Most Dangerous Man in the World

How did we get here I have heard many people ask and it also is a question I am asking myself as things get worse with this presidency or whatever you call it and while it is all bad, the military escalation of this administration we are seeing is downright terrifying. First we had the last minute attack on Syria and then we have his on again and off again relationship with Russia and as scary as it is he is escalating on North Korea which is never good given who they are.

As the USS Carl Vinson and its carrier battle group head to the Korean shore tensions are rising between the two nations in what appears to be flexing of the war muscles between two of the world’s most dangerous and unstable men who both seem to have short fuses and a hunger for war. I am of course talking about Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump, two men who are trying to prove something and may well very likely start World War Three in the process of doing so.

As crazy as Kim Jong Un is he is not the most dangerous man in the world I was referring to in the title of this post and no it is not Vladimir Putin either even though he is pretty close, it is Trump. His desire to overthrow both the Syrian president Assad and North Korea’s lead man show us what he is about and it is nothing good for the United States or the world, it is a dangerous set of moves or possible moves that would have devastating consequences for us here at home and everyone around the world. Trump showed us how unstable and dangerous he is when he ordered the missile strikes on Syria that killed innocent people and angered nations like Russia and Iran and now he is trying to start a war with North Korea, not a wise move.

North Korea has always been a threat but they were a dormant one and now the most dangerous man in the world Donald Trump is provoking them and putting the lives of every American in grave danger not to mention the instability this will bring to the global community. It is well known that Jong Un has some pretty massive nuclear weapons and is not afraid to use them and it is a very likely scenario that they could use them on us if Trump pushes them far enough or provokes Un enough, everyone knows this. It appears that Trump doesn’t know it though and it appears his supporters do not either as they laugh off the actions North Korea has taken and do not take them seriously.

Today they again threatened us and even some reports indicate that they were preparing for war and even considering evacuations to prepare for a possible showdown with the states. The fans of Trump and Trump himself do not see to understand what North Korea is capable of but they should open their eyes because Kim Jong Un has been preparing for this for a very long time and I do not doubt their ability as well as willingness to attack us and if they do in fact do so then the results would be devastating for the American people, it is estimated that even their weakest nuclear warhead could kill upwards of 100,000 innocent American lives and they are working on bigger ones to possibly attack us with.

They should not be taken lightly and neither should Syria or Russia or even Iran as these countries can cause damage to the United States and that is something we cannot afford. Yes, it is scary what could happen with those other countries especially since Russia warned us that if we attack Syria again they will step in and possibly attack us but the North Korea situation should send fear through every person who lives in this country and around the world as they are not someone to be messed with. This is not even a right or left issue as it is a safety and world peace issue but as we know, the right loves war and have wanted us to become nuclear for many years now, they are always praising the war actions of our military and get on me when I am critical of our armed forces so its no wonder why they don’t care about a possible showdown with Kim Jong Un and North Korea.

Its no secret how I feel about the military and I get a lot of personal attacks from those in right wing circles because of it but obviously I would be on their side if it came down to this, I just wish we had a president who valued peace over war like Obama. Now, I am against what our military does as I cannot approve of killing innocent people in these wars like they have done a lot over the years and I was even critical of what Obama did with war but at least under Barack Obama he tried for diplomacy over war and chose to put sanctions on places like Iran and North Korea rather than attack them but Trump seems to use military force as a first option rather than a last one. Obama worked out the historic peace deal with Iran that prevented them developing these weapons but Trump would have attacked, we can see this.

This is a man who said he was against the Iraq war but then the tapes from years prior say otherwise and now right away he resorts to using 59 tomahawk missiles to attack Syria and then goes and tweets out threats to North Korea further increasing tensions between the two nations. The man is dangerous on every level and should not be our Commander in Chief, he is not only dangerous but he is unfit and unstable and should be removed from office before he does something that will end the world. People think that I am being paranoid or dramatic but trust me, this will not end well if this continues and even military experts say that Trump is setting us up for a potential world war and needs to be stopped before it is too late.

Obama was a man who had restraint and did not tweet at world leaders making threats nor did he attack countries without thinking it through, he did om ISIS and those bombings did kill innocent people and as someone who is against all war and all military actions I criticized Obama on that but he did not try to remove a regime or attack the military bases of other countries, he tried to negotiate peaceful resolutions with these nations and in many cases he was able to do so but Trump just goes right to attacking them and using force, it is obvious that the man lacks restraint and is unstable and we cannot have someone like that leading us. It is not only his instability as someone who has the launch codes or is leading the military but he is also dangerous on domestic issues in a lot of ways.

Trump has this nationalist view of America and is against helping refugees, wants to deport families, ban Muslims, and his policies with issues like poverty and civil rights are horrendous. He doesn’t value the lives of all our people and does not stand for every single American. The man is dangerous on every issue and if he remains in office bad things are bound to happen for the U.S. and the world in the weeks, months, and years to come. There are so many ways he is dangerous and unfit to lead, he doesn’t show compassion for gun violence victims like Obama did nor does he say anything about civil rights violations like North Carolina and other states attacking gay marriage and other LGBT rights, he was silent about the human rights abuses in Chechnya of LGBT people and never does anything to help anyone here or abroad.

I know, his fans will say to me that its Muslims who are harming LGBT people like those in Chechnya so how could I support Islam and my answer is simple, there are many who are anti LGBT, some Muslim governments are yes but so are the far right in America who have policies that lead to many LGBT suicides and are very hurtful towards the community. I know many gay Muslims and many who do not hate LGBT people, I value all people and will fight for decent Muslims just like I fight for my LGBT brothers and sisters and so many more. The point is that Trump does not stand up for anyone and should speak out on the situation in Chechnya where gay men are being put in camps and even killed yet he doesn’t and is also silent when a white guy commits a mass shooting or terror attack yet will be first to say I told you say when a Muslim or immigrant does one of these attacks, just to demonize them.

The only reason he spoke out on the gassing of the Syrian people was to push for his anti-Muslim agenda and keep them out and try to get support for his Muslim ban as he tries to finally pass it through the courts. He has an agenda when he attacked them, he did not do it to help. The man is dangerous and it gets worse each day he is in office both domestically and on foreign policy and nobody on his side seems to care, they are silent too on these issues and will defend him no matter what he says or does. Trump is a ticking time bomb and his short time in office has ruined our image and has made our citizens less safe while destroying the great progress Obama made on all these issues. Barack gave us hope and fought for change but Trump is becoming perhaps the worst president in history and is dangerously putting us on a deadly course that will result in economic ruin and even worse, a war that could cost many lives of our troops and our citizens.

The man is not fit to be president and is in fact the most dangerous leader in the world and is on pace to be not only the least popular president in history with his very low approval rating but also the most destructive one, I just cannot understand how so many people buy his lies and think that he is doing a “great job” when you look at what he has done and is doing it is obvious that he has no clue what he is doing and is destroying this country and putting us in danger where we could be attacked. I am sure that if he remains in office we will be attacked within a year, I just hope that the Russian investigation shoes that he is guilty so that the United States of America as well as the international community is spared a catastrophic disaster at the hands of this very dangerous, unstable, and psychotic man!


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