Hope and Change Carries On

I had some more time today in the middle of my projects so decided I would write another post, this one will be a little shorter than the usual ones. I woke up this morning to see my favorite human being on the TV, yes that would none other than Barack Obama. As he always does he was encouraging people and inspiring us to get out there and fight for our beliefs and our values and that is what I intend to continue doing. This is what we all should do, we all must do what we can to improve the lives of others and fight for what Barack Obama fought for and the change he fought for and the values he spoke about in this speech today and all his speeches.

This was the first time our great former president made a public appearance since leaving office and it renewed our hope in our democracy. I am sure you feel the same as many Americans in that we have lived under a dark cloud since Trump took office, things just have not been the same and depression rates of our people have skyrocketed as people are anxious and afraid, rightfully so too. The amount of people who have been hurt already by this president is enormous and people continue to be hurt by the day, while under Obama many were helped and lives were made better.

No Trump fans, this doesn’t make us “snowflakes” or need our “safe spaces”, it makes us genuinely terrified what this means for the many vulnerable groups in this country and for the world. The man who is president now is dangerous and unfit for the office and the man who spoke today in Chicago was a great leader and president who treated people with respect and who genuinely cared about others. This man, Barack Obama, encouraged me to do the same and follow his lead fighting for the many who do not have a voice and that is what I intend to do going forward.

At times I allow the way Trump supporters act and the things they say to allow me to go low and not take the high road but today Obama and how he did not go out and disrespect anyone made me think about this. I believe we can get our point across without calling names and putting people down and I am going to work on this. I also am going to stay hopeful and believe in change that we all can accomplish I we continue to fight for what is right and stay true to our values. There is a line in a Christian song that I like and it goes something like this, “Hope that doesn’t ever end, even when the sky is falling” and this hits home as this is what we are seeing with this administration.

Yes, things are dark right now but as I wrote in my last book Impossible is Nothing, which was a non-political book, nothing is out of our reach and that is what Obama showed us, he fought the good fight and is asking us to do the same. He wants us to be that hope and change, as he said, we were who he was talking about. We are the ones who instill hope in others and we are the people who change things, we do this by changing ourselves and by inspiring others to do the same. That was what his entire presidency was about, it was about this HOPE and CHANGE, and fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves and inspiring others.

I know for a fact that this man gave me hope and was why I decided to get involved in political activism and fight for others and why I continue to do so, even though we came up short in November. I know that we can win the battle in the end and restore the values that Barack fought so hard for, I know we can without a doubt. I am proud of the work we accomplished throughout the eight years that man was in office and while things are bleak and scary right now and even though the rights of many are at risk, I know we can continue this hope and change. The far right feeds off fear and hate and that is what we are in fact seeing with this current administration and those who support them and this is the current state of affairs.

The speech today by Obama renewed our hope to continue fighting to save Obamacare and Medicare, stand up for women’s and LGBT rights, fight for our undocumented immigrant and Muslim friends, respect and stand up for science, continue to advocate for common sense gun reform, and much more. The speech inspired me to do my part and be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. I hope others will do the same as if America is the leader then we must lead and be the compassionate beacon of hope that we are known as, and if we do this then we can get back to the hope and change that we were under the Obama administration.

Only we can be the change and only we can inspire hope but it takes a dedicated heart and determination. Trust me, the other side has a different vision for this country and wants us to fail as they care about winning, not America or every American. I am not sure about you but I know that I still feel the hope and change that Barack spoke about eight/nine years ago and his speech on the night of the 2008 election is something I still listen to when I lose some of that hope, it is motivating. I believe the hope and change is still with us even though it may seem like we are losing the great progress of the Obama years and also who we are, we are not going to let that happen.

I have faith that we can through the resistance make sure hope and change carries on and we restore this nation to what it was and become the good and loving place we should be, or as close we can be to it. I am against much of what America does but loved the Obama years as this hope and change that I keep mentioning was evident and present and we saw it on a daily basis as that man made life better for everyone. It is sad the direction we are heading in with Trump in office but we will keep fighting and continue to push for more hope and less of what this current administration is selling. Hope must never die and it won’t if we continue fighting and continue to stand for our values and what is right!


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