The Alt Right : Heart of Trump’s Base

There is an old saying, elections have consequences and the rise of Donald Trump both during the campaign and now as president has had dire consequences for this country and we as Americans and one of those is also the rise of the alternative right movement or alt right for short. This movement is not like liberal movements which are built on helping others and making life better for people all across this country but rather is built on hate and making life worse for so many. The fact is that is a large number of Trump supporters who are part of this far right movement and they continue to grow and act out in ways that are harmful to our democracy and the lives of our citizens.

Now, there is the alt right even if Trump and the media on the extreme right say that it does not exist, we know that it does. They flip it on us like they do with everything and call people like me the alt left but the evidence says that there is no alt left, we progressives are humanitarians and fighters for social justice and there is nothing alternative about that. I did not agree with the policies or ideology of George W. Bush or his supporters, why would I as a lifelong liberal, but they were not vindictive or hateful for the most part and did treat most people with respect. What we are seeing now is an entirely different animal and quite honestly a dangerous ideology that seeks to harm the many people different than them.

The alt right didn’t start with Trump and in many ways he isn’t the one to blame for its rise to prominence, it started and was coined by known white supremacist Richard Spencer whom is a Trump supporter. It just grew from there thanks much in part to fellow alt right white supremacist Steve Bannon who is on the Trump team as an advisor and as I have mentioned before, a co-founder of alt right think tank Breitbart News. There are other alt right members within the Trump White House including another advisor, Stephen Miller. There are many others in the movement who are equally as dangerous like Milo, former Breitbart editor or even people who don’t claim to be part of them but who for sure are like Alex Jones and even Sean Hannity.

They have led a movement that is growing and becoming more dangerous as they do, they have also brought back the concept of white nationalism that fuels many of the dark ideologies of the Trump team and of his supporters like hate for immigrants, anti-Mexican and anti-Muslim rhetoric and much more. These are the things that are destroying this country and what we stand for and it is fueled by fake news networks and websites like Breitbart, The Blaze, Infowars, and to a slightly lesser degree Fox News.

These “news” sources create fake news to demonize these groups and fuel the reemergence of white nationalism and hate crimes against minorities and thus they fuel the disaster we are seeing before our eyes. Breitbart is very racist and Islamophobic among other things and they have their man Bannon advising the president, so I ask Trump, who is really creating fake news? I will tell you who, the administration who have members of the alt right running the show and advising him are. They are spreading these fake stories about immigrants and Muslims to demonize them and then they blame the whole thing on the “left-wing media”, it is a classic tactic of fascists. It is one thing to have alt right voters and citizens but to have a president who’s policies are based off of this ideology is scary and dangerous.

I should have expected it though, for years I have debated with these alt right extremists on Fox and other sites and they have shown their alt right and white nationalist roots, now with a president that says the things they have for years they have permission to act on these extreme views and that is what they are doing. Hate crimes committed by white supremacists have gone up over 200% since Trump won and usually in these crimes his name is mentioned or they will say “Trump’s America’ or something like that. They finally have an extreme far right leader who supports their warped view of America or at least one who will not call them out for their behavior. How do we know this? He doesn’t condemn terrorism committed by white nationalist hate groups or individuals or condemn violence by white people, just when Muslims or immigrants do these things. he allows them to get away with it even saying he would pay legal fees for the people who beat people up at his rallies, he may not have created the alt right but he certainly does not stand against it.

The rise of this movement is not good for this country who fought so hard to overcome the KKK and other hate of the 60s and 70s done against minorities, now we are seeing it again. Trump fans defend their bad behaviors and hate of these groups by falsely saying that the Democrats created the KKK, no they did not, that was the Dixiecrats and they are today’s alt right Republicans. Those of us on the left who are true progressives have always opposed racism and hate and do what we can to stand up to it. The creation of the alt right brings us back to those times when black people were hung or gay people were beaten, it brings us back to a less diverse and less acceptance based country and one like people like Richard Spencer and Steve Bannon want which is a white and straight nation where nobody from outside is welcome. This is nowhere more evident than the ban on Muslims that continues to fail, the demonization of immigrants, or even the policy listed yesterday by his administration to remove LGBTQ people from the census.

This administration does not want to “Make America Great Again”, they want to make America straight again, English speaking again, Christian again, and white again. They do not care about ALL Americans, just the groups that they like and agree with and their supporters are the same way. The fans of Trump and of the alt right movement say they aren’t racist but using a failed tactic and that is lying and saying, “I am not racist, my brother is black” or saying, “I have gay friends”. This is just like Fox News hiring black people to show they are not racist, guess what? Nobody is buying that nonsense! I will tell you what I do know, I believe that we in the progressive movements will not stand by and let the alt right of Trump’s base (which is the heart of his base) destroy the diversity, equality, and compassion that America is about, I know that others will not allow that either.

The alt right can claim to be “Christian” or “Tolerant” but we know the truth and that is that they supported a man who ran on racist and Islamophobic values and continues to push for policies that hurt those people and so many others who are different, they are not fooling anyone. The bread and butter of Trump’s base of supporters are in this alt right and they prove it by their hate of our immigrant and Muslim friends and their continued hate of Obama using racist terms to describe him, we know who they are. The alt right is Trump’s America and his America is the alt right, make no mistake about it. They show their true colors as does he and his entire mostly white and male administration and we will not be silent about it.

I encounter these people all over the internet on a daily basis and they show me and the country who they are and what they stand for, they use the #MAGA hashtag but really what they mean is to make America racist and hateful again and that is what Donald Trump and his white nationalist base is trying to do. What I say to the very few non white and non straight who support this man and his agenda is that he does not care about you and his policies are trying to hurt you, do not be fooled by it. These people in the alt right (Trump’s base) support some really awful things and this must be called out. They have no problem with hate crimes against minority groups, threaten people when they don’t get their way like they did by threatening the federal judge in the state of Hawaii who ruled against his Muslim ban, and they are anti everyone who is not who they are, they do not represent what our true values stand for that is for sure. They can claim all day long to be “patriots” or “True Americans” but we know that they are not, we know that they want to create this nationalism so they can get rid of our diversity and equality and that is not who we are.

The alt right and white nationalism, this is what Trump, his team, and his many supporters are about. Hillary was right, they are deplorables and they prove this by their words and actions and we may be snowflakes but at least we are decent human beings who value diversity and fairness and are not out to hurt the poor, other races, foreigners, or anyone like these people are. I am what they call a globalist, I support humans regardless of where they come from or their legal status and reject this “America First” nonsense as what he and they are saying is that they care about certain Americans not every person who lives in this country or our fellow humans of the world and that is not a Christian value, not at all.

I am sure that this will trigger some of the Trump fans but as I do in every area of my life and my work as an author and a blogger, I tell it like it is and the alt right is a dangerous ideology that gave us Trump and is destroying the compassionate and humane place that we tried to turn this country into, they are creating something very dark and very scary. They threaten us when we point out the flaws of their dear leader Trump and they cannot handle that we fight against what he and they are doing to this country, they are very violent people but this is what he has created. This movement represents the worst of our country and I do not consider these people my fellow citizens, anyone who tries to hurt innocent people like they do with immigrants, Muslims, and so many more are not people I have respect for and I will always speak out against them and this dangerous movement they have created!


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