Hate of LGBT people wrapped in Christianity and Politics

In yet another discussion with intolerant and hateful Trump supporters on social media I was once again reminded of what was at stake in this last presidential election. The hope was that if Hillary Clinton won then we would continue to be the compassionate and tolerant nation we were under Obama but when she didn’t the bigotry once again came to the forefront. Yes, we know that it is always there but now with a person who has a history of such bigotry in the highest office, they feel they are free reign to behave this way and one of the ways they behave is to show their intolerance towards the LGBT community in this country.

I had a discussion about LGBT people and once again these people showed who they really are while pretending that they are trying to “help” and pray for the “sinner”, nobody including me is buying that. Those who oppose Muslims, immigrants, LGBT people, and so many more have one thing in common and that is that they have hate in their hearts while claiming they do not. They always start off by saying, “I don’t hate gay people” and then go on to as you can guess, hate gay people and the remarks they make are harmful yet they cannot see it. They like to hide behind the Bible and claim that God said it not them but this is untrue.

Jesus never said one thing about the issue of homosexuality and was someone who loved and accepted everyone yet they use the six outdated verses in Bible about the issue to show that God is against homosexuality and thus as justification for them to discriminate and hate the LGBT community and also the GOP lawmakers whether they admit it or not also do this. They are always doing what they can to remove LGBT rights and hurt the community and this is obvious by them doing what they can to oppose things like the Equality Act, LGBT work and housing rights, and even go after marriage equality. They do everything to keep the people in this community unequal and fight against the progress we have made over the years and the non-politicians are worse.

They claim that it is the left who hates but it is the opposite, they are the ones that hate and it isn’t just the LGBT community they are against, they are very hateful towards Muslims, immigrants, the poor, and so many more. They like to use straw arguments and try to put it back on the left claiming that we are the intolerant ones but it is obvious they are. These people try to excuse their hateful behavior by pointing out that Muslims “throw gays off buildings” and call us hypocrites for supporting Islam when this also is a false argument and is just an excuse for their own hate.

Yes, we know that there countries that treat LGBT people poorly and kill us but that doesn’t mean we have to hate the tens of millions of decent and good Muslims like they do. It is possible to be gay and support Muslims while also opposing hate where it comes up whether that be Muslim nations who kill LGBT people or conservatives who try to hurt this community or the hate crimes done against them by the right. These folks like to excuse their behavior and what they do by demonizing others including Muslims. It will not work, we know that the Christian right isn’t very Christian at all as calling LGBT people things like “abnormal”, “mentally ill”, and “sick” are not only false but also very disrespectful and hateful.

The facts are that LGBT people are not any of those things and the American Psychiatric Association even stated so when they did the right thing and removed homosexuality from the DSM, which is the manual used for all psych disorders. There are many professionals and academic researchers who also say that homosexuality is completely normal and not a mental disorder but yet they continue to spread the lies that it is abnormal, it is a lie. Being LGBT is normal and should be accepted and the future for the movement depends on us standing up to these hurtful falsehoods and myths, we must do what we can to move forward and fight for the future of the community and LGBT rights despite what Trump, Pence, and the Christian right are trying to do to the progress we have made in recent years.

So, what is in store for the future for LGBT rights?

I believe that in order to know where we are going we first have to know where we have been to know where we are going and I hope people can see where we have been on this issue based on the previous posts on the issue I have written as well as in my book Defending Equality and by seeing this I hope that it helps to know where we are going and how we get there as that is the goal here. We have come so far my friends but we cannot stop here as the fight for equality never ends and is always raging on, especially when there are so many who want to see us fail, we cannot! We also cannot be silent about injustice around the world including how our LGBT brothers and sisters are treated in places like Chechnya even if Donald Trump will not call it out and stand up for oppressed LGBT people both here and abroad.

The reason we cannot give up is because those who have gone before us did not fight so hard for equality just so we would stop fighting, the time is now to keep going and to keep up the fight as there are those who will come after us who need to know there is hope will count on us like we counted on those who fought years ago for LGBT rights. The future for the movement is always happening in the present and it is up to each one of us to keep that fight going so people will know that change is possible but more than that, hope is possible, they need to know that and we must keep fighting so they do.

The future as we stand now is unknown as the LGBT rights victories of the past are at risk as there are many who want to get rid of LGBT rights and they may have the power to do just that, we cannot let them and that is why for the future of our movement to carry on each one of us has to commit to the fight. How do we do that? We do that by speaking out and by refusing to back down and we do that by believing in each other and believing in what we are fighting for. What happens in the coming weeks, months, and years for this movement depends upon what we do now and how we move forward and how we advance the rights of LGBT Americans as well as LGBT people across the globe.

Speaking of the Equality Act, it must be part of this future as LGBT rights deserve to be protected and the right has done nothing but try to take away these rights here in America for decades and continues to do so, this piece of legislation is essential to protecting the rights of every LGBT citizen in this country and is a must for us to have full equality. However, this will be difficult with the Republicans in control of the major parts of our government and seek to take away the rights that we have talked about in this book and the rights that would be protected by the Equality Act.

The Equality Act was more possible when Obama was president and when we had thought Hillary would be our next president but with Trump in office and a GOP controlled government it becomes much more difficult. Just to review, the piece of legislation known as the Equality Act that has been pushed to be passed for some time now but has been stalled and obstructed by the Republicans as they claim to value “freedom of religion” over LGBT rights but religious freedom doesn’t mean you can discriminate, guess they didn’t get the memo. The GOP fights against the Equality Act as they fight against all things that will help and protect LGBT people and have done so for some time now.

Even though we know that with Trump and the GOP in power they may not let us win over the next several years in regards to equality or the Equality Act we still must do what we can to fight and keep this movement moving forward like those before us have done and trusted us to do after their time passed. For us to continue the progress of the last decade or so in the future we have to do the things we have done in the past to win and sometimes this isn’t easy because when we have people oppose us it can be difficult to keep going but it is for sure something that we must do.

Keep fighting, that is what we must all do no matter where we live and no matter who we are. Many people think that you have to be a political figure or even a well-known TV personality in order to have an impact but the truth is that you for sure do not and anybody who has a passion and a drive to change things can do this. I am just your average American and I became an activist after I saw the issues that I care about not being changed like I believed they should be. I decided I needed to take a stand and fight for the issues dear to my heart and this particular issue is very important to me so I joined the ranks of millions of Americans who also care about it and began my journey advocating for LGBT rights.

The future is now and it is a future worth fighting for and I hope you and others like you will join this fight and do what you can to make a difference not only in America but across the earth fighting for the rights of LGBT people. You do not even have to be part of the LGBT community to fight for the rights of the people in this community, you just have to be a person who cares about people and wants to have an impact and if this is you then you for sure can make a difference and join the movement that has already come so far and cannot go back to how things were, we cannot allow those who are anti-LGBT to win and accomplish their goal of removing the rights of the LGBT community and hurting these people, we just cannot allow it.

I firmly believe the hate of the so-called Christian right as well as this current administration do not care about LGBT Americans and it shows in their words and actions and I know that what we are doing with fighting against the hate of homophobic agenda of those who oppose equality is the right thing to do, it for sure is and we will continue to do so. I also know that even though we have an administration that doesn’t value our rights we will continue to fight for these rights. The resistance will carry on and fight four our values with LGBT rights and so many more issues because we are the freedom fighters and humanitarians.

I will say as a bisexual man that the rights of the LGBT community matter and these rights must be protected against both the many anti-LGBT politicians who try to restrict and remove those rights as well as the anti-LGBT “Christian” citizens and organizations who fight against the LGBT community. The cost of giving up is far too great and the reward of continuing to fight for our rights and the rights of those who come after us is worth what we have to put into the battle. The many successes we have had over the years will motivate us to keep going and stand up to hate and oppression, we know it will not be easy with this administration and the current hate being thrown our way like what we experience in these debates , but it is possible as long as we believe and as long as we RESIST!


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