Trump and Russia : A Love Story

There was a time when Republicans hated Russia but now they seem to love them but of course they do, the Russians were the ones who helped their man Trump become president of this country and if people think that it didn’t happen they need to think again. The relationship between Donald Trump’s camp and Putin and Russia is there and soon the evidence will show us what we already know and that is that Russia and the Trump team colluded and thus he became president of this country.

Trump has repeated that he doesn’t have a relationship with Vladimir Putin but that contradicts his previous statements that he and Putin and I quote, “Have a great relationship”. This relationship can now be seen as member after member of both the Trump campaign and the Trump transition team have direct ties to the Kremlin as well as Russian financial institutions. Donald can deny it all he wants but the evidence is there and it is only a matter of time before the American people know what truly happened and I assure you, they will not be pleased with what comes out.

I hear the many supporters of Trump defend his Russia connections and the allegations against him everyday and they do so with the same alternative facts that he tweets, nobody is buying that nonsense. I know that I do not buy these lies but then again I do not watch the propaganda networks of Fox News and the alt right think tank Breitbart. The people in this nation who do the research know exactly what happened and that is that Trump instructed people to work with the Russians to hack the election, publish fake news stories about the DNC and Hillary Clinton, and help him win the election. We know this, we know this because there are too many connections between his camp and the Russians for them all to be coincidences.

You have Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who has a very strong relationship with the Putin government and also many business ties to the Russians and then you have the fishy meetings between a Russian banker and Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner that may very well show how the Trump people traded removing sanctions on Russia for help with the election. Then of course there is the recently ousted National Security Advisor Michael Flynn who was in contact with Russia and who had to resign as a result of his actions. There are also many others within the Trump team who have ties or potential ties and there is so much evidence that it caused the Intelligence Committee to open up a new investigation into the matter.

The evidence will show that not only does Trump have a strong relationship with Putin but it will also show that he instructed his people to work with Russia so that he would win the election and become president. There is just too much there that doesn’t add up, there is a collusion there and anyone who is awake can see it. The Trump supporters can deny all they like but we the people who didn’t vote for the man know what is happening and we will continue to demand that the truth comes out, we will not allow our democracy to be embarrassed by allowing a foreign government to work with people in our own government to push forward an agenda.

There are a lot of things in play that show us the truth on this issue and each one of them add to the growing belief that Trump and those around him were for sure involved in the Russian hack on our democracy, even if he and his fans refuse to see this truth. They think that this is a witch hunt by the left but the fact is that this is a bipartisan inquiry into his involvement in the hack on our election and even many Republicans are fighting for the truth to be known and for our democracy to be upheld. There are many who want to know what happened and we in the public demand those answers and soon the truth will be known and I suspect it will not be something that Trump or his fans will like as it will show us what we all knew and that is that there were actions by the Trump team to work with Russia to cheat and give him the presidency.

I wonder if anyone else finds it odd how Edward Snowden ended up in Russia and then recently Putin said that he may return him to the United States. It makes sense though as he got what he needed from Snowden so why would he protect him still, this is very strange. Russia gives Snowden asylum in 2013 and said he could stay safely until at least 2020 but now may give him to Trump. This is a situation I wish more would look at because it is very strange how this man was helped by the very people who meddled in our election helping Donald Trump become president and now he may be abandoned by the Russian government and given back to the states. I think that this shows what we are seeing here, this man has secrets that he revealed about the spying program of the U.S. and then he is helped by the people who hacked into our election? This is something that should be looked at more as there is more there.

Also, more than half of Trump’s administration has ties to Russia and even his own son-in-law as well as his sons may have connections with officials who are connected to Putin. It is piling up to show that Trump was the mastermind of this hack and the interference in our democratic process and to those that think this didn’t happen, wake up because it for sure did! I know and the other people who are awake in this country know it as well. They helped him win and he helped them help him and we can see this to be true even if the pundits at Fox and Breitbart call it nothing and won’t report the facts, they are in the tank for Trump so why would they. The people who say this wasn’t possible and it is all “fake news” have an agenda to make this go away and that is why they are now focusing on Trump’s lie that President Obama wiretapped him and that his National Security Advisor Susan Rice “unmasked” his team and leaked Mike Flynn’s name.

This is a diversion to get people to stop talking about Russia and focus on others and they are doing this because they know that we are getting closer to discovering the truth and exposing his involvement in the Russia ordeal, he and the right wing media want to make this about Obama and defend him with lies and talking points but the facts are that he was involved with the Russians, he does have a relationship with Putin, and his lie about Obama and wiretapping is just that, a lie. Maybe he was wiretapped but it was not the Obama people who did it, perhaps it was the Russians who wanted to make sure that he kept up his end of the bargain. This makes sense since the Russians have never been able to be trusted but don’t tell him or his fans that as they now love Russia and will defend them before they defend their own people.

Donald Trump is a puppet for Russia, I have written about it before and I will say it again and again. The only reason he won is because they helped him win by hacking the DNC and leaking info as well as producing fake news to damage Hillary Clinton. It is rather interesting that once the election was over the entire ordeal about Benghazi and Hillary’s emails went away and now it never is mentioned, instead Obama is now the one who is attacked with lies and fake stories like the one about him wiretapping Trump, which never happened. The fans of Trump are so blind and uneducated that they believe it though, they are very gullible but that is how he likes them after all.

They believe everything he says without fact checking those tweets to see if they are accurate and that they are true. The bottom line is that Trump and Russia did work together to make sure he won and that is the only reason that he is president, he lost by most popular votes in history for someone who won the Electoral College and yet they say he won in a “landslide”. No, he didn’t and he didn’t win fairly either but the truth will be revealed soon and let’s all hope that it results in his removal from office and arrest. That would be justice for the American people who are sick and tired of his lies and barrage of alternative facts like his lies about Obama and Rice that seem to have taken the heat off of him and the Russia investigation.

I have news for Trump and those who support him though, this stuff about Russia isn’t going away and we will continue to fight for the truth to be told and for this man to be held accountable for not only Russia but for his many unconstitutional actions to be exposed too. Trump and Russia is a love story and something that is not representative of who we are in the United States and not something that we will simply ignore, not for a second. As someone who has spent time in Ukraine I know that Russia is dangerous as I saw how they went and invaded that nation and want to the same to the rest of Eastern Europe and Trump wants to help them, which is why he is against NATO. It all is connected my friends make no mistake, this relationship and love affair Trump has with Putin and Russia isn’t good for America or good for our friends in Europe and around the world, Trump and Russia is a recipe for disaster and the truth must be told.


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