Exposing Far Right Fake News and Alternative Facts

I am sure you have heard the term “fake news” and have wondered what it is but it is quite simple what it is, what is not simple is who is spreading it and reporting these fake stories. On one hand we hear Donald Trump saying that it is CNN and the “left-wing media” who spread fake news but then we see the fake news that is actually spread by places like Fox News, Breitbart, The Blaze, and others on the right, so which is it?

Trust me when I tell you that it is not the left who spread fake news, it is the Trump administration with their alternative facts as well as the media sources who enable his falsehoods like the ones I mentioned just above to become news stories that dominate the day. This is what fake news is, it is the sites and channels like Fox, Breitbart, The Blaze, and other far right wing outlets not the credible and globally respected organizations like CNN, the BBC, and NBC News.

The president or whatever you call him says that CNN is fake news so therefor he will not answer their questions yet he will go on Fox News daily to push his agenda and we know why he does this. It is because CNN calls him out on his nonsense and Fox supports and enables the lies that he tells, that is the truth of the matter. Mr. Trump is the one spreading fake news like the lies he told about undocumented immigrants voting or his fake story about Obama wiretapping him at Trump Tower. He offered no proof of these things but somehow his many easily manipulated fans bought these lies and a big reason for this is because of the fake stories these fake news outlets report further building up the lies of Donald Trump.

This started long before Trump took office however, it started back in 1996 when Fox News was established and has gotten worse ever since as the longer the people bought their fake news the more sites and outlets were created spreading even more propaganda. The popularity of “sources” like Fox and Breitbart are the bigger problem than the lies they spread as it is the people who believe their lies and vote who are destroying this country and our image, that is the bigger issue here. The lies that these “news” organizations spread are a major issue that must be dealt with but having a president who defends these lies and even spreads his own are a bigger problem, especially when his supporters go and repeat these lies and further spread the hysteria.

Fox News has over 10 million fans on their Facebook page and millions more who watch their biased opinion shows and buy their false reports and fake news and this is a big reason why the views of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are so negative on the right. They believe the lies about Obama being a Muslim or not being born in the states and lies about Hillary that she sold uranium to Russia or that she had something to do with Benghazi. They also spread fake news that supports the falsehoods that Trump tweets but lets remember, they started with the fake news long before Trump was even elected.

Also, places like Breitbart are even worse as they have an alt right agenda that is rooted in this white nationalism that basically allowed Trump to be elected to begin with, there are so many just like them who do the same too. Just look at the propaganda about the mass shooting at Sandy Hook spread by Alex Jones and his Infowars pals, let it be known that they are actually worse than Fox and Breitbart and are very dangerous for our democracy.

Jones has said that the horrific massacre at that elementary school was a hoax or as he called it “false flag”, not only is this incredibly disrespectful but it also is not true and the evidence shows this. He does have a history of being one of the worst spreaders of these fake stories though and has even said threatening things about President Obama, he is one of many I am afraid and the rest do not seem to be much better. Let it be known that Breitbart was once run by Trump right hand man and alt right fascist Steve Bannon and also employed at one time one of the leaders of the alt right movement in Milo, this says it all about the type of fake news they put out and there are so many others who do the same including our Russian friends.

Yes, those in Russia did create websites to create fake stories about Hillary Clinton to make her look bad and it worked as Trump won the election. They played a major role in that election and it was all because of this fake news that they put out. Now, this is no different than what the outlets I mentioned do but the scary part is that the supporters of Donald Trump don’t care, they don’t care that Russia interfered in our election process and crated these fake stories just like they don’t care about the lies Trump tweets and the lies that these far right “media sources” repeat and spread. This should concern us all and should cause people to speak out opposing him and these outlets but instead they repeat the lies in debates to defend their right wing views. They do not even fact check what he says and what those on Fox and others report, they do not hold any of these people accountable for the truth.

This is a problem and a reason why these outlets are allowed to continue, if people held them accountable then they would not exist but they ignore their fake stories and that is dangerous for us all, case in point is the fake story about the Pizzagate situation that nearly ended in complete tragedy. There is so much misinformation spread by these right ring “news’ organizations yet we have a president who calls the respected and legitimate news sources fake news and he himself spreads lies and propaganda, this is the age we are living in these days. The left reports the facts and even will call out Democrats when they go outside the law but the right reports falsehoods and do not care when the people who they support commit crimes or lie to further an agenda and we saw that by how the sexual allegations against those who work at Fox News are swept under the rug by the network and then are defended by our president or as I say to Trump fans, YOUR president.

Fake news must be called out, it must never be defended and when we have a man who supposed to be leading our nation spreading that fake news in his own press conferences and those that his advisors give then we have a major problem on our hands. The combination of these fake news networks and a fake news POTUS lead to a very unstable and untrustworthy United States and the world should be very worried for us leading the way going forward, we here in the states for sure are worried and scared for our future. The future of this country is dependent on having a transparent presidency and a media that reports the facts rather than the fake news the right puts out there.

We on the left do not believe in fake news, we call it out when we see it, even when those on our side do it, which is rare. The fake news of the far right is what is wrong with this nation and we sadly are seeing more and more of it as we go forward in Trump’s new world order and it must stop. Like I said, Fox has been reporting fake stories that further the right wing agenda long before the rise of Trump but it is getting worse as his time in office has begun.

In closing, the right spreads FAKE NEWS and we as Americans and fighters for the TRUTH need to call it out and fight for a truthful and honest America, both in the media and with our elected officials. The fake news wanted people to believe that it was Hillary Clinton who was the liar and their agenda destroyed her character but it is Trump who is the liar and it is the right wing media in this country who spread this fake news, not the left. I didn’t even mention the hundreds of other far right wing sites, blogs, and networks who do the same and sometimes worse, but these are the main ones. The lies spread by Fox News and the liars Hannity and O’Reilly and the fake news of Breitbart, The Blaze, and Infowars are the worst so we mention those and focus on calling out the many falsehoods they put out their as well as continuing to expose the alterative facts of the Trump administration and their fans.

We must do this as if we allow it to continue then bad things are in store for our democracy, the truth, and our nation. I hope you will join me in exposing who does the real fake news while defending the respectable and credible actual news organizations like CNN who report the facts and have unbiased reporting, I know that those on the right will flip this and call these news organizations fake news but they aren’t, they are the ones who report the truth and won’t allow Trump and the far right media to continue lying and destroying the great legacy of Barack Obama while making this country unrecognizable.

I know that the truth will be told and the alternative facts and destructive fake news of the right will be exposed. Every day Trump tweets out lies and his fans and the conservative media repeats and defends those lies and we have had enough, we must expose these lies and will continue to tell the truth and fight for an honest and transparent media and White House. Trust me when I say this, if we allow this fake news to continue from both the people running our country and the media then we are in for a much more destructive next four years and bad things will come of it. I believe the truth must be told on the important issues and it for sure is not the right telling that truth!


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