End the Hate, End the Violence, Bring Peace to the World!

Again, the topic is terrorism but this post goes further and talks about violence and hate that is much more common in our world but also in our country since the election of Donald Trump to the Oval Office. I believe a post about the issue of terrorism beyond the demonizing of Muslims like Trump likes to do is needed at this time but also, we must include the brutal attacks by those terrorist groups like ISIS in the discussion.

Often we on the left get accused of being pro-terrorism because we oppose the ban of Muslims that Trump wants and speak out against Islamophobia but that is false, we do not approve of any terrorism or violence. I feel that I must say a few things about the issue of Muslims to set the record straight on the issue once and for all and will do so by dispelling the myths highlighted in bold with the truth about what we in liberal circles believe below those myths that are often repeated.

“You support Muslims when they throw gays off buildings”

No, we do not support any government or group that mistreats LGBTQ people and we strongly oppose violence against anyone and especially oppose the violation of people’s human rights. I often hear Trump supporters and conservatives say this to defend how they themselves support hate and discrimination towards the LGBTQ community but there are a few things to point out here.

1. We oppose governments and terrorist groups who do this, some of those governments are business partners of Trump yet he never calls out these human rights violations.
2. These conservatives do not value LGBTQ rights here in America but pretend to care just to demonize Muslims.
3. There are over a billion Muslims on the planet and many of them including ones I know personally support LGBTQ rights, some Muslims are even gay and need to be protected too.

Islam is a murderous cult

This also is not true, ISIS, AL QAEDA, and others groups like them do not represent Islam and having read the Quran myself I will tell you that it does not advocate killing anyone. Many Muslims hate ISIS and those other groups too and even are killed by them. Islam is a peaceful religion but these extremist groups hijack the religion for their agenda just like alt-right “Christian” extremists do to Christianity for their agenda of hate.

Banning Muslims keeps us safe

This is also false, there are many peaceful Muslims and from 1974- present not one person from the banned countries has killed one of our citizens on US soil but countries not on the banned list have like 9/11 terrorists who came from Trump business partner Saudi Arabia. They say that banning Muslims keeps us safe yet ignore the thousands of Americans with guns who kill our people on a daily basis, if you ask me that is the real threat.

The attacks in London, Paris, Manchester, and other places in recent years were tragic and we as humanitarians who love each other cried and shed many tears for those precious souls but banning the many Muslims who do this is not the solution, and before the gun people tell me that banning guns is not the way to solve that issue I must say that there is a difference between banning humans and inanimate objects, guns in America have killed thousands, people from the travel ban nations have not.

ALL terrorism is wrong and we can do a better job of keeping people safe while protecting the civil rights of people from that religion who do not harm anyone at all. Muslim-Americans serve in the military, they are our teachers, doctors, police officers, brothers and sisters, they are our friends. They want to stop the terrorism as much as anyone and we need to work with them and support them instead of putting the blame on them. I believe that the travel ban is wrong as well as unconstitutional and I hope the Supreme Court upholds it being blocked by previous rulings, it does not keep us safe, it will radicalize more people to harm us.

I oppose all acts of violence, I believe that the stabbing in Portland and the Islamophobia that came before it was disgusting and those type of acts need to be stopped and called out as much as any other terrorist attack, and yes it was in fact a terrorist attack as are the mass shootings done by anyone including what the NRA likes to call “law abiding citizens”, most mass shootings are done by legal gun owners according to FBI data and these people should be indeed be labeled as terrorists.

Hate crimes against Hispanics, LGBTQ people, African Americans, Muslims and so on have been on the rise since the election of Trump and most of these acts are committed by violent Alt Right extremists who have been empowered and granted permission by Trump and his hateful agenda. The Alt Right is a terrorist group that needs to be stopped as well, they wish to bring their message of hate and bigotry to liberal colleges and cities and we must not let that happen, free speech should be allowed but hate speech should not be, it is time to reject what Trump and the Alt-right stand for and that starts by opposing this type of speech.

I believe in the views of AntiFa but I do not approve of their violence, I know that since the fascist Trump came to power things have become very bad in this nation and democracy is being attacked but we cannot be violent back, if they assault us then we should defend ourselves (without guns) but we never should stoop to their level of violence. I am against attacking anyone and I believe that we must stay consistent in that message. I want us to stay true to our values and that is to oppose hate and violence wherever it arises, this is our platform and we must stick to it.

30,000 Americans die from gun violence a year and we must keep America safe from that epidemic and that is my most passionate issue but we also must oppose other acts of violence and hate. The people who have Islamophobia also think that places like London would have been prevented if the victims had guns to “protect” themselves but that is not true and also isn’t true in US mass shootings either, guns present just cause more death as innocent bystanders get hit by that gunfire. They also say that the attackers used a van and knives to show that you do not need guns to kill, they leave out that if guns had been used by those terrorists more would have died, like in Paris.

The point in all this is that we as a world need peace, we need to unite not as Americans or Germans, Canadians, or any other nation but as human beings who share this beautiful planet. The America first agenda of Trump is divisive and harmful, we need to be united as a world and as humans for peace and fight for peace and against hate and violence. I cannot say this enough, I hope that you will join me in calling for an end to gun violence, attacks by ISIS, random acts of violence, hate crimes and hate speech. This unity starts with us loving each other but it must go further, it is education that we need more than ever as the NRA teaches that laws like Stand Your Ground are an answer to violence but they forget that violence breeds more violence, when threatened we should teach people to retreat, not attack.

This is also true with our military who take innocent lives and who fight wars that do not create peace but create more bloodshed and hate. It is education on Islam which is peaceful by in large that we need and teaching our kids that we are all the same and no group should be hated, if they listen to a Barack Obama speech and a Trump speech they will see the difference as Obama taught peace and love while Trump teaches the opposite. It is now that we need to end the hate and violence and call it terrorism no matter who does it, not just when Muslims do it.

We need PEACE, we must END the violence and HATE and we must do so now, I know many good Muslims but yet to meet a Trump supporter who values everyone and doesn’t hate but maybe they are out there. The bottom line is whether it is acts of gun violence that lax gun laws create, attacks by ISIS and other groups like them, or hate by people like Trump and the Alt Right, we must call it out and bring peace to our country and the world and until we call it all out and lay down the arms and love one another then it sadly will continue and the acts of hate and brutality will continue.

We are all children of God and whether you believe in my Lord Jesus Christ or your own creator the message is the same, stop hating people for being gay, for being Muslim, for looking at you the wrong way and just hug it out. I believe we can accomplish a mission of peace and stop killing each other and I believe we can do this in my lifetime. I will close with this, we on the left do NOT support groups like ISIS, we just have respect for the many peaceful and kind Muslims in America and around the globe and refuse to demonize them for what a few do, it is time to unite as humans and end the blood and end the hate that is too common these days!


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