Trump : Heartless and Hateful

The title of this post may seem extreme but I assure you, it is not at all and shows exactly what kind of “president” we have now and what is without a doubt to come for however long he remains in office. I know, people will accuse me of being overly dramatic and “brainwashed by the liberal media” but I am not at all, I am simply stating some facts that we can clearly see from his recent actions.

Donald Trump is heartless. Donald Trump is hateful. Donald Trump hurts people.

Why do I say these things?

I say them because they are true, I am talking about the announcement of his massive cuts to programs that help the poor and elderly in the upcoming federal budget but his hatefulness goes much further than that, we have been seeing who he is for many years now but that certainly has become worse since he decided to run for president.

Now that he is president his words are becoming actions and these actions are hurting people. I will touch on the budget in a second but first I would like to discuss his hateful Muslim ban and the heartless deportations of millions of undocumented families he has proposed and has begun. Those issues while they do not impact me personally impact me as a human being who cares about others and as someone who will not sit by while injustice is done, not now and not ever in my America.

He thinks that by banning people from these specific countries or deporting undocumented immigrants our people are made safer yet he ignores the many of our own who kill and commit domestic terrorism, I am looking at you gun owners of America. He thinks that these policies will keep us safe from terrorism or help us but hurting others does not help anyone and nothing he has proposed or attempted helps, his policies only hurt.

He hurts LGBTQ Americans, Muslims, our immigrant friends, and so many more and before you conservative people tell me about Muslim nations killing gay people let me tell you that we oppose that as well, the many good, hard working Muslims in America do not approve of that including the gay Muslims that I know and love. I never see Trump speaking out against hate crimes in America or the globally human rights violations committed against LGBTQ people so he should not talk on it.

It is Trump and his GOP pals who hurt all these groups and so many more and we as loving and caring human beings must stand up for all who are being marginalized and hurt by this administration.

That brings me to the budget, this is a policy that does impact my life and the life of those I know and love. The things he is taking from in the budget will hurt so many like me, I cannot sit by and be silent about that and I hope you will not either. The following cuts hurt the most vulnerable in our society and yet all the voters of Trump and those who support the Republican agenda can say is to “get over it” or “move on”. They expect people to just roll over and give up when these cuts are hurting them and their families when all they want to do is live and survive.

No, I will not get over and I will not move on when poor people who already suffer enough are being hurt by these cuts while the richest in our country get even more breaks and get to live the life they want, while others barely can get by. These cuts will make life impossible for so many yet Trump and those who have his back do not care, they are praising the cuts and want even more of them going forward. The following cuts will cause more depression, more fear of the future, more sickness, and less “greatness” for America.

– $880 billion from Medicaid
– $191 billion from SNAP (food stamps)
– $40.4 billion from the Child Tax Credit
– $21.6 billion from TANF (temporary assistance)
– 200,000 will lose low-income housing

None of this makes America great and as someone who is disabled and works as an author part-time this impacts me, it most certainly does. I most certainly rely on Medicaid and food stamps to survive and many others do as well and that is why this is heartless. The conservatives in this country and more specifically Trump fans (they are the worst) call people like me “lazy” and moochers and a number of other hurtful names but we are none of those things but rather we are citizens who need help and in a country that will not even pay $8.00 an hour on a federal level to workers or decent disability incomes people need food stamps and medical help like Medicaid and Medicare.

To take away these programs from the needy is not Christian so they should stop referring to themselves as “Good Christians” because they are not and Trump for sure is not. They have money for things that hurt people like the wall of hate or unjust wars that take innocent lives or tax breaks for Trump and his rich buddies but not to help the less fortunate. That is both heartless and hateful and not who we are as a nation and we must stand against it and tell congress to oppose this budget.

Rents are the rise and healthcare costs have never been higher as has the cost of food yet people like Paul Ryan and Donald Trump want to get rid of Obamacare and Medicaid and cut food stamps for needy families so they can fund their wars and their wall. This is not who we are America and we must all stand against everything that this administration is trying to do from the Muslim ban to the deportation of families to these cuts that will hurt so many including children and the elderly!

We are better than this America, we are better than Donald Trump!


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