The Sinking Trump Administration

I am sure you all saw the classic testimony of former FBI Director James Comey yesterday and I am also sure that you also had a passionate opinion on that hearing and what Comey said, whether you support Trump or are against him, the passion that hearing ignited was felt by both sides and for entirely different reasons.

I watched it myself, I believed that Comey handled himself well and did what Trump refuses to do and that is tell the American people the truth. I honestly was very anti-Comey in the election when he was part of the reason Hillary did not get elected but now I see that he is for sure a 100% independent party who clearly does not take sides.

The former head of the FBI told us what we all knew, that is that Trump lied and obstructed a federal investigation and even though Trump himself was being looked at, his campaign was and he fired Comey to prevent that investigation from going forward, that is a crime and I believe Comey and believe that Trump was involved with the Russia meddling in our election process. I also believe that this is the end for Trump, I do not think he can handle the pressure of this investigation and it is evident by his instability on Twitter and his rants.

This is not the only way his presidency is sinking, because of the Russian situation and how he handles himself on social media and with the press his poll numbers continue to drop as does confidence in his ability to lead the country, even amongst some of his supporters. The firing of the FBI director was further proof of his unraveling and then there is the tweets about that very situation that border on further obstruction.

He is falling apart!

The latest polls say that the majority of Americans do not approve of the job that he is doing. Just a couple days ago his numbers fell from 37% to a record low 34% and while his gullible supporters will call this “fake news” or “the biased liberal media”, it isn’t either of those things, it is a fact that most people in this country don’t approve of him and these poll numbers show just that.

If we look even further, we will see that 57% strongly disapprove of his job performance and many of them are conservatives who usually approve of the work a Republican president is doing but not with Trump. They do not support his con job on America and want him to stop tweeting but he won’t, his overinflated ego will not let him and that is what is sinking his White House even further into a disaster.

His image is tarnished further with every tweet, he is not doing himself any favors by tweeting about how this person or that person is unfair to him and how everyone is out to get him. No, Trump! You have nobody to blame for the mess YOU have created but yourself and just because less than 35% of your blind and easily manipulated fans support you no matter what you do, the majority of our citizens are not so gullible and believe that you are the worst president this country has ever seen, even worse than Nixon.

The fans of Trump think that he is doing “great” and they are proud of him and what he has done, yet they fail to see reality and that he hasn’t done a single thing to make America great or even mediocre. There is a reason why those polls show that he is doing so poorly and it isn’t a media campaign against him, it is because he is destroying our image on a global scale while selling out the American people while he and his family profit off the presidency. This is why people are against him and why he is viewed so negatively, it has nothing to do with Obama, Hillary, or CNN like his base claims, it is on him and him alone.

Those who still have his back are few but the ones that do are very loud and strangely proud of him but the one thing that separates them from anything we have ever seen is how they defend him and do not hold him accountable for a thing that he does. They even ignore the fact that he has gone back on his many campaign promises he made to them by coming up with some off the wall excuse as to why he cannot do what he said he would, they say that he will do it but is taking the long way, “it will take time” they say.

He said he would build a wall and Mexico would pay for it, yet now it is the American taxpayer that is going to pay for it. He said he would destroy ISIS in his first 30-days, five months later they are stronger than ever and committing atrocities across the globe, he said he would repeal Obamacare on day one, he has not done that either, he claimed that he was a “friend of the gays” yet removed them from the census reporting and did not mention Pride Month like the last administration did, and on and on and on.

The man does not ever keep his promises yet his most die-hard supporters defend him daily on Twitter and Facebook and call us who oppose him the “sore losers” and “haters” for calling him out. They also cannot defend him without blaming Hillary, Obama, or others and that says it all, if they need to point to what others have done to defend him then they must not be too confident in their guy and what he has planned for us. I would even go as far to say that they do not truly buy the “Make America Great Again” nonsense, they just repeat it because they don’t know how to say anything else.

They can’t ever defend him on his own merit because he has none. He makes fun of the disabled, disrespects women and minorities,buddies up to the NRA and their vison of guns everywhere that is both irresponsible and dangerous, and has policies that will hurt the needy and vulnerable, and so on. I must say, if you support a man that stands for these things then you for sure cannot call yourself a Christian as Trump is not and this is seen by his words and actions and what he stands for.

Besides defending him by blaming others, they repeat the exact same things he himself says and the pundits at Fox and Breitbart say. They cannot think for themselves because they buy into his alternative facts and are without a doubt indoctrinated and brainwashed. They are so far gone that they do not see how his presidency is sinking and this “Trump Train” is about to derail, even if he is not charged with obstruction of justice for firing Comey and even if that Russia investigation does not find that he did anything wrong, he will still crash and burn and absolutely will not finish his term let alone eight years like his base always says.

They always have the comeback of, “Enjoy eight years of Trump” but when they say this I just laugh as with a 34% approval rating there is no way that he is reelected, there is no way. I predict that he will resign or be impeached very soon and when that happens I will be the first to say I told you so, I don’t believe that he has it in him to stick it out with the enormous pressure that is on him and the scandal after scandal that is plaguing his presidency.

Comey’s testimony was a turning point, it got under Trump’s skin so deep that I believe he will do himself in just by tweeting as he cannot help himself and always must get the last word and that is not a quality that the President of the United States should have. Trump is not even close to presidential and his fans are not anything that resembles bright or sane, this is obvious just by talking to them for two minutes.

The end is near for this administration, this is the most scandalous White House in history and like the Watergate debacle this will be what brings him down like that scandal brought Nixon down but again, if the firing of James Comey or the Russia thing does not bring him down then the other dozens of scandals that he and his family have had since January will. Think about it, he has been in office less than FIVE months and already he has had more scandals than the previous five presidents had combined and there is more to come.

Obama was scandal free, Bush had the Iraq situation, and Clinton lied about sex with his intern. The things Trump has done are much worse and contrary to one of the other things his loyal supporters claim, he has committed impeachable offenses and even some criminal ones I believe. There is grounds to remove him from office I believe and soon the evidence will be there to do just that and end this mess he has created.

I will close with this, Donald Trump is by far the most dangerous and most destructive thing to happen to this country since the tragic terrorist attacks on 9/11 and the reason I say that is because he woke up a sleeping giant of hateful and bigoted people who think just like he does and who want America to be a white, straight, Christian (they aren’t though), and rich nation that is about party over country, guns over life, and white and straight privilege over equality and diversity. On the day that he was elected our democracy died and every day thereafter has been a nightmare for all who love America and who are fighters for human rights and decency.

The end is near for him, his time in office will not be much longer as he and his administration is in self-destruct mode and will do themselves in but I hope that he does not do more damage than he already has and hurt more people before we can get him out of the White House. This is not who we are and if we learned anything from the James Comey testimony it is that Donald Trump cannot be trusted and he cannot be allowed to hold the nuclear codes or any classified info as the man is a ticking time bomb that will go off, it is just a matter of when and when it does, our nation and our future will go down with him and that we cannot allow to happen!


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