The American Way : Help Others!

The reason that so many want to come to this country is because we are known as a compassionate nation and that was seen the most when Barack Obama was our president as we were a beacon of hope. There are so many who see this country as a place where hope lives and where lives are changed but for years there has been a growing section of this country that are not about this and want to hurt rather than help people and now we have a president who shares those sinister views.

The inscription on the Statue of Liberty says to reach out and help others and as I mentioned before on other posts that is who we are as America, not what we have become recently. I think it is important to look at what that beacon of hope that site in the Hudson in the Big Apple says in order to get a better understanding of who we are as a nation. This inscription tells the story of what this country supposed to represent not what we do now and the direction we are headed in, it tells us exactly how to treat people and how to behave as free and compassionate citizens.

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door”

This is who we are and what this country is supposed to be about, I have referenced this on a few different posts but with the amount of hate that is being spread towards undocumented immigrants, Muslims, the poor, and so many more I thought we should look at it again and learn just who we are as a nation. This symbol of freedom that is so representative of who we are as a country and tells us exactly how we should behave going forward, it gives us step by step directions how to treat others. The Trump supporters and far right Republicans claim to be “patriotic” but I do not it as to love one’s nation you should love the founding principles of acceptance and compassion and they for sure do not.

I see those on he far right telling the poor to “get a job” while many have them or telling undocumented immigrants from Latin American countries to get out but not telling white undocumented immigrants to leave or even making fun of the disabled and wanting to strip LGBT people and women of their rights, these things are not what America stands for. This is who we have become though and if something is not done then it will get worse and this new administration will not only destroy the many successes and uniting of Barack Obama but turn us into an unrecognizable country absent of the founding principles of our founding fathers. They did not intend for people to use racism to show their so-called patriotism nor did they intend for things like the second amendment to be an excuse to shoot unarmed people or gun down the innocent like what happens in states with Stand Your Ground laws.

America is for everyone and immigrants, refugees, and non-refugee Muslims are always welcome in my America and I will defend them and fight for them to be able to stay here. I will also fight to end poverty as I was once there and know what it is like, I will push for policies that will help the poor not hurt them and an eventual end to homelessness. I will fight to end this obsession we have with guns that values firearms and “gun rights” over the innocent lives that they take and I will defend everyone who is vulnerable from the disabled to transgender and gay and lesbian couples as they fight for their rights and so many more across this country. You see, here in the United States we should help people and Obama did that better than anyone, his presidency was about making life better for all of us and now we are seeing Donald Trump and the mess that he has created and his agenda of hurting people.

The Trump administration has a lot of policies and have done a lot in these 70 odd days or so but none of his policies help anyone, they only hurt people and cause harm and that is sadly the truth. I wish it were different but he does not help people, just harmful policies that do not make us more united or a stronger country. He has this “America First” slogan but which America does he mean?

Does he mean the hundreds of thousands of homeless people including children who sleep on our streets every night, does he mean the 40%+ of our population that lives below the poverty line and who do not have enough for food let alone savings, or does he mean undocumented immigrant families he wants to deport, thousands killed by gun violence, or LGBT people who do not have rights in over 30 states? Does he mean any of these people or just his upper class supporters who are white, straight, Christian, and male? I know many women voted for him but trust me, he does not value their rights nor does he value every person who lives in this country. The problem isn’t as much him as it is those who support him no matter what he does. Stopping him is the short term solution but the longer term solution must be to address the education system in this country that created millions of uneducated people who voted for such a man, that is the main problem.

These people do not cares about helping the groups that I mentioned and are always demeaning the poor, immigrants, Muslims, LGBT people, and so many others who I fight for. They do not care about stopping gun violence, making sure that every man, woman, and child has health insurance, food, and a place to live, or helping anyone. They are out for themselves and yet many of them go ahead and call themselves good Christians, they are far from it. A good Christian helps people when they are in times of great struggle, they don’t kick them while they are down but these people on the far right do. Again, this is not who we are and we need to return to our true values as a nation of helping others and trying to do something to make their lives better or their day brighter than their yesterday was, that is who we are.

In America we do not do much perfect but what we do that must be perfect is to offer a helping hand to the suffering in their darkest moments because if their is someone who asks for help we MUST reach out our hand to help them because if we do not than we have failed as human beings. When someone needs help we do not ask why or what for, we simply help and when we do that then we have done what God put us here to do, to help. As much as I do not like Trump supporters or Trump himself, I would always feed them if they were hungry or give them my coat if they were cold, I am not sure they would do the same for me though, but I know I would help them. There was an old saying I heard when I was studying years ago and that is that if someone is hurting and you do not ease their pain and suffering even a little, then what good are you, but if you do what you can to make their day a little easier and put a smile on their face then you have fulfilled your God given purpose on this earth.

THIS is who we should be, not the country that wants to deport families, deny people their rights for who they are or who they love, belittle the poor or disabled for their hardships, or reject Muslims simply for who they worship but a compassionate and caring people, the people that God created us to be, a loving nation that wants to love rather than hate and a country that is about forgiveness and acceptance over revenge and vindictiveness. This is the United States that I know and I will do my best to not hate who Trump supporters and the far right are but accept who they are and do my best to live my life like my creator would have me and ask myself one question upon waking each day and that is, how can I be of service to my fellow man today!


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