Her Body, Her Choice

Abortion in America, such a hot topic! It was even a heavily polarized topic before Trump became president or even ran for the highest office in the land but now with the attacks on Planned Parenthood by his administration it has become even more so. This is certainly one of the topics that causes the most debates and one that I care very much about, I know that on this blog I focus on the anti-Trump resistance quite a lot because of how drastically our nation has changed since he took office but this is one of the issues I have fought for since even before Obama became president, it is important to me.

This issue is as big and divisive as the gun and war issues and gets people pretty heated in debates both in the halls of Washington as well as online with average citizens debating and even now some 4o plus years after the historic Roe V Wade ruling it isn’t settled. I doubt that it will ever be settled as there are passionate people on both sides who believe they are right and that alone will keep it a divisive topic where people cannot agree. The two sides of this issue like every issue have their own reasons for feeling the way they do but in my very humble and honest opinion the right wants to restrict abortion not because they are pro-life but to control women and their bodies.

Her body, her choice! I said it and I meant it, we cannot get in the business of dictating what women do with their bodies but for years Republicans have and it has gotten worse since Trump took over, he and those that support him want to attack women’s rights as a whole but their agenda of controlling a woman’s healthcare choices including her right to choose is especially troubling, they seem to want to remove a woman’s right to choose most of all. This has been the case for many years but the anti-choice Trump administration led by longtime anti-women Mike Pence as VP has taken it to a new level and sadly he isn’t alone on this.

There are many state leaders as well as members of Congress who fight to put restrictions on a woman’s constitutional right to choose and this has been seen more and more in recent weeks. These are the same people who fight for there to be no restrictions at all on gun ownership yet they want to restrict a woman’s uterus and the choices she has over her own body, can you see the massive level of hypocrisy? I am sure you can, I know that I can. Both Republican leaders in our local, state, and federal government as well as conservative voters use the “pro-life’ argument to fight against gun control and also to restrict a woman’s right to choose and its very farfetched to say the least.

These people always are comparing abortion to gun deaths or war deaths saying that we as liberals do not care about the many “unborn children” and they do therefor they are pro-life and we aren’t but the evidence doesn’t back up these assertions. First of all, they care for fetuses and not the living children killed by guns and war and that isn’t pro-life, it is pro-birth. Second, they do not really care about the children at all, they just want to force the woman to have the child and then they stop caring about that child in life, they only care when it is in the womb. They are pro-fetus, not pro life and this is very much seen in how they treat poor people who have children, refugees, families who have undocumented immigrants kids, and the so many killed by military airstrikes.

Not to veer off topic but there is no way to compare fetuses to children who have been born and that is why the comparison of kids who starve and die from guns and war is a faulty argument and these people know this. The issue is a simple one and that is that it is a woman’s body and it is her choice, not anyone else’s choice and that is where the argument must stay. For these folks to compare gun deaths to those abortions is absurd as the two cannot be compared and for them to call we who support women’s reproductive rights “killers” and “pro-abortion” is also very out there.

It is not being pro-abortion to value a woman’s right to make her own healthcare choices and to call someone who is pro-choice a killer but not call someone who is pro-war or pro-gun is actually quite hypocritical and ridiculous as if anyone is someone with blood on their hands it is those who support violence and dangerous weapons. it is like I always say, Planned parenthood isn’t killing children, you’re thinking of the National Rifle Association who does that. They are the ones who value guns over kids and it is the government who finds unjust wars more important than saving children from these war torn regions. I find it disgusting that people spend so much time attacking Planned Parenthood and women’s rights that they completely ignore the atrocities done to children who are alive in other areas.

Speaking of Planned parenthood, this organization does some really good work providing quality care to women all across America but Republicans have had a long vendetta against them spreading lies to get them shut down but it will not work, we stand with PP. The biggest lie was that Planned Parenthood was selling body parts of babies and doing other things of that nature and this was found to be a lie created by fetal rights groups or as they are better known as, anti-women’s rights groups. Fox News repeated this lie and so did people like Trump during the campaign but there was no truth to this witch hunt and eventually the truth came out on the matter.

Still, this lie continues to be thrown around in online debates and by far-right think tanks like Breitbart but the facts came to light when a recent federal investigation netted two anti-abortion activists who filmed these undercover hoax videos to discredit the agency basically ending the hoax against them, for now. The right continues to try and discredit them and now Donald Trump who was once pro-choice signed an executive order allowing states to defund Planned Parenthood. This was bound to happen but it does not make us less outraged as activists who fight for women’s rights, we are infuriated at such an action, especially since he did it quietly without much fanfare when everyone was focused on the Syria, North Korea, as well as Afghanistan events that were going on.

This was a direct attack on women’s reproductive rights and will hurt women while taking away their rights. It is well-known that most of the Planned Parenthood services go to things other than abortion and women need those services yet Trump and always anti-women VP Mike Pence do not care and this is a clear example of their reckless domestic agenda and attack on human rights and a woman’s right to choose. They will not stop here though as their goal is to restrict women’s rights, not just abortion rights either, and an eventual ban on abortion by overturning Roe V Wade which is possible since the Supreme Court of the United States is now conservative majority.

Things have changed and the party of Trump seeks to change civil rights in this country, not only for women’s rights but for LGBT people and many others too. This is sadly just the beginning but we as resisters and activists must fight and that fight will rage on daily on every issue. Planned Parenthood is vital to the healthcare needs of women , especially low income women and it is our duty to defend this agency and all the great work that they do, I hope you will join me and speak out against the attacks not only on PP but on women’s rights in general. There are other women’s rights that matter like equal pay and other important equality based issues but her fundamental right to choose and decide what she wants for HER body is a vital one and it must be protected as when they take that right away what is next?

There will be more rights attacked, trust me. The Republican or far right extremist is very hypocritical as they want their rights but want to deny a woman her own rights. They are always claiming liberals of being in favor of abortion but we actually are not, we are in favor of her making the choices that impact her life, we want to leave the ball in her court and empower women to make their own choices over their own bodies. The right will continue to fight for these fetuses while ignoring starving kids and children who lose their lives to gun violence and war but we see who they are and we will not back down or be fooled, we just won’t.

I will tell you what we will do and that is stand for a woman’s right to choose and control her own body and if they think they will win this fight they have another thing coming because as with every issue our passion drives us and on this one we will leave the days of men making decisions for women in the past and empower women to make their very own choices and control their own bodies as when we allow them to do that then and only then are women equal to men and have a equal rights.

As Hillary Clinton who is and always has been a champion for women has said many times , WOMEN’S RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS AND HUMAN RIGHTS ARE WOMEN’S RIGHTS and I absolutely second that and will stand up for their rights and shout to the heavens that women have a right to control their own bodies and decide what is best for them and there are many of us who will stand with them and fight for them! I hope that you will not allow right wing intimidation to dictate your rights or the rights of the women in this country because that is what these Republicans do, they think that they can bully us into doing what they want but I am here to declare that those days are over as are the days of back alley abortions because it is HER body and HER choice, never forget that and never forget that we all have a voice and must use that voice to stand for our beliefs!


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