Happy Pride America

I will say it because someone has to, the White House for sure has not done so or done anything to help this community. The White House under Obama was a very LGBTQ friendly administration bur times have changed and Trump will not even do something as simple as recognize June as Pride month nor has he done anything to help advance the progress of equality in this country like the previous man in the White House did.

So, I say it and say it loudly, Happy Pride! Whether you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, or even pansexual I say this to you as who you are is perfectly acceptable and you are okay. I believe that we all are just fine how we are and should be accepted and given unconditional love from our parents and from society but sadly that is not the case.

I know that it is the year 2017 and things should be different but sadly we still live in a nation that still hates people for being who they are and wants to discriminate against them. This was much better under Obama but now that he is gone and Trump is president things are very different and we saw this when Mississippi and Texas passed anti-LGBTQ legislation recently that allows them to discriminate against the community and that simply isn’t right and for sure is not Christian.

I see the homophobic people constantly saying that we do not need to have Pride parades and that we should keep our sexuality to ourselves and be quiet about the issue of LGBTQ rights but we cannot do that. When they are beaten, killed, hated, and discriminated against for who they are then they can tell us that we do not need Pride but until the day comes when that stops happening then we can stop having them but not a moment sooner. The community stayed hidden and in the closet for far too long and no longer will hide who we are, no we will not and they cannot make us.

We have come a long way over the years and we should cherish that progress but there is much more work to do. I often go on the Facebook pages of companies like Macy’s, Target, and many others when they post about equality and find it amazing how many people say they will boycott these businesses because they support LGBTQ rights and the community. I do not see them boycotting Facebook who also supports equality, they are not closing their accounts are they nor do they give up their iPhones.

Pride is needed, the reason that it is needed is because of the hate by these people who call themselves Christians and by groups like Focus on the Family and Family Research Council among others as well as the states that want to take away the rights of this community. They call it a sin yet they are the ones sinning by judging people, they say they love us yet do not act like it one bit. The Southern Poverty Law Center lists these groups as hate groups and I can tell you from listening to them that they are, they for sure are as they do not act Christian.

Obama lit up the White House because he wanted the LGBTQ community to feel like they mattered and like they had a friend in the federal government but he did not stop there, he fought for the rights of LGBTQ people as he knew that our country is better when all are treated equally under the law. It is very different now, Trump does not value this community or our rights and it shows by his VP speaking at the Focus on the Family conference and how Trump himself throws us under the bus. He doesn’t value us and that is why we know that Pride cannot ever stop, we also know this because of the many hateful and homophobic things that we hear our own citizens say about us on a daily basis.

I wrote my book Defending Equality (on Kindle and Nook) because we cannot stop defending the rights of this community and being proud of who we are. I know that the fight for human rights is more important than ever, it is of utmost importance that we celebrate who we are and speak out so that things like the issues of marriage equality, adoption rights, and so much more stay and the issue of equality matters in this country as well as around the world.

Being LGBTQ is normal, it is not a sin, and it is acceptable. What is not something we should accept is hate and intolerance, especially when it is wrapped up in religion because many LGBTQ people are Christians and hate is not a value of the most high God, not now or not ever. I believe in an America that values all people, so instead of wondering why their isn’t a straight pride, be thankful that you do not need one! I say this loud and proud, happy pride and always be who you are and never let anyone tell you that you are not worthy because you are!

Love is LOVE is love and it will never fail!!!


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