Protect People, Not Guns

Guns save lives the NRA says. “Law abiding citizens” have a right to “protect” themselves and their families they go on saying as well as the so many other things they try to feed the people into scaring them so they buy more guns but the facts are there, guns do not save lives, they take them. We know this by the thousands killed by guns every single year and the many more who are injured and broken. The NRA has blood on their hands and now they want to have a guns everywhere agenda that will make us all less safe and our country much more dangerous, but we cannot say anything about it or we are labeled as a “traitor” or “Un-American”. I am sorry but I refuse to be silent about an issue that is so deadly and destructive for our country, I just will not be quiet as our fellow Americans are dying.

This is a hot topic and the one I am most passionate about and that is gun violence and what we can do to prevent it, this is a topic that I get an awful lot of flack for. I care about many issues but perhaps this one is the issue that I care most about and there is good reason for that, for me it is more than policy, for me it is personal.

Why is it personal?

I have had gun violence personally impact my own life and have lost someone to gun violence. I care deeply about this issue because of this as well as the fact that we have more mass shootings and gun deaths than any developed nation on earth and someone must do something about it. Now, I know that I cannot change this issue on my own but I can do what I am can to have an impact and you my fellow citizens can do the same. We all can make a difference and change things on this and every issue but to do so we must speak up and fight for our beliefs, even when the bullies in the pro-gun movement call us names and try to silence us with threats.

Just like the title of this post reads, protect people, not guns. This is what we should do in this country but far too often those in charge of public policy and the American voter defends the gun rather than the lives that gun takes and that is something that needs to change. There is something clearly wrong when people value an inanimate object over a human life but that is what happens in America on this issue, they want to defend the firearms while ignoring the lives those weapons take from this earth. Not me though, I value life over guns and intend on always fighting to end gun violence in America and educate people on what an epidemic this issue is and fight to change it and I hope you will join me in this fight.

When I wrote my two books on this issue (Gunsense Nation and Debunking Common Pro Gun Myths) I had one goal in mind and it wasn’t to get rich or get good reviews but it was to get the conversation going and get people to see what a big problem guns in this country are and that is what I will continue to do going forward. Those in pro-gun circles attack me and my books by pointing out the fake reviews from gun “rights” activists but they will not sway me from the work I am doing, my books and my posts on this blog have a goal and that is to educate people about gun violence in this nation and nothing will stop me from fighting to end it or at least reduce it because after all, who in their right mind would not want to fix this problem?

I will tell you who, those who have an agenda to keep laws from being passed to restrict gun ownership and that is the gun lobby and their consumers. They have an agenda and it for sure is not saving lives, it is to sell and buy more guns and prevent laws that restrict those guns from being sold. Our agenda is one thing and one thing only and that is to end the violence and protect people from being shot, that is not a bad agenda but one that is a good hearted one and a noble one. I know, they will say that I am spitting on the graves of the dead but that is not what I am doing at all, I am fighting so more do not die from guns and I hope others will join me in this fight as when our citizens are dying from gun violence, doing nothing is not an option.

The question now is, where do we start?

This is a good question because even with the good work that we have done by passing laws and changing public policy in some areas of the country, there are other places who have gone in the opposite direction and passed pro-gun laws that make the public less safe and creating an environment that isn’t about freedom as they say but about endangering public safety and putting the lives of their citizens at risk. In California, New York, Hawaii, and some other states laws have been passed to increase public safety by restricting access to firearms and I am proud to have been a part of that fight and those successes but much more can and must be done nationwide and on a federal level and I will mention some of those steps that we must take briefly, taking these steps will keep the public safe on a federal level and when all is said and done that is why we fight, isn’t it? I believe so!

In the middle of writing this earlier and after that last paragraph I had to stop and run some errands and while I was doing so there was yet another tragic shooting at an elementary school here in California that left an 8-year old child dead along with others, this is all too familiar in this country and sadly will happen again and again until we make some drastic changes to our gun laws. I was saddened by this shooting like I am about all shootings but this brought back memories of Newtown which was when I really started to speak up and get involved in the gunsense community and the fight for gun reform in this country. Today, I remembered how I felt that day as a parent and as a human being and I remember how I wanted to hug those parents who lost children when Newtown happened, I cannot imagine what they are going through today as well as in Newtown.

I believe that we can have change on this issue but it will take a major effort from both sides of the aisle, it will take unity to fight for our children and our fellow citizens over guns. I know that when I saw that shooting today it hit home for me and reminded me why we do what we do as advocates for gun reform in America. I believe that for us to have change we must take certain steps and make some hard choices, I hope even gun owners can agree on this as gun owners in other countries have done. We must protect people and that does include our precious children, they are our future and they are our everything and must be protected above all else. I believe in protecting people over guns or these so-called gun “rights” but there are so many who disagree with me and are against any changes and a whole list of leaders in our local, state, and federal government who agree with them, that is why we are where we are on this very divisive issue.

I debate a lot on this issue and I get very frustrated with how these people who are against change with our gun laws continue to repeat the same usual myths that I debunked in my last book on gun control when they could have some compassion for the innocent lives lost. That is the humane thing to do, try defending children and others taken by gun violence instead of standing up for the gun and making excuses. They say the usual things like “guns don’t kill, people kill” and “If the teachers were armed lives would be saved” and “ban cars and spoons, they kill too”. They repeat what others say and cannot have an original thought but most of all they show no empathy for the lives lost and that is the real problem.

Now, we know that a spoon cannot kill multiple people like that or even one person very easily and we also know that cars are meant to transport and while at times are used as weapons, most times they are not. The fact is that guns are used in over 68% of murders in the United States and so many more accidents and suicides too. It is obvious that guns are the problem and most effective at killing people, otherwise they would not own them, they would have a spoon or a baseball bat. We need some compassion as well as some common sense on this issue to have any hope at change, so far we don’t have either with pro-gun people in America.

I believe by banning guns outright lives would be saved but short of that we need some federally uniformed policies that would allow people to keep their guns while protecting the public including our precious children. I would go for a ban on high capacity magazines (over 10 rounds), banning semi-auto rifles like the AR-15 and Sig Sauer MCX, requiring a mandatory mental health exam for all gun purchases with a licensed mental health professional, metal detectors in all schools and other public places, gun registration in a monitored national database, and most importantly education on guns with the goal of getting rid of this gun culture that has so many obsessed with firearms.

I believe that by doing these things we can have some real change in this nation on this issue and I believe that it is time for massive action, I say that we stop this madness and stop defending guns over the lives that they take and fight for the victims, not the guns. When we protect guns more than we protect our children or other human beings then we in fact become uncivilized and lose our core values as a country. The first responsibility of a government is to protect their citizens but in this country they do that when it comes to demonizing Muslims or immigrants but with guns they ignore the safety and well-being of the public, they rater cater to the NRA and America’s gun owners while ignoring gun violence victims and the safety of the general public. That is not the country that I know, I know a nation that wants the best for everyone not just a select few but in the NRA’s America that is not the case, they do not value the lives of gun violence victims, it is obvious.

I will continue to fight on this issue and fight for those who are impacted by senseless gun violence and I will always expose the myths and lies that these pro-gun people spread. First off, guns do not keep us safe and having more guns will not prevent tragedy, it will cause more of it. Second, the 2nd Amendment is not absolute and can be restricted and it should be, life should matter more than the “right” to own a gun. Finally, it would be good and a human thing for these people to have compassion for those who die from these tragedies, even if you are pro-gun, have some compassion for the victims and the families instead of caring about if people are going to take your guns away.

I believe we can have change without a complete ban and that change does not mean more guns or less gun control, the answer is less guns and more gun control. I do believe we can have a middle ground but at the same time if gun owners were not so selfish and did like what the people in Australia did in 1996 after a tragedy and be willing to give up their guns so these events could be prevented then we would have some change. I believe a ban of all guns is what we need but compromise is possible and the measures I suggested would be a good start if they would only meet us halfway.

We can do so much more to end this epidemic and really public health issue of gun violence than we are doing but it starts with an open and honest debate and it starts with caring about human life more than guns, we can get there is the pro-gun people would stop with these myths and NRA slogans and be honest with themselves and that would be that more guns lead to more death, the states with the most guns have the most gun deaths and gun control does work when you do not have a state with lax laws next to one with strong laws.

We need strict laws on a federal level, we need to ban conceal and open carry, we need to have less guns and more laws to restrict guns from falling into the wrong hands and we can have all of this if we are only willing to put aside the “It’s my right under the Second Amendment” lingo and focus on the lives that are being lost, it is time to value human life, NOT guns and when we start to do that then we will have some real and lasting change on this issue. I am one who really feels that we can make a difference and save lives by passing these laws to restrict guns and I will not ever give up trying to reduce and hopefully eventually end gun violence. There is far too much at stake to give up fighting for our country and our children and I hope there are many of you who feel the same and will fight alongside me as we do what we can to prevent the next mass shooting or random act of gun violence, the many victims past, present, and future are counting on us to keep going and keep fighting to end this problem!


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