The Dangerous Takeover of America

I just published my latest book, this one on the Obama legacy, and in writing this book I remembered just how great America was under his leadership and how we were much better when he was president. Now, America has always dealt with these issues but when we had leaders who protected us and had the best interest of every person who resides here in mind, these problems were addressed and in turn things were better for all of us, but when the leadership changed in early 2017 the dangerous takeover of America began.

What exactly is this takeover that I speak of?

It is exactly what it sounds like, it is a complete overhaul of the positive and helpful policies put in by the Obama administration that made us better in every way over those eight years. It is not only a dangerous takeover by the new president and other GOP politicians but also by the conservative voters who support these people, they are in many ways more dangerous than the GOP leaders that they back.

The takeover I speak of is happening in several ways and it is a scary time in America because of this. The GOP is planning on taking away healthcare from the millions who gained it under Obamacare as well as their proposed budget cuts to programs like Medicaid and eventually Medicare. This as well as them aiming to cut food stamps as part of that budget. This is dangerous as well as heartless for them to do this. The fact is, Obamacare has saved countless lives and if it is gutted like could happen any day now when they vote to pass the new bill on healthcare.

The takeover is even more dangerous when it comes to the refusal to take steps to fight climate change and the backing out of the Paris Accord by the Trump people. This hurts our country but also hurts the planet and everyone who lives in this world. Those who deny climate change like the current administration do not have the best interest of this country in mind but then again the GOP and their fans don’t on any issue whatsoever, they seek to take over this country and make it something we do not recognize and something that will hurt our kids in the future.

The issues that they want to change go beyond climate change and healthcare though, they want to change America on every issue and do not care who is hurt by what they do. In every way the new conservatives in this nation want us to be less safe and less diverse and equal, they want us to be just like the south all across the country and want to get rid of blue states and just have a sea of red. The election of Karen Handle in Georgia yesterday shows just how far we have fallen off as a country and how our democracy is in jeopardy.

For those who do not know, Handle is one of the new alt-right politicians that have emerged since Trump took over. These people are not your traditional GOP politician, they have very extreme views that are harmful to all of us and are especially harmful to minorities. As far as Handle, she won in the special run-off election in the peach state and when this happened it confirmed what I saw happen the day after Trump won, how far we have fallen as a nation and how the fascist alt-right has taken over. This woman is very anti-LGBTQ and very pro-gun and pro NRA. It is just like Trump, these people cater to the bigoted white nationalists and want to make America white, straight, and so on again, they do not value diversity or helping others.

The takeover is seen by the guns everywhere agenda that they fight for, the anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant culture they create, and using religion to take away rights of the LGBTQ community and so on. It is a double edged sword in many ways, it is the politicians who pass laws to hurt the poor, minorities, and others while fighting against gun reform and other common sense policies that Obama fought for but more than that, the alt-right Trump fans that now are who the Republican Party is also dangerous. This two-sided sword seeks to tear apart the fabric of this nation, to hurt those who need compassion and help, and to make us less great and less safe.

The hate crimes committed by Trump fans are those in alt-right circles have tripled since he won and the shootings done by everyone continue to rise and get worse. This along with the attack on civil rights, minorities, and the poor show how bad we are getting and how the confederate flag waving, gun-toting, Trump supporting right is what is wrong with this country and do not want us to be what we were under Obama which was diverse and peaceful. This is disputed by those on the right but it is true, the left values what is good about this nation and the right does not and seek to destroy what does make us great.

They use talking points on guns, healthcare, the minimum wage, refugees, equality, and other issues to push their agenda of hate but we can see right through them and what they stand for. I know what these people are about and what they want to do to this nation and I for one will resist and will not let them get away with it. I value human rights, I value keeping people safe from gun violence and hate, I am against taking away benefits from the needy and against deporting families.

I favor helping the less fortunate and restricting guns to keep people safe. I support liberal values that have the best interest of all our people in mind and will continue to fight for these ideals and to stop the dangerous takeover of America by the extreme right! The takeover by the right is a scary thing as they want us to be the gun crazed nation that is built on endangering people while also pushing for other policies that harm people like the ones mentioned but we the people will stand up to what Donald Trump and those with similar views stand for and try to do to our country. I believe that we can win and take back our country from the tyrants and extremists in D.C. and throughout this land!


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