Make America Care Again

e become a You have heard it since he first ran for office, you have seen those silly red hats, and you have read the hashtags and I am sure are as perplexed as the rest of us as to what it is all about. I am talking about Trump’s campaign slogan that continues on even as president, “Make America Great Again” or for short the clever (not so much) hashtag of #MAGA. This grew into “Make America Safe Again”, “Make America Strong Again”, and so on but what I am here to say in this post is what about doing the compassionate thing and Make America CARE Again, how about that?

In many ways this country never really has cared about the many minority and vulnerable populations but under President Obama it was much better, we had compassion for others when he was in office but now the new leaders of this nation and those who support them do not seem to care for the less fortunate and the needy, not at all. The ways that over the years we have not been a great or caring nation are simple ones and if people cannot see these things then they obviously have not been paying attention or maybe they do not care themselves.

A caring nation would not allow tens of thousands to sleep on the streets or go without food, medical care, or other basic needs nor would a caring nation have a policy of ignoring gun deaths and standing up for the gun lobby over the very people impacted by gun violence. If we were a compassionate and caring country we would not favor Wall Street profits over the poor and we would make sure that every citizen had equal civil rights, their basic needs met, and that our streets were safe and our people were always protected and cared for. That is what a compassionate nation would do and with Obama a lot of that was better but now things are heading back in the opposite direction once again and it is bad for everyone.

Under the Obama administration civil rights for all citizens were defended on the federal level despite some southern and Midwestern states trying to do their best to restrict them and the poor had benefits to help them survive as well as other things that were done to care for people and many people also treated their fellow citizens and even undocumented immigrants better . It was soon to change though as there was a looming darkness waiting to come out and that was the election of a man who cares about nobody but himself and the so many people who also care for nobody but themselves and that is Trump and his supporters. This was a long time in the waiting, for eight years we had a more caring country because we had a caring president and thus an environment that was built on those ideals.

What we have now are people both in the White House as well as all across this nation who do not care about others and it shows in their words and actions, it is obvious for even the most casual viewer of what is going on in America and it appears to be getting worse. The so-called president doesn’t care about refugees or the families who are undocumented and wants to reject and deport the, but it doesn’t stop there. He doesn’t care about the poor, the disabled, those who are LGBTQ, non-white people, the poor, the homeless, or anyone who isn’t who he is and his supporters are exactly the same way.

They waited a long time for someone like Trump to come along because they have basically stayed in the closet as intolerant bigoted people for many years but once he came about and said the things they had been thinking all these years they felt like their homophobia, racism, Islamophobia, and over deplorableness could be not only accepted but celebrated and they were right. I am sorry if those who support this man get offended by what I said here about who they are but as the always say, the truth can sting at times. Hillary was spot on when she called them deplorable as they most certainly are, this is not being mean or intolerant but it is stating a well-known fact and we can see this by the things they say and do and how they do not care about others.

In Trump’s America caring for people different than you isn’t a thing and in fact it is frowned upon. His policies show that he doesn’t care, just look at his budget and the cuts he has proposed and you will see this, it is obvious for all to see. He wants to cut vital programs including programs that help feed the poor and disabled while adding funds for war and to cut taxes on the very rich. This isn’t being a caring president at all and neither are his other policies like his Muslim ban, anti-immigrant stance, or the many other things he does or wants to do to harm people instead of helping them. That is what it is though, his policies don’t help anyone and it is because he doesn’t care about the needy or those different than him and his fans are the same way and in many cases they are worse.

It is time that we Make America Care Again!

Yes, it is that time. To be a great nation you must care for your citizens, yes I mean all of your citizens and those who are visitors in your country, that is what a great nation does. Even under Obama we ceased to be great in many ways and that wasn’t his fault, it was capitalism and the many who don’t care here who were to blame. Obama did his very best to make America great and create opportunities for everyone but some things were out of his control and that is the fault of the GOP who fought his policies that would help people.

Yes, it was Trump who brought out the hate that existed deeply in so many in this nation but the Republicans have never cared about people, their policies have always been about hurting the poor and others not helping them. They have always had an unfavorable view of LGBT people, women’s reproductive rights and equal pay, low income people, immigrants and so many more and it got much worse once Trump came into the picture, much worse. I believe there are many good people in this country, even some Republicans. I know decent conservatives who do care for people but they are few and far between, most of the hardcore right wingers are selfish and do not care about helping others, we for long for the days of Barack Obama who was a caring man who wanted to help people and saw the best in everyone.

I believe that we can be that caring nation again, I believe that the best of America is still ahead of us and we can be that compassionate and loving country that we mostly were under Obama but even more than that. I know what this country can do when they put their heart and soul into things and unite as one country, one people. I remember the days after the horrific terrorist attack of 9/11, the Boston Bombing, and so many other events that tested our resolve and united us as one nation. I believe that we can return to those days and be great, we can care for each other and heal our divides and our many, many differences. However, we have a long way to go as since that man took office and created that this culture of hate once again or brought it out of hiding, things have been different and we lost our identity as a nation that cared for one another.

I know that the right has ignored the forgotten people like the homeless, the almost homeless, those with brown skin, and so many others for a long time but liberals have done our best to remember them and stand up for them over the years but now we must do that more than ever as Trump is in charge and we have become less caring than ever before, at least those on the right have. I know that we can change that and care again, I know this and the reason that I know this is because I believe in America and all that we can be. Maybe it is that despite the massive destruction Trump and his following are doing to this country and even though they don’t care there are people who do care and who are trying to save this nation and that keeps the hope alive for me.

I have faith that even though we have become a nation that doesn’t care at all about the little guy or the many diverse and unique people we have and have become a place that has brought racism and hate back in the Trump era that we can rise again and overcome, I believe we must all have this faith. It is not easy though because we see how they don’t care and how they call us names like “snowflakes” or needing a “safe space” because we do care and do have compassion for others, but still we must remain strong. Just because those on the right do not care about the poor, other races or religions, or anyone does not mean that we give up and toss in the towel, we must fight even harder to help others and show them how a compassionate and caring country functions and is there for those in need. I will just say that I rather be a bleeding heart liberal than a I don’t give a crap Republican or worse, a heartless Trump supporter, anyone would!


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