Sally Yates is a HERO!

I am here in the middle of working on my Obama legacy book but wanted to write a couple brief posts about some core issues that have happened in recent days before going into what I call the hibernation mode of book writing. I will be spending less time working in the resistance world of Twitter, less time at rallies, and less time blogging over the next several weeks because of this book I am working on.

Now, to the first topic. This post is about the heroic and brave Sally Yates, the former acting Attorney General and the steps she took to protect our democracy from the people who are trying to destroy it and who seek to silence her like they do to us all in the resistance. I do not use the word often but the woman is an American patriot and deserves praise and recognition for her bravery in the face of such harsh criticism. I applaud her for having the courage to speak out and refuse to back down to the corrupt administration who is trying to keep her from talking and I think others should do the same, we cannot let them win by backing down.

They do the same to me, not Trump but those who support him do, they threaten and harass in an effort to keep me from speaking out but it will not work with me nor will it work with people like sally Yates or anyone else. She was fired by Trump because she had defied him on hos travel ban or what we know it to be and that is a Muslim ban. She would not enforce and defend it because as we all know, it is unconstitutional and illegal and she is not that type of person and we thank her for doing the right thing.

She said in the hearing today that the ban was unlawful and that is why she could not stand by it and she also said more that is rather significant, one being that former Trump National Security Advisor Mike Flynn broke the law and that could be the real reason she was let go, I think so. The thing to keep in mind is that with the Trump administration if you go against their agenda then you are out, there is no room for reason or compromise. She did that as she was not about to sit by while people’s civil rights were being violated nor was she about to be quiet as a Russian spy sat in the White House.

The bottom line is that this woman is a hero and a patriot and deserves praise and thanks for standing up to this vile administration. I do not have the power or political pull that people like Yates has but I also will not back down and will continue to resist and fight no matter who tries to silence me and keep me from fighting for my beliefs. Sally Yates is an inspiration, she is a hero and should give us all hope that there are good people who are still fighting for us even in Trump’s America. It makes sense though as she was an Obama appointee so it is no wonder that she has integrity and inspires hope in the American people.

In her testimony today she spoke of how she believed that Flynn was compromised and that he was vulnerable to blackmail by the Russians. This hearing today was supposed to be about Russia but the Republicans only seemed to question her on why she refused to cooperate with the travel ban, they clearly did not want to talk about Trump and Russia and the info Yates has about the collusion and just wanted to smear her. I must hand it to her though, she handled herself with a level of grace and professionalism just like Hillary Clinton did in her many hearings and it was good to see. The Yates hearing and the subsequent tweets by Trump showed us that there is something there and I am sure in time it will be revealed and Trump know this.

Trump called what Yates has “fake news” and the Russia allegations a “hoax” and when people do that then you know they have something to hide. It goes without saying that it is unprecedented that we have a president who calls the media who represent the people “fake” and an independent investigation a “hoax” but nothing this man does or says is presidential so it should not surprise us one bit but it should alarm us.

It is very alarming that we have someone who is in office and is supposed to lead and be a role model that speaks this way and plays the victim, he for sure is not. However, I believe that he has met his match in Yates and the many judges who have ruled against him not to mention the millions of us in the resistance who are fighting for our core values.

Sally Yates is without a doubt a patriot of the highest level and what she did in that hearing was in fact nothing short of heroic and she should for sure not be treated the way she is by the Trump administration and the deplorable people who support him. She id a great service by telling the truth today and she is someone we should thank, not attack. As I said though, she did a great thing and spoke for the millions of us who stand with her, Yates is one of many who are fighting this administration and what they stand for and we should all get behind her and others who do this.

The bottom line again is that Sally Yates is a hero and a loyal American, that is rare in the Trump era but nonetheless it is admirable and what makes America great!


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