Two Americas – Liberal vs. Conservative Values

As I stated on my last post, I am working on a new project and also preparing to write my next book so will be posting less on here but did have some time this morning and wanted to talk about an issue that is both important and relevant to what is happening in America. The nation that we are now and have been since Trump took office is a very different place than we have been in our recent history. I am referring to the two countries we have become in recent months, the two countries within one or as I like to refer to it as, TWO AMERICAS.

Now, it should be noted that we have been divided for a long time and this did not just happen suddenly when Trump became president but it did become much worse when he rose to power, that is for sure obvious. I have wrote about this division on a few different occasions so this is not anything new, As I am sure you recall I have written blog posts on the issue and my fourth political book Divided Patriotism dealt with the issue, but felt it was important to go more into the issue and talk about the different values liberals and conservatives have.

If you also recall, we were two nations in the mid-1960s when the hateful practice of racial segregation was the norm in this country and to a much lesser degree we were headed in the direction of two different countries during the time Barack Obama was in office as his haters did not like what he was doing and how the nation was coming together and thus we were divided on a variety of issues. This isn’t the only time that we have been two nations within one but it is becoming worse and both sides believe they are on the right side of history but both cannot be.

The values of the right are very different than those of we on the left and this is seen by the policies of this new administration as well as the things that his supporters say. If you listen to a liberal talk and then listen to someone who is conservative talk then you will see these two sets of values and then you can decide for yourself what values you want to be aligned with and who you are, are you on the right or the left? I would hope that you would be on the left as it is we liberals who care about people while the right and their policies do nothing to help anyone, just hurts them. The values of the left are noble and good and they are values that seek to make life better for people and fight injustice.

There are a lot of labels for both sides but the values never change, they always remain the same. I often refer to myself as a liberal or someone on the fat left but really I lean towards socialism and also identify as a globalist and a humanitarian. We are progressives, no matter what you call us we have values that seek to help others and have peace and prosperity for every person on the planet. Now, the right can be called a lot of things and in the age of Donald Trump I often call them Trump fans but they are conservative, far right or alt right, or Republicans. Those are some names or identifiers I have for them that are respectful, I try not to call them mean names but the one thing is for sure is that their values are not about humanity or helping others and that is proven over and over.

The tragic suicide of former New England Patriots great Aaron Hernandez this morning created a lot of reactions on social media and these discussions in turn sparked me to write this post because some of the comments were quite honestly disgusting. He did according to the jury in his first case murder an innocent man and that is tragic as well and deserved to be punished in prison but these conservatives were praising and celebrating his suicide and saying some pretty awful things. This is one way where our values differ as I do not believe the death of anyone is good and for sure should never be something people are happy about.

It makes sense though as these people are blood thirsty in other areas too like with war, the death penalty, or guns. They are always pushing for the death penalty and celebrating when someone is executed as well as cheering when our country bombs another nation and also say things like “Criminals deserve to die” and “If you come in my house, I will shoot you”, or even telling those who are against their views to kill themselves. They seem to be very violent yet are always blaming liberals for violent acts like the false claim that most mass shootings are done by Democrats. These people do not value things like we do like being against war, against killing anyone, or showing compassion for the addicted, the poor, those who commit suicide, or children killed by our unjust wars or by gun violence.

The difference in values goes beyond just this however, it is true that we on the left value life over guns, over war, and over vengeance but we also have other compassionate values while the right does not. We support a woman’s right to choose and do not believe in controlling women’s bodies while they value the fetus and call themselves “pro-life” while never valuing life in any other instance whatsoever. The right claims to be pro-life yet it appears they are just pro-birth as they are against helping the homeless, the poor, those who do not have health insurance, the disabled, or anyone at all. They always fight for the “unborn” yet call low-income families “lazy” or “moochers” and show no compassion for those who have less then they do.

The values of the two go even further as liberals believe in accepting those who are different than us and who need our help like refugees and undocumented immigrants into our country while those on the other side reject them and want to deport them. We are the ones who support programs to help others who may not have funds to help themselves like food stamps, low-income housing, free health coverage, free education, and more. That is what compassionate and caring and quite honestly Christian people do. The left wants to accepts refugees and also protect undocumented immigrants who come here for a better life and we value all life, not just some lives. This is why we are against the death penalty in all cases, why we are against war no matter what, are for helping these poor people I mentioned, for raising wages, for giving women control and rights over their own bodies, against guns, and so much more.

It is like night and day between the right and the left and not even comparable when we discuss who are the ones who value life and value humanity. They like to claim that they are charitable yet in the very next sentence they call the many low-income people in this country “freeloaders” and go and say things like “nothing is free”, that is not compassionate and they only give for the tax breaks and to organizations like Family Research Council who have a long history of opposing civil rights for LGBT people and women, they for sure do not give because they care. These are the same people who try to remove the rights of LGBT people, women, Muslims, and so many others and then claim that we are the hateful ones. No, no we for sure are not, we are the ones who are truly pro-life and stand for the vulnerable and those who need help, we are always there to reach out our hand and be of service.

In my last post I wrote about how Jesus was a globalist and a socialist if you recall, this relates to this as well. Jesus Christ was one of us, he for sure was not a Republican. He would not own a gun, approve of war, sentence someone to death, or deny the poor help if they needed it. He was a compassionate man and someone who had progressive values and that is why I can say without a doubt that the “Christian” right is not Christian at all, they do not have the same values as Jesus did and are on the wrong side of history. It is the left. progressives, liberals, socialists who are the good and decent people, the ones who value humanity and helping others. That is not to say that there are not good Republicans, I know some so yes there are, the far right like those who support Trump and his agenda are very different though. The policies of that man and those who support him are not about diversity or equality and for sure are not about helping anyone, they only seek to help themselves and do not care about anyone else.

The values of the left are everything that is good about this country while the values of the right are what is wrong with this country and why I have lost faith in humanity at times. They can call me a snowflake or a bleeding heart liberal but I would rather be that than someone who does not care about their fellow man or those in need, I for sure would. The core values of the left are fairness, equality, diversity, helping others, being charitable, being against bigotry and hate, and overall being a good and decent person. The values of the right are the opposite and seek to make this country a white, rich, straight country that helps nobody and seeks to make us a nation that hates and divides people into subgroups. I don’t know about you but I know for sure that while we are all Americans I do not want what they are selling and do not support the United States of America that Trump and his following are trying to create and will fight for OUR values always!


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