Globalism is Humanity, Just Ask JESUS

On this Easter Sunday I want to talk about a hotly debated topic that impacts many of the big issues we see in the news today and that is the issue of the two isms, nationalism and globalism. Now, these are two concepts that are both rooted in what people believe the world to be, but they both have indeed very different purposes in mind. The globalist believes in having one world that is accepting and borderless, that is about accepting refugees and immigrants while the nationalist believes in country over the world, they believe in the concept of having closed borders and putting the people who live in that country above outsiders, although that is many times not the case.

The nationalist says “Country First” but what they mean is that they do not want to allow outsiders, just look at the way homeless, LGBT, and even Muslim Americans are treated and then ask yourself if it is “America First”, it for sure is not but rather a very anti-outsider agenda that wants to have a white America that does not allow those different than us. The globalist has a very different agenda and message and that is that all are welcome and all are equal in this country and across the world. The issue of globalism relates to the very divisive topics of immigration, refugees, and so many more very polarized issues we see being debated in the United States today, the globalist versus nationalist conversation goes much further than that though and even has a religious component.

The reason I started out this post referring to Easter is that Jesus our Lord and Savior was himself a globalist as well as a socialist and his story begins as that of a refugee. His teachings and ministry clearly move past borders of any nation, ethnicity or social class. He was a globalist and believed in the concept of accepting others and fighting for the poor, rejected, and the many who are marginalized but many on the right claim Jesus was war hungry, greedy, and punished people like they do and that is simply not true. Our lord had one goal and that was for us all to get along as earthlings, not try to pit one nation against another in this “We are better than you” mindset that far too many Americans have today.

Jesus believed in accepting others and being a humanitarian and that is what a globalist is, a person who believes in the one planet that God created over imaginary borders. God believes in one world where everyone is welcome and as a nation that constantly says we are a Christian nation shouldn’t we too have these values and accept everyone? I believe the answer is a simple one and that s yes, we should. I am sure there will be many on the right who will try to go and disagree with Jesus being a globalist but the facts are there, he believed in a borderless world and believed in helping everyone and rejecting nobody, that was who is was and is to this day. He was an undocumented refugee child and became the savior of the world, he was indeed someone who today these so-called “Christian” Republicans would reject and deny entry to the United States of America, make no mistake about it!

Globalism is humanity! The globalist like Jesus believes in feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, clothing the naked, and healing the sick and does not ask for proof of your legal status to do so. Globalists are good people who don’t have a racist or hateful bone in their body and will fight for those who are rejected and denied, we are humans and believe in helping all people who live on this planet, not just within the borders of the country where we reside or countries we like. I can relate to these undocumented immigrants and refugees because I was once an undocumented immigrant in Nicaragua and also in Canada and am currently in the process of leaving the states again for more loving and accepting pastures.

If you claim to be a Christian then how could you live with yourself denying anyone entry to this country, especially a child? Jesus wouldn’t have, he would always welcome and help those who need help and that is in fact what the symbol of America, the Statue of Liberty says to do. I don’t know about you but as a globalist and a fighter for the vulnerable I accept ALL in MY America and I think all Americans should do the same. If you believe in God then shouldn’t you also adopt his principles of acceptance, love, and compassion? I know the answer and that is YES, I know for me personally the concept of borders is a hateful and non-Christian trait as God says to be there for your fellow human being and building walls and keeping people out is not Godly, it is for sure not something Jesus would do.

Globalism is who we should be, it is what the world is about and who we as the United States of America should be. We are always saying that we care about the world and fight these wars to supposedly “help” yet we won’t take in refugees and those seeking a better life? That is just wrong, no if and or buts about it, it is not who we are. The nationalist wants not only a country without refugees or immigrants but also they want a nation without fellow citizens who are different, in other words those who support nationalism in today’s United States want WHITE NATIONALISM, they absolutely do! The current president also wants this and the way we know this is by seeing how he has made anti-black, anti-Mexican, and anti-Muslim comments in the past and those sentiments are echoed by his cabinet and the fans who support him.

They want to have a white, straight, what they consider Christian, and unhelpful America and do not want welfare to help the less fortunate nor do they want LGBT people or non-white people here, this goes beyond the concept of nationalism but borders on white supremacy. The globalist wants to have true compassion and help everyone regardless of what they look like, who they love, how they worship, or how much money they have, so in essence globalists are loving human beings who follow the teachings of Jesus and believe in helping refugees, immigrants, and their own who have less than them. The question after all of this is who are you, are you a globalist or a nationalist?

If you are someone who believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ or you even are a non-believer and believe in just being a decent person and helping the needy, the broken, and outsiders then you are a globalist but if you believe in this far too common concept of America and Americans being all that matters and this growing concept of “We are the better country” and nobody else in the world matters and choose America over anyone and everyone else then you are for sure a nationalist. I have traveled all around the globe and often do not even identify myself as an American because the world has such a negative view of us and the reason they do is because of this America is better attitude most of our citizens have. This is why I am a globalist, I am one because I feel that everyone is equal and no country is better than another and in this country everyone is welcome.

This is who I am and if you feel the same way that everyone is equal and that everyone is welcome then this is who you are too. If you are a person who agrees with the following then you are part of the globalist movement that values HUMAN BEINGS over country, if someone asks you if you love America then tell them that you do but not more than you love Canada, Denmark, England, The Netherlands, Iraq, or anywhere. We are all ONE world and it is time for us to start behaving like it!



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