The Great Legacy of Barack Obama Revisited

Now, I have many problems with this country and what we stand for ranging from how our military has invaded other countries and attacked them killing innocent women and children to how we treat our homeless and minorities and much more but one thing I can be proud of and that is President Obama and what he has done for all of us. I am often critical of this nation but I love this man, and always have and always will be in his corner supporting him. There are many on the right who say to give Trump a chance and to leave him alone but they never gave Obama a chance and constantly bashed him calling him racist and very disrespectful names, questioning his faith and birthplace, and going after his family. They never gave this man a chance and treated him with a level of hate and disrespect that we have never seen, Trump will get the same treatment as Obama had dignity and class as he served us and Trump does not possess those qualities.

So, what has President Obama done that is so great? The list is long and the accomplishments great, they are tasks that were hard-fought but well worth it. He has done many amazing things, too many to list here but I thought we would look at a couple of them right now to show the success of his time in office. The many great things that he has done cannot be ignored no matter how much the republicans want to deny his greatness and accomplishments.He has created millions of jobs and dramatically lowered the unemployment rate while also bailing out and saving the auto industry, he gave us Obamacare which has given millions of Americans affordable healthcare. Obama courageously repealed don’t ask, don’t tell (DADT) allowing LGBT people to openly serve in the military, he refused to support the defense of marriage act or DOMA and was a leader in the legalization of gay marriage nationwide.

It was him who got Bin Laden under his watch, he ended the sour relationship with Cuba and reestablished our relationship with our old friend, he continues to do great things and we should be forever thankful and grateful to him.
Some other incredible things that he has done have been the historic peace deal with Iran, supported veteran’s benefits, stood up for climate change, pushed for rights of all people, increased broadband access, passed credit card reforms, stood up to the big banks, passed the stimulus, ended the Iraq war, and much, much more. He has accomplished more in less than two terms than the previous three presidents did and it is undeniable.

He did so many amazing things and did so with humor, grace, and honor and I could not be more proud of the man who to this day I still call MY president and a man who I have a great deal of respect for. I wrote about some of his many accomplishments before but with Trump supporters falsely repeating the talking point that Trump has done more for America in two months than Obama did in eight years I thought I would write a post defending the great things that Barack did for us, he did so much that it would be difficult to name them all but I wanted to point some of them out. He treated all Americans with respect and stood for each one of us as a good president should while Donald Trump stands for only the people that voted for him and we know this by his very own words saying that he is president of his base. What we voted for with Obama was hope and change and what we got was so much more, we got a man who brightened our day each and every morning when he greeted the American people on our TV sets, we got a true leader.

Obama made a lot of promises and kept basically every one of them and the ones that he was unable to keep were due to Republican obstruction like with gun control and raising wages or shutting down the detention center at GITMO, they fought him hard on those things making it impossible for change there but he did so much and should be praised for the work that he did, he did it for all of us, not for recognition like Trump does. The list of Obama’s successes is a long one and it would take many pages to list them all here but I pointed out some of the big ones and some others were his commitment to education by not only fighting for the rights of transgender students but also education reform and his wife’s work to make our school lunches healthier and more nutritious for our kids.

This is a man who was always seen being a positive role model for children and a man who cared for the younger ones in America and this was seen the most by seeing the tears he shed when twenty school kids were gunned down in Newtown in the Sandy Hook shooting. Contrary to right wing lies these were real tears and a moving moment as he was heartbroken by the tragedy that took so many young lives. He fought hard to make sure thee wrong people didn’t get their hands on a gun but sadly the Republicans and NRA fought him hard on that issue but even though Republicans used fearmongering one thing is for sure, he never took anyone’s guns, he just wanted to keep our nation safe.

He was a man that always showed compassion and did his job the best that he could as he fought for the disabled, immigrants with his DREAMER initiative, the LGBT community, those lost to gun violence, the poor, and so many more groups who needed a voice, Barack Obama was that voice and even post White House he continues to stand up for what is right. He did many things that go unnoticed too such as fighting for clean energy, climate change, fair play within the financial sector, saving the economy and industries like the auto industry and housing market, and so much more. He did not deport families or ban Muslims, or try to help the rich get richer while ignoring the poor but he fought the good fight and stood for those who needed help and for thank we are all grateful and honored to be in his corner.

We are in his corner because he was in ours and he listened to us and stood by us both in good times and in bad times. One example of him being the president of the people is a letter I wrote him in June of 2014, I wrote him a long and heartfelt letter about how gun violence had personally impacted my life and wanted to know what he was going to do about it. His response brought tears to my eyes, he wrote me back telling me in detail how he was angry about the issue too and wanted to do more but his hands were tied. He went on to compliment me on my hard work fighting for change on the issue and encouraged me to keep going and never give up. This reinforced what I already knew about this great and gracious man, that he is a champion and a loving person who wants the best for this country and all in it. I knew then what I know now and that is that the 44th president of this nation is on our side and is the greatest president to ever do it and despite the many lies by those on the right I will always defend him and stand with him as he is my president always.

I will defend his legacy because it was such an amazing presidency, he had a 65% approval rating after his first 100 days and left office at nearly a 60% approval rating as well. The majority of the people wanted him and loved him even though the far right who is the minority used racism, hate, and lies to try and destroy him. Barack Obama stood tall from day one and left office with his head held high too as he knew what we all know to this day and that is that he took the high road and always led from within, he allowed his strong and devoted Christian faith to guide his every action and despite lies that he was a Muslim he continued to live and lead like Christ would have him. At the same time he respected the Islam religion and while still going after ISIS as well as getting Osama Bin Laden. The Republicans say he was a member of ISIS but if that was the case then we would have had a major attack here by them and we did not, but rather he led efforts to keep us safe both at home and abroad.

He was a great leader on foreign policy and cleaned up some messes of this country’s past like reaching out to the Japanese and doing the honorable thing of visiting where they lost people during the war while also visiting Pearl harbor and respecting who we lost. He also as mentioned earlier repaired our relationships with Cuba and others as well as making a peace deal with Iran to prevent them from obtaining a nuclear weapon. He also went to other countries and spoke on LGBT and women’s rights and other great things around the world as he led us with dignity. He was a great leader on foreign issues and back here at home he was even better as he tried to fight for criminal justice reform by releasing many non-violent drug offenders and helping establish a plan for us to treat addiction as the medical condition that the medical community has proven that it is instead of criminalizing it and also fighting for those killed by law enforcement while also protecting and standing with our many god police officers.

This man was great on equality and civil rights too as he lit up the White House after the historic same-sex marriage victory in a moment that I will remember forever and a moment that touched me as a bisexual man more than I could ever express. On top of fighting for the LGBT community like no sitting president ever has he fought so a woman could control her own body and her own healthcare choices, equal pay for women, and many other women’s rights issues that should be valued. Barack Obama also lowered our unemployment rate to record low levels by creating so many jobs and creating job training programs and other opportunities for people to get ahead and he created even more jobs by his climate change and clean energy plans.

He did so many amazing things for this country and all Americans that it would be impossible to list them all but the bottom line is that this man was the BEST president this country has ever seen and was a man that should make us all proud. Now, we have this president who is trying to destroy this great legacy of Obama and things are very, very different for this nation we call home. We will fight for what is right and for all that Obama did and tried to do and never give up opposing what is happening now but I want everyone to remember #44 and thank him for the truly incredible work he did for eight years as our compassionate and honorable POTUS!


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