will be slashed or that much needed children’s food programs will go away .. they only care about helping the rich and elite and the people they value, not everyone. There is so much that Trump and those who support him do that show they do not care about others

They think deporting families or denying refugees is a Christian trait but it isn’t ..they claim that they don’t want taxpayers money to go to help the less fortunate yet Jesus helped everyone . Jesus did not judge others, he was the one who healed the sick, fed the hungry, clothed the naked, and helped those who were broken yet these people claim to Christian and never act like it or show any compassion for others. They (Trump fans) go to church on Sundays but act this way towards others, that is not Christian not even close to being a compassionate Christian.

They claim to love everyone as Christians yet value assault weapons over the kids those weapons kill .. they want to take away LGBTQ rights and say it’s “God’s plan”. Not my God.. my God who I call Jesus loves and accepts everyone .. he doesn’t want people to starve or sleep on the streets .. he doesn’t believe in violence or war and believes love is LOVE is love. This is what Jesus is about, he loved everyone and did not believe that poor people or immigrants or other religions or gay people or anyone was less than. He was of the belief that all deserve love and acceptance and that is what being a good Christian and good person is all about. it is about helping others and having a heart and compassion for those who suffer and for all human beings.

I do not believe these people love all humans or are true Christians, it is not my place to judge their relationship with their creator but to me when you say things that are intended to hurt others and vote for a man who wants to put in policies to hurt people instead of helping them then you cannot claim to be a Christian. Trump never says or does anything to help others, he is selfish and his fans are the same way. They judge the poor, they do not care about keeping immigrant families together, they want to make who people love illegal, they want to discriminate and have guns everywhere over the lives those guns take and so on and none of this s Christian.

I know that it is up to God to judge them not me but I personally believe that everyone deserves peace and happiness and love. I believe in keeping people safe from tragic gun violence, in helping the less fortunate, in accepting refugees and immigrants into our country, and treating people with compassion and love. These were the values of Jesus who himself was an undocumented child refugee and who wanted to make people’s lives better.

I say this and I will close here, do something nice for someone else. Make them smile, feed them if they are hungry, hold the door for them, sit with them if they are depressed, and so on. Be a good friend, be a good Christian. This is what we should focus on as a nation and when we do this then all of our most troubling problems will be solved in short order and that my friends is a fact, we must help others if we want to make America great as when we fail to do so then we are far from great but when we do help others and have a heart then and only then are we a nation that cares!


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