ACA Repeal : Heartless and Deadly

There is so much going on right now from the Comey firing to the great result in the French election and so much more and we will get to those issues over time but this will be my last post for a little while as I started my next book as previously mentioned and need to focus on that for a bit. Before I do that I would however like to address the vital issue of healthcare in America and how the right doesn’t care who has it, unless they are rich.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) or as many call it, Obamacare, has saved so many lives over the years and should stay. However, that is not what is likely to happen as the Republicans led by Paul Ryan and Donald Trump got their wish as the in the House it was narrowly voted to be repealed and now the Senate will vote to finish the job. This is what I call heartless and cruel because the ACA saved so many lives and continues to do so, the new American Health Care Act or AHCA for short will do the opposite, it will take healthcare away from so many who need it and will leave them high and dry.

In fact, 24 million will lose their care and life will be very different for those people. It is expected to give tax breaks to the rich while low income people in this country suffer, that is the Republican way though. They always bail out the wealthy while the poor hold the bag. There is more, the premiums for those with pre-existing conditions will rise and those who have a mental health condition or substance abuse disorder will pay the most, as much as a 500% increase in some cases. They do not care about the sick they have proven and only want to make low income people suffer while rewarding the very wealthy and that is just wrong.

There are many health organizations and concerned citizens who oppose the ACA repeal and the terrible new AHCA yet the GOP refuses to revisit it, it is our only hope that the Senate votes no on it but that is not very likely given how they have been against Obamacare over the years, but we can hope. If they do in fact choose to get rid of the ACA and pass the Republican plan then many will lose their healthcare and suffer, make no mistake. This will be tragic for so many including children. It was Hillary Clinton who fought for children’s health coverage years ago yet the people chose Trump to lead us and this is what they get, America becoming sick again.

The very wealthy get those tax breaks while the poor suffer and they can try to say that is not the case but it is, also it appears more than obvious this is his way to get the wall funded, taxing people more to fund the wall that our friends in Mexico said they will not pay for. On the health side of things the bottom line is that so many will suffer and lose their care and then we have the rollback that is proposed on Medicaid which will harm even more low income families and that is simply not right. The Republicans have always been against the poor and now they have proven it without the shadow of a doubt where they stand with the poor, it is not on their side.

I could go on and on about the many ways the ACHA hurts the American people but I think you know that, it harms so many and as a nation who supposed to lead and show others how it should work we fail once again. There are so many great nations who have universal healthcare and who care for their citizens but just like with education and preventing gun violence the U.S. falls short on the issue of healthcare, we should have universal, free healthcare for our people but we do not and now we are headed in the opposite direction and it will hurt so many and make us less great, not more.

I urge people to call your senators and urge them to vote against the repeal of the ACA and say no to the version the Republican Party is pushing and selling as no American should go without coverage or be denied for having an illness and certainly not a pre-existing condition, that is cruel and heartless and yes, deadly as well. The ACA was a lifesaver for so many and we must defend that bill that Obama and others fought so hard for, it is not even about Obama although as people will see in my upcoming book, he did great. it is about doing what is right and protecting the healthcare for the needy and so many others who rely on Obamacare, without it many will not be able to both buy food and buy medicine or have much needed medical procedures and that is not who we are America.

Stand up and protect the ACA and say NO to the GOP plan or as Trump likes to call it, Trumpcare. It is not something that works for every citizen and for sure is not something we should support. Universal healthcare is the goal but the ACA was great in and is great in so many ways, it is better than what the GOP wants and the plan they have drafted, sure the GOP plan works for the very rich but mot for the rest of us. I always say, they thought Obama was coming for their guns but he didn’t but the Republicans are absolutely coming for your Social Security and Medicare, make no mistake that those things are next if we let them get away with this!


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