The Trump Effect

Hello again, it has been awhile since I last posted as I have been working on my books and of course, life. This will be a shorter post than some of the previous ones but it is an important one that must be discussed, especially with the damage that is happening right now with this administration and the things they are doing. Today, the Obamacare repeal and replace was a win for Trump as the House passed his bill by narrow margins but this was a loss for the American people so it was time to post again. Today, we saw how the Trump effect is in full effect and is changing the way everything happens in this country, and not in a good way.

The repeal and replace of Obamacare is bad for so many and good for very few as it takes away health coverage from so many people while giving breaks to the very rich just like his tax plan but the Trump effect goes much further than that. The Trump effect goes beyond legislation and the laws and orders passed in our government that are damaging enough, it relates to how people behave and the things they do. I have talked about this before but it must be repeated and repeated again, the people who support Trump also support the ideologies of him and his cabinet and those beliefs are not who we are, not at all.

The Trump effect on America brings racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, sexism, and overall hate to the forefront and gives people permission to have these views and act out in some really bad ways because after all, the president does it so they think they can as well. Since the man took office we have seen the people who support him not only defend his fascist policies but also we have seen hate crimes committed by these people on the rise and Trump himself says nothing to condemn these actions. Then there are pro-Trump speakers like Milo and Coulter who speak hate speech and yet Trump blames the media and “liberal universities” for not wanting this type of speech to be tolerated.

The election of this man has brought these people out of hiding and they now publically speak this hate and make no apologies about it either, they are proud of having these views and speaking hate against minorities and many others too. This was not the case under other Republican presidents and is unique to Donald Trump and his ideology that is rooted in anti-immigrant and white nationalism. I did not support the Bushes or even Reagan but those were entirely different situations, Trump and those that support him are vastly different and have a set of beliefs that do not align with what is mainstream or even decent.

The Trump effect is this us vs them attitude that pits the public (his fans) against the media, the rest of America, and even against other Republicans by portraying Trump and those who voted for him as the victim and the rest of us who are against his policies as the enemy and it is working. The reason that it is working is that never before was there a politician who said what alt right extremists have been thinking and never have we seen a movement that has such extreme views as this movement that Trump has created. You see, this thing we call the Trump effect is not just about policy but it is about this hateful set of views that divides us into two nations and creates fear and hate within the walls of the United States.

Thinking of policy, the things he has tried to do or has done have hurt the people of this country and proven what they always have said and that is that elections have consequences, for this election and our country today in 2017 the consequences are devastating in so many ways. The healthcare bill that will get rid of Obamacare that has helped so many and kick people off their health plans is of course devastating but there is more.

There is his anti-Muslim travel ban that he has tried and failed at and his anti-immigrant policies that seeks to deport millions of families and the proposed wall, and of course his dangerous relationship with the NRA that puts lives at risk, anti-poor and pro-rich policies, anti-LGBTQ rights, and so much more. These and so much more show the Trump effect and how it has an impact on this country and the people who live here and the resistance must challenge him and what he is doing to America, now and going forward we must if we hope to save ourselves from sure ruin.

All of this and the ideologies of him and his fans and the way they behave are the Trump effect and this effect is having an impact on us all and for some it is worse than others. Hate and fear is once again alive and well in this once hopeful country and it only looks to get much, much worse as time goes on in his presidency unless we continue to fight and resist. There were many devoted and passionate activists and Democratic politicians who fought against them repealing the ACA (Obamacare) just like they fight the other things he tries and will continue to do so, the resistance never will let up.

The Trump effect is here in America and it is rooted in hate, violence, and compassionless selfishness. These people only care about winning and hurting the poor, minorities, and everyone who is different than them and they for sure do not care about others and what is best for this country or their fellow Americans. What causes the Trump effect are the things Donald Trump says and does and the policies he has created. The Trump effect is two fold, on one hand it is about the public policy of Trump and how it harms people and on the other hand it is about how his words and actions give his supporters permission to commit hate speech and hate crimes against the vulnerable and that for sure is what they do.

His supporters seem to buy his lies and believe these alternative facts and the way it works is that he says or does something and they do the same or sometimes worse. This is a scary time we are living in and it is only expected to get much worse as we get further into his destructive presidency, may God help us all as this Trump effect will only cause more damage and divide us further as time goes on. The damage done by the ACA repeal, the travel bans, and so many other things he has done and will do will be great but what will be more damaging is the hate and division his ideology has created amongst the millions who support him and the things they do.

The truth is that both are harmful but the ideologies of Trump’s base and how they seek to harm everyday Americans who are different than them is dangerous as are the views of Trump himself, make no mistake. The only thing we can do to fight these people and to fight Trump and what he stands for is to be who we are and fight for our values, if we stop then they win and for our democracy we cannot allow that to happen. The ACA repeal, the hate done by these people, and the beliefs of this administration has done much harm to our country but we as Americans still must fight today, tomorrow, and each day after that as our future and the future of our children is at stake and for that, the resistance must carry on and fight!


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