Trumplicans Hijacked the GOP

There were many Republicans in the latest election primaries as well as throughout the years who I disagreed with on public policy but we are seeing something very different with Trump and those who support him. This is so different that his fans are even breaking with the traditional values of the Republican Party and some going as far as adopting the label of what is now known as Trumplicans.

What is a Trumplican? It is just what it sounds like and it is all about the Donald, not what is best for the country.

A Trumplican is loyal to Trump while ignoring what the Republican Party wants or where they stand. These people are a cult and do not value the founding principles of this country nor do they care about the facts, for them whatever Trump does or says goes and they never question it. These people have their own shirts, hate, and other merchandise with the logo and saying of Trumplican and they are proud of the label as well as the other label they are called which is deplorable. These folks have no shame and do not apologize for their many far right and even racist and hateful views, they stand up for the man who also has those views and get quite offended when he is exposed for the horrible things he says and does, even when it goes against what the GOP usually stands for.

I have a friend who is a classic Trumplican. He’s always in favor of everything Donald Trump says and will lie to defend him and in my belief, if you want Mexico to build a wall on the border, ban Muslims, blame Obama and everyone else for Trump’s failures, or if you are against helping the less fortunate then you might be a Trumplican. I have always opposed what Republicans stand for but these Trump fans have become something much worse, something that is not who we are. They have these terms that either they create for themselves like this one or embrace terms like a deplorable or a member of the far alt right. It seems that they do not mind being associated with these values or being exposed for their racist and hateful views but then again they did vote for a man with these same ideals.

It dos not seem to matter what he says or does or even the many times he breaks his promises or flip flops, they always support him and will not stray from his side even when he does things that he swore he would not like pander to D.C. insiders or be a warmonger, they defend him no matter promises he breaks or how bad he messes up. These folks are always in Trump’s corner and will not hold him accountable no matter what he does, they are his biggest enablers and for sure are not pro-America, they are pro-Trump or as many have called it, fans of Trumpism.

The people who support Donald J. Trump do not value the rights and opinions of others and have changed the two party system into a country where a dictator wannabe is supported over what is best for the American people and the future of the nation. The values of these people are very different than the values of most Republicans and their ideology is dangerous and harmful to our democracy that they somehow claim isn’t a democracy. I call him the great flip flopping president because he goes back on all of his policies and changes what he is about at the drop of a hat and these people go along with him no matter what as they are not proud Americans but rather proud Trump supporters who value him over what is best for us all.

The GOP died the day he took office as that was the day that it became about Trump and stopped being about doing what is right for the American people and that is obvious to anyone who is paying attention. I mean, why else would the destructive actions of a man be praised by the people who voted for him even as the majority is turning away from what he is doing? It makes no sense how these folks still support the man and are still in his corner after such an absolute mess he has created. I just do not understand why they are still with him and how they cannot see how bad things have become since he took office in late January, it is simply amazing.

Trumplicans are not the “patriots” that they claim to be as to be patriotic you must be supportive of all people who reside in this country and choose country over party or over a particular politician and they for sure do not, the people who support Trump will side with him over all else and that is bad for what the presidency is supposed to represent as well as bad for the United States and the interest of our people. The things they support are in some ways similar to what Republicans have supported but in many ways they are much more extreme in their views and have little to no tolerance for different races, religions, sexual orientations, or other identifying factors than those who supported people like Bush or Reagan, they are very far to the right and do not wish to compromise on these issues.

There really isn’t any such thing as bipartisan unity or compromise in Trump’s America and we are seeing that more and more as time goes on with this administration, they want things one way and that isn’t the way that will bring people together, just create more division. We are more divided than anytime in our history or certainly since the days of segregation and it appears that these so-called Trumplicans are even against many in the Republican Party and against anyone who doesn’t support Trump or his entire agenda. The fans of this man and his vision for America also are act and react to criticism in a very similar way as he does, they cannot seem to handle Trump being criticized and people opposing him, they cannot take that the media calls him out, and they like Trump blame everyone for his failures but Trump himself.

These are who Trumplicans are, they are a cult who is similar to the followers of past cults who do as their leader says without looking at the bigger picture or who it will hurt. They choose to side with Donald Trump over what is best for this country like them refusing to call him out on his statements in the campaign saying how he was against being the police of the world and getting involved in wars yet here he is attacking everyone it seems with multiple military interventions across the world. They also don’t call him out over things like him saying that Mexico would pay for the wall and now it is the American taxpayer who is and the so many more things he has gone back on and changed as time has gone on.

These people are much worse than what we have known to be traditional Republicans and they are as brainwashed as those who followed David Koresh or Jim Jones and the dangerous ideology of Donald Trump and these Trumplicans is setting us on a dangerous course that we may not come back from, with what is looking like a potential war with North Korea, more threats from ISIS, civil rights being threatened, and economic policies that are disastrous it for sure appears that these people choose Trump over what is right for the U.S. and the people that live here. I have posted on this blog about who Trump supporters are on more than one occasion. In doing so I discussed how they are members of the racist alt right, a hate group, and uneducated based on what I have seen from them but now I am telling you that their self-identity of Trumplicans show us one thing and that is that they don’t have a loyal allegiance to the United States but rather to Trump and his vision.

They are all Trump, all the time and will go to great lengths to defend him against the media, the left, and even other Republicans. The people who support this man do not care about America or even the Republican Party, they care about winning and being right and as my grandmother once told me, it is better to be good than right and nothing they stand for is good make no mistake about it. The things that Trump and the many who follow him stand for are against what this nation was founded on, things like carpet bombing, racism, exclusion, and so forth. These things do not make America “great”, they make America hate and go back to the days where white nationalism was the norm in this country and that’s far from great. This is what these folks are and as the time goes on I am m sure you will hear the term Trumplican used a lot as well as the term Trumpism and other things related to Donald because it is no longer about we as Americans but it is about Trump and the type of nation he is trying to create here in 2017!


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