The DISASTER in Chief Continues his Ruin

Time is a valuable thing for all of us and it is no different for me, I will be posting less for a bit because of some other projects I will be working on as well as some personal time I for sure need. No worries though, I will still post and fight for our values as I always do, just less than I have been over the past few weeks. One of the things I will be working on soon is my next book as well getting my podcast up and running again, the next book will be on a topic which is fun for me and that is Barack Obama’s great legacy.

Now, on to today’s topic. This is a tough one to write about because I really cannot believe what we are seeing, the absolute mess of the Trump presidency and how far we have fallen off as a country in just the few short months since he took office. I have written about him a fair amount and even though I do my best to talk about general liberal topics it must be mentioned what he is doing on a daily basis in this country and how many of these issues are a problem due to his horrific policies. There is so much that has gone wrong since the man took over for President Obama to discuss in a short blog post but I would like to focus on some of the worst things he has done or in some cases has failed to do.

Even though it is currently tied up in the courts thanks to the hard work of the resistance movement his travel ban really did a lot of damage to the image of the United States as well as the American travel and tourist industries been greatly negatively impacted. This continues to be a dark stain on this nation and what we are supposed to represent and while we have continued to get it stopped in the courts, it is one of the many things he has done that do not make America great, not at all. This is a bad policy for so many reasons but mainly because it violates human rights while not keeping us safe, in many ways it does the opposite. That is right, the policy to keep out what they call these “Islamic extremists” less safe because it radicalizes more people and helps ISIS and other terror groups recruit by saying that the west hates them and doesn’t care about them.

So, we have done good work in stopping his Muslim ban thus far but there are other pressing issues that show how his presidency and what he is doing to our nation is an absolute mess. One of those is his ongoing escalation and clear provocation with North Korea, it is a dangerous strategy that looks like it will end in a definite war. It for sure is very different than the diplomatic solutions of the previous administration that chose diplomacy over military action with Iran, without a doubt. It seems that this will be the war president after his so-called “America First” lie that he told his very gullible base of fans for the campaign. However, the worst part is that his supporters cannot see how they were scammed and still buy into his agenda, they support him no matter what he does but then again Republicans have always been warmongers and love that stuff.

Then we have his very cruel plan to deport undocumented families and even children by trying to defund our compassionate sanctuary cities when he originally said he was only going after “rapists” and “killers”, this was of course another lie by the alternative facts Trump administration. The anti-immigrant policies and the wall of hate are just more proof that the white nationalism of this new administration are in full force and has the support of his less than pro-diversity supporters. This is a big issue for me and I will be writing more about it in the future but there are many other hurtful plans he has for this country and these things do nothing to help the many great people in this country.

For instance, there is the plan to cut Meals on Wheels, the National Endowment of the Arts, and other vital programs from the upcoming budget and for sure future attacks on programs like Social Security, Medicare, and SNAP (Food Stamps) which will hurt millions of low income Americans while rewarding the very rich. Then there is the attacks on transgender students and what is likely to go further and attack the rights of LGBT people as a whole with the expected First Amendment Defense Act, basically that is legalized discrimination of the LGBT community. Then we have his defunding of Planned Parenthood which began just a few days ago in a quiet signing of a bill that allows states to remove funding for the woman’s healthcare agency.

There are so many things he has planned to further the agenda of the far right in America that they have wanted to pass for sometime now, including the painfully obvious pandering to the National Rifle Association which is shown by his budding up to them and announcement he will speak at their annual meeting which will make him the first president to do so in many years. He will do his best to erase all the progress we as gun control advocates have fought for over the past eight years and in the process he will make the lives of the public and millions of Americans less safe. We already have seen this by him getting rid of Obama policies that keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill and other safety measures, he will for sure push for less restrictions in the coming months and years. This as many know is my hallmark issue and is one that I fight for very hard, two of my five political books are on the issue of gun control in fact.

The point is that on every issue Donald Trump is bad for the United States of America and it is worse than we expected it would be when he took office, it is actually much worse. I am sure things will continue to get worse but the many resisters and concerned citizens cannot let him and his following win, we must continue to fight and stand up for our values and our democracy. I get a lot of threats and flack for my views but I will not back down, we cannot back down if we hope that bring back that hope and change of the Obama years. While I do have some thoughts and almost plans to move north of the border to Canada next year or the year after I will never stop fighting for my values and the values of the left. I am considering leaving because I have always enjoyed how life is outside of the states better than here and as someone who leans very socialist places like Canada and Europe are more my cup of tea, even more so since this man took office.

The man is destroying all we as progressives have worked for, he is destroying what we in America are truly about and we cannot let him, we just cannot allow it to happen. Even with a historically low approval rating and obvious failed policies his supporters and he himself still think things are great and that he is doing a “Great job”, trust me when I say that he is not doing even a fair job. I am sure you remember a post I wrote about two weeks ago in which I in detail talked about what a disaster his presidency was at that point, it has gotten worse if you can believe that. Yes, it has become much worse since that post and will only become more so as time goes on.

Today is day 88 of his time inn office and already we have bombed Syria with 59 tomahawk missiles, dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used in combat, threatened North Korea, seen Planned Parenthood defunded, and much more very destructive actions while also seeing him golf for a record 19th time. This is a mess and while he claims he inherited the mess it is clear that HE is the one creating this mess and those who support him refuse to acknowledge how terrible things are and how much he is failing, even as his numbers continue to drop and how the country continues to implode.

I keep hoping that they will wake up but it appears they never will, sad as that is. Make no mistake, what we are seeing is a complete disaster and all I can say at this point is I hope God will help us overcome what appears to be a dark future for this nation, in the meantime I as well as many others will continue to RESIST and fight for our values no matter what he does or how hard his supporters push against us, we must as the future of this country for our kids and their kids depends on it! I sure hope that those of you reading this will do the same and will never back down as when we stop fighting for what we believe in then they win and we can never allow that to happen, we who value humanity and HUMANS must always stand up and RISE!


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