The U.S. War Machine Returns

That didn’t take long, did it? Just shy of 80 days in office Trump did what he said he wouldn’t and that is butt his nose in the business of the world and get the United States involved in yet another foreign conflict. As I am sure you have heard, we have attacked Syria in response to the gassing of the Syrian people and yet again America is involved in war. Now, we really never have stopped being at war as even under Barack Obama who I love and am a huge fan of we were at war in some capacity.

I never agreed with the military actions of Obama, it is perhaps the one area that I didn’t agree with Obama on and the reason for that is because I am a person who is always against war, I never support it and always am vocal and outspoken against it. The difference here is that Obama was staging military intervention to defeat ISIS not trying to pull a Bush and overthrow another country, this is what Trump is doing.

Even though Obama was going after the brutal terrorist organization of ISIS and before that Al Qaeda I still was against his drones and military actions and the reason for that is that our military has killed countless innocent women and children in these wars and interventions and I can never support the men and women in the United States military for that reason, I just cannot support what they do even when a president that I love and respect like Barack Obama orders those actions.

War is always wrong but this one we are about to start is even more so, it is not something that lines up with Trump’s ‘America First” promise and puts the lives of our troops as well as innocent people in danger while doing nothing to benefit America and also further destabilizing the Middle East, something that Bush started back in 2003. So, here we are in another foreign conflict and getting involved in a situation where we shouldn’t and here we are yet again spending millions into what likely will be trillions of dollars of taxpayer dollars to do what? Nothing good that is for sure, nothing good at all, just more death and destruction in a region that already has enough.

I do not understand how people who claim to be Christians can support these wars and praise our military and Trump for doing this, it for sure does not seem very “Christian” to me, not at all. They also deny that we kill innocent women and children and even said yesterday in some debates I was a part of that n civilians were killed by us in the attack on Syria when the evidence shows that we did kill some innocent people and even under Trump’s Syria campaign in March it was proven that the U.S. led coalition killed more innocents than ISIS and the Syrian government did combined.

How can they support these wars? Not only do they kill innocent civilians as our military has done throughout their history and sadly will continue to do for years to come but the troops themselves also die and no, they do not die for our rights or our “freedoms”, they die for the agendas of the United States government. I am sorry but I cannot back war, I cannot back an organization who kills innocent people and I also cannot buy the propaganda that they fight for freedom, I just can’t. I want people to explain to me what rights and freedoms the attack on Syria gave me? They cannot seem to answer that question yet they repeat the same line that the military gives me the freedoms that I enjoy and without them I would not have any rights.

No, they do not fight for our rights these days and haven’t for over seven decades, these wars now are for profit, oil, occupation and other selfish agendas of our government. The Vietnam war, the Korean war, both Iraq wars, Afghanistan, and even the offensive against ISIS gave me nothing and did not fight for the rights and freedoms of the American people. Now, I believe the military does do good things like helping victims of earthquakes and other disasters as well as providing humanitarian aid to poverty and war torn nations and I am okay with the non-combat troops who do those things, they are in my mind heroic. I am against combat troops however and do not and will never support the wars that they fight, I cannot support actions that lead to the death of so many innocent people, even if these killings are accidental, I simply cannot ever get behind these wars.

We do not belong in Syria, it is not our business to police the world, we could help in ways that actually help but instead we launched missiles costing the taxpayers nearly 100 million dollars while angering some of our allies and killing the very people we were supposed to be “helping”. I also find it ironic that Trump has made such a big deal about banning refugees from Syria and yet he is doing something that will make their lives worse and create even more refugees, this is not something that makes the situation in Syria better, it only makes it worse.

It amazes me how blind his supporters are, they actually believe that Trump is trying to help the people of Syria but in fact what he is doing has a hidden agenda and isn’t about being helpful. If we really wanted to help the good people of that country then we would stop trying to ban them from coming here and actually support them in their fight to flee oppression and a war torn nation. These people (Trump supporters) call themselves “Christians” but they are far from it, a true Christian would not support war and would never deny helping refugees or even immigrants but these people do as does their leader Donald Trump.

The hypocrisy is not only astounding but it is also quite confusing and what leads me to say that is that he has flipped flopped so much that it is hard to know where he stands on any issue and with an important one like this one his inconsistency is dangerous. This war we are getting ourselves involved in is a big mistake but it seems that we didn’t learn our lesson from the Iraq disaster nor the other mistakes on the world stage we have been a part of over the years but do we ever, it seems not. If we really wanted to help the Syrians we would not bomb their country but we would accept them in our own and give them the hope and change that they seek just like Barack Obama did for the people of this nation more than eight years ago.

While I am against war I know that what Obama did with ISIS was not what Trump is doing now, this is very different. Yes, I always oppose war but the real difference here is that Trump is doing something that Obama never did and that is attacking and trying to overthrow another government. Yes, the conflicts we were involved in while Obama was president were wrong as war always is but he did not launch an attack against a government in the middle of the night nor did he deny refugees from a country and then go and bomb them, he did his best to help the refugees of Syria and understood that going in and doing what Trump just did was the wrong move. Trump not only made things worse for Syria but he also angered Russia and that is something we do not want to do. This is a mess but what did we expect, his entire presidency has been that in his 77 days, it is a disaster.

It makes us wonder though, we have to wonder what this is about because there is little to no evidence that Assad gassed his own people but one must wonder if this was either ISIS that did this or even our own government or perhaps Russia to create more of a smokescreen to divert us from what Trump is doing with Russia and the connection that is clearly there between his team and the Putin government. There is just too much there to know for sure what actually happened in Syria but whatever happened there are two things for sure and they are that one, the gassing of the Syrian people was awful and a clear violation of human rights but so was the bombing by our military not to mention the denial of refugees by the Trump administration, it all is bad and inhumane to do to the Syrian people.

The bottom line is that we are once again involved in a war and the outcome will not be good for anyone. We have started 81% of the world’s conflicts since WW2 and none of what our military has done has helped anyone with the exception of maybe the Bosnian war, I have been to Kosovo and Bosnia and those people were helped by us helping to free them from oppression but as a general rule war is bad and our military has killed more innocent civilians than ISIS ever has and that is the truth.

The Syrian civil war has gone on for six years so it is foolish to think that us bombing them will help, it will not and will only make a bad situation worse. I am 100% anti-war and this is a war that will do much harm to that country and further destroy the region causing ISIS to occupy more land and more innocent people to die both at the hands of ISIS and also our own military. This will not end well for anyone and even Trump knows this but he has now put the generals back in charge and the always destructive war machine of the U.S. military is back in charge and we will likely have yet another Iraq on our hands.

War is profitable for the United States government but it takes away from the people as those are billions of dollars that we could use to actually make America great, we could rebuild our roads, schools, end homelessness, and do so much good but instead we use it to destroy other countries and do what we have always do and that is to occupy foreign lands, overthrow leaders that we do not like, lie to accomplish these goals like we did in Iraq, and kill scores of innocent women and children. This attack on Syria did kill the innocent and it did not help the Syrians, this is what we know. This action by Trump was an act of war and is not something that the majority of Americans or citizens of the world support, it is something that must be called out and in my opinion an investigation needs to be conducted as this may be an impeachable act by our so-called president.

We must remain strong and speak out against these wars no matter who is our president and we must also defend the good people of Syria who have been through so much, we should not put them through more by destroying their already destroyed country. This act of war by Trump is further proof of how unpredictable and dangerous this man is and it is also proof of how the almost always destructive U.S. war machine is back in charge just like we were during the Bush years, the difference is that G.W. got Congressional approval and Trump didn’t and decided to act on his own impulsiveness that has done so much damage domestically, now he is becoming an international disaster too and the world will be less stable for it. I know that for sure I will call out this war that he is starting as I call out all wars, war is always wrong and when we have a policy that hurts refugees and doesn’t accept them but at same time bombs their land creating more uncertainty and displacing even more refugees then we have a problem.

The point is that our country is involved in another pointless and unnecessary war that will kill more innocent people, cost the taxpayer more hard earned money, and make the world a less stable place and it is all because of the unhinged madman that we have as our “president” but more it is because we have people around him as well as his supporters who encourage and defend his instability and narcissism.

The war machine is back and once again the United States of America is proving that we value the profit and agenda of armed conflict over peace and helping others and that is something that should make us all ashamed and scare us to our core of what is to come in the coming months and years with this man as president. I am sure this is just the beginning and I fear that the end will result in WW3, it sure looks like we are certainly headed in that direction and that should terrify us ALL!


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