The Rise of Trump, The Fall of America

In recent days I have written about the destruction that Trump and his following are doing to our democracy, but before moving on to specific issues facing we as liberals and as Americans I thought one more was needed on what we are seeing. You may remember some other posts on this blog where the hate and pure deplorableness of Trump’s America is seen but I feel it must be look at even further. You see, Trump has created such an epic mess in his first 73 days in office but the fall of this country took place long before he was sworn in on January 20th, it started when he started his campaign and has been growing ever since. This Trumpism is worse than anything we have seen in our 240 year history and it only will get worse as we go forward, not only in regards to policy and what the new White House does but also in what the many far right fans of this man, these people are a threat to our democracy and we must do something before it is too late.

What we are seeing is truly unprecedented and something that I for sure have not seen in my lifetime on either side (liberal or conservative) and I suspect others have a similar experience. The right has never been compassionate or even understanding of what many people go through but at least Bush or Reagan supporters treated people mostly wit respect, the supporters of Trump are as I mentioned in an earlier post alt right to the extreme and are very different than what we have seen in the past. This has been mentioned by people like Nostradamus and others, they predicted what would happen if someone like Trump rose to power and it appears they were right in their predictions, I only hope it doesn’t lead to the complete destruction of this nation but if the people who support this man get their way then it very well may.

The supporters of Bush at least respected others and their point of view but the alt right Trump people are something we have not seen before, at least we have not seen it on this scale. They are the far right which were quiet for so many years but were given a voice when Trump came to prominence as a political figure beginning in 2015. This faction of the Republican Party never had a voice like this in the past but now they do and are letting their voice be heard now and it is not good for our democracy. Trump basically gave these people the permission to act out on their long held beliefs because he says the things that they have been thinking for years, he gave them a platform and a leader who believes as they do.

As many who know me know, I have never been a fan of many of the things that is tied to being an American like guns, support of the wars our military fights, or capitalism but I have never seen the destruction of our democracy like I am seeing in front of my very own eyes right now. Let it be known if you have been asleep, the rise of Trump and the alt right is resulting in the fall of this nation, make no mistake about it. I created this blog as yet another forum for me to speak out against everything right wing and for everything liberal that so many of us believe in and I use it to educate people on the truth, that is something we need more than ever in the Trump era. The fall of what this nation supposed to represent is happening and the destruction caused by Donald Trump and his supporters is evident, anyone can see this.

Some examples of the fall of America are the rise of white supremacy once again that is really the heart of his base as I mentioned in a recent post as well as this nationalism that is not about love of country but rather an extreme form of Xenophobia unlike anything we have ever seen. For those who don’t know, the phenomenon of Xenophobia is this intense and extreme fear and hatred for people from other countries which is ironic being that this is a nation of immigrants or at least we are supposed to be. I am not a nationalist, I am a globalist and support humans all across the globe, not just people from one nation. Those who are fans of Trump are the opposite, they want to create a white nation and they are against people from other countries and they do not deny this hate that they have.

These people have made it more than evident that they do not care about this country, they only care that their side won and that is what we are seeing here, we see that they do not value the lives of our citizens, only value what they stand for. The fall of America is happening and unlike anytime in U.S. history we have a president who is contributing to the hate and Xenophobia which is giving his fans ammunition for their own hate, he is allowing them to behave the way that they do. The way that these people act and the things that Trump says and does show us what we hoped would never happen and that is that this country has become an unrecognizable place that is no longer a place that holds the values of a democracy but rather is becoming a fascist regime and a place where hate is acceptable.

They ask me how Trump has destroyed this country and my answer is a simple one and one that can easily be seen by anyone who is awake. He is destroying this country by moving us away from the core values we were built on like diversity, acceptance, and compassion. We have always been a nation that has been a place that is welcoming, we have been a place that has been compassionate, and we have been a place that has tried to help those who cannot help themselves but now we are becoming a place that has opposite values and a place that turns away those who need help, even our own.

Trump’s budget seeks to take money away from the needy while giving tax breaks to the very rich and funding more unjust wars proving what I am saying here, he is destroying the very fabric of this country and his many supporters are doing the same. What we have now become is a place that believes in helping the wealthy and ignoring the poor, we have went from a place that accepted those different than us to a place that wants white nationalism, and we have become a place that has the resemblance of a fascist dictatorship than a democracy. This may be difficult to accept for some and I know people will disagree with what I am saying here but this is true, we are falling apart as the nation we have always been and are quickly becoming a dark place that lacks hope for the future.

When a country has a president who tweets all day accusing people of outrageous things without any facts to back those claims up or insults the media, leaders of our allies, and bashes his predecessor and so many more then we have a big problem and that is what is happening. The worst part isn’t so much the failed and very fascist like policies of this man and his administration but more it is the millions of racist, Xenophobic, and hateful supporters who believe they can act anyway that they want and the law doesn’t apply to them.

They say that we liberals are the threat to our democracy but the evidence shows that they are the threat, they commit hate crimes against those different than them and they have no compassion for their fellow Americans on the other side of the aisle. This is the biggest problem, the people who support him are unlike the people that have supported other Republicans in the past and the way they are shows us how far we have fallen since the great days of Barack Obama when people acted right for the most part. Many said that Obama destroyed this nation but he did the opposite, he ended a recession and two wars while saving us from economic collapse and much more, he was great for this nation and now Trump is betraying our values as mentioned on the Statue of Liberty and the great work Obama and others did to make us a leader again. They have (Trump and his fans) created a hateful country and the future is up in the air if this hate and destruction continues.

Now, the hate from the right has existed for a very long time with how they view the poor, the disabled, LGBT people, and minorities but it has became much worse since this man rose to power. The people who support him are also the same people who think transgender women are men, think it is okay to kill the families of terrorists, are against immigrants and Muslims, and want to hurt the poor, homeless, and so many more. They go against our values and do not care about these groups I mentioned, they only care about the people and values they support, not all Americans. They make me embarrassed to be an American and I know many others who feel the same. These people (Trump included) certainly do not represent our best and for sure do not care about all of us.

They call themselves “Christians” yet never act like one, they want to create a new America similar to the times when women couldn’t vote or control their bodies, only white people had rights, gay marriage was illegal, and programs like the Obama phone, Medicaid, and food stamps didn’t exist. They want closed borders where no refugees are helped, they want to abandon NATO and buddy up to Russia, and they want to turn this once loving country into a hateful place that only supports them and their alt right values. Some may call my assumptions extreme but this is who these people are and unless Trump is impeached and moderate Republicans stand up they may get their wish.

This is not who we are America, we have never been perfect but we were at least a place that had decency and respect for others. We were a place where people like those I have mentioned here were in the extreme minority, but now we are a place where this is becoming more and more accepted and the #MAGA hashtag is code for make America white, make America straight, make America Christian, make America hate. If you do not believe me then it is obvious that you have not been paying attention because this nation has indeed fallen off in the weeks and months since the Trump era began and is only going to get worse as time goes on. It isn’t only me who is noticing this either, our image around the world has been tarnished and perhaps for good. Our allies no longer have respect for us and our enemies see us as an easy target and I know for a fact that we are less safe under Trump than we even were under Bush when we were attacked on 9/11.

We have fallen off in so many ways both as a global leader and on domestic issues but that is what happens when you have a child with thin skin running the show and millions of less than educated people with hate in their hearts supporting that child. I have hope however, I know that our best days are in front of us and I know that what he and his supporters are trying to do to our country will not succeed, I know that we true patriots who believe in helping those who have less than us and opposing racism and hate will not back down and will keep fighting to uphold the true values of this democracy, we must keep doing that if we hope to survive and thrive as a country. This is bad, it is real bad, but it is not over. There is always hope and the reason we have that hope is because of the inspiration Obama gave us as he did great work fighting for all Americans, something Trump won’t do. The fall of America began with the rise of Trump but it will not end there, we cannot allow this country to fail and we won’t allow it.

I have faith that we can overcome and I have faith in YOU the true patriotic humanitarians and defenders of democracy. I am you and you are me and together we can stop what is happening all over this nation, we can stop the hate and the division and we can renew the promise of our people to prosper and be good and compassionate people willing to do what it takes to help others and fight against oppression and fascism. Make no mistake about it, the hate and pure vindictiveness of this man and those who support him is scary and can be heartbreaking but it will not win, it will not stop the progress that we made under Obama and the reason for that is because love is stronger than hate and hope is bigger than oppression and as long as we stand as one people and as one movement we can and we will return this country to its true values and overcome the FALL OF AMERICA!


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