Selective Freedom – The Republican Way

It has been a few days and I am back with yet another hotly debated topic for everyone and that is a favorite of conservatives and a word they cannot seem to get enough of and that is FREEDOM. The problem is that they do not even know what it means and think that the United States is the only country where it exists. They always will throw this word out there and call themselves “freedom fighters” yet they do not value all freedom, they only value what I call the concept of selective freedom. They think that we are the most free yet have clear hypocrisy on the issue of freedom, if America was so free we would have freedom for all and free people yet we incarcerate the most people and have less rights than many other places thanks to “states rights” and other ways the Republicans say, “Freedom for me, not for you” in this country.

Freedom in this country is not so cut and dry like they like to claim that it is and they think that freedom means you can do and say what you want even if it harms others and that is not true. This has been a recent story that has taken the nation by storm and even has divided many liberals, some believe that the concept of hate speech is protected by the First Amendment and it may very well be the case but it should not be. This came up recently when right wing author and regular Fox News contributor (surprise surprise) Ann Coulter ran into some issues when she wanted to speak at UC Berkeley and the school had issues with her doing so.

Ann claimed that her free speech was being denied and the many alt right fans of hers and of the president lost their minds and have started threatening we on the left and going to Berkeley causing problems because they did not get their way. They want the “freedom” to speak hate yet they do not want others to have their freedoms. I know many liberals disagree with me but I am a firm believer that hate speech should never be tolerated and what she does is in fact hate speech as is what Milo does, he also ran into issues when he spoke at Berkeley recently.

They want to have unrestricted freedoms yet deny others their own freedoms and this is indeed the Republican way. In his situation they want Coulter to have her freedom of speech yet want to deny the university their freedom to do what they feel is best for their student body and this is the case with others as well. Trump tries to shut down the media and refuses to answer questions from outlets like CNN, I don’t see these people who value the First Amendment and freedom of speech opposing that, they agree with Trump that the “fake news” should be restricted yet they watch Fox News, the least true news source there is out there.

Coulter, Milo, Alex Jones, Donald Trump, and many others on the far right have speech that is harmful for this nation and just like how you cannot yell fire in a crowded theater the things they say also should be restricted, speech can be harmful and while you should never be arrested and thrown in jail for having an opinion there should be measures put in place to protect people from being harmed by such speech. In that way I am pro First Amendment as I do not believe our government or any government should prevent people from speaking their mind and put them in jail for it, speaking certain things that hurt people should not be allowed or at least universities should be able to say who they want to speak and who they do not.

The right loves freedom when it is freedom they agree with but they do not value all freedom, it is obvious by their actions for us to see that. They have a strange concept of rights and freedom and have an even stranger understanding of how freedom is achieved. They base freedom off a few words on a document that was written more than 200 years ago but in reality it is more complicated than that. The First Amendment of the Constitution as well as the much coveted Second Amendment are not and never have been absolutes and can be restricted to keep people safe. Just look at what you can and cannot say to people like law enforcement and judges, you cannot call them names and then claim freedom of speech and the same goes for hate speech and other harmful speech.

There are limits just like with the Second Amendment, gun control is legal and there are ways guns can be restricted and regulated yet these people think that rights allow people to say and do what they like. They have selective freedom because they want the right to use “religious freedom” to discriminate against LGBT people and Muslims and the “freedom” to keep any gun they want and carry that gun anywhere and they also want the freedom to say hateful and harmful things to people that they do not like. These folks do not want others to have their freedoms and rights and think that they are “patriots” for having the views they have but they are anything but. They believe that these freedoms are fought for by the military when they have not fought for our rights in over 70 years, they continue to claim they do however.

Liberal activists have fought for our freedoms like the right for women to vote and choose what they do with their reproductive rights, gay and lesbian couples to marry and adopt, worker’s rights, and so much more. It is us who fight for these freedoms, not the United states military and that is something I wish they would understand and stop saying the military fought for our freedoms as they don’t. They want to have their freedoms to have guns but do not care about the rights and freedoms of non gun owners and they want to speak hate speech but not allow places to refuse to let that speech be spoken and it goes on and on with other issues. They have two concepts with freedom, they believe that it only exists for them and not others and also believe the military fought for it and both of these beliefs are wrong.

Let me be clear, owning a gun is not freedom, it takes away the rights and freedoms of society not to e shot and endangered by these weapons and hate speech isn’t free speech. I know, the SCOTUS has said that hate speech is covered by the First Amendment and also that guns are a right but I do not believe these are freedoms as freedoms are things that are equal and that do not harm others and both hate speech and firearms harm people and cause damage that can in many cases be deadly. Now, LGBT rights, women’s’ rights, and other freedoms that we fight for do not harm anyone yet these “patriots” do not seem to fight to protect these things, instead they fight to remove these rights and freedoms as it is obvious they only care about their own freedoms, the ones that harm people and damage this country.

Freedom is not what they think it is and America isn’t the only country that has it or even has the most of it. There are 92 Democratic free countries on the planet and while we are one of those countries, we are not the only one and there are many more free than we are. As a comedian I like once said, in the free and great country of the Netherlands you can sleep with a red light woman while smoking marijuana in front of a cop, that is true freedom. If you need to carry a gun then you are far from free and if you believe that hate speech or using religion to discriminate against people different than you makes you a free person then you clearly do not understand the concept of the term and should not speak on it.

The right has this selective freedom and do not value the rights of the vulnerable and they continue to prove this so they are the last ones who should be screaming about the constitution when they support a president who clearly does that or when they do not even know what freedom is, they for sure are hypocritical. These people like to talk about free speech yet do not even know what the concept is and it is clear, it just means that the government cannot throw you in prison, it does not mean that places like Berkeley must give you a platform for that hate speech.It is the same with guns, you have a right to have a gun but you do not have a right to take that gun anywhere you like and infringe on the freedoms of the rest of us or have any weapon you choose, I have repeated this but it needs to be said, these things are not freedom and rights do have limits and I really wish these people would understand this instead of selecting what freedoms they approve of!


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