Trump’s Disastrous First 100 Days

The First 100 days is important in any presidency as it shows what is to come and if the president can come through on the campaign promises that he said he would leading up to the election. The first 100 days of a presidency tell us what we can expect and for some it is a hopeful time and for others it becomes a hopeless time but for all it tells us what is to come in the days, months, and years. For example, Barack Obama’s first 100 days were a great time in this country as they showed us what a true leader looks like and showed us that he would do great things in the years to come. Look at the approval ratings after the first 100 days of previous presidents and what we are seeing now will all come into perspective.

Barack Obama had a 65% approval rating after his first 100 days and others had similar approval ratings, while Obama’s was the third highest since the days of Eisenhower there are others who were high too and none were below 55% which was President Bill Clinton, even Bush and Carter had decent ratings. This being the 65th day in Donald Trump’s presidency and his approval rating being what it is does not say good things about what he has done as president. A recent set of polls found on Wednesday that Trump has only a 37% approval rating leaving him as the most unpopular president in recent years or in a log time. His rating does not appear to bother him as he continues to throw fits on Twitter and make it go lower and lower, it is historically low and is getting lower by the day.

Now, he has 35 days left in his first 100 days and unless he has a drastic change in policy and behavior he will end his first three plus months as the most unpopular president in history and is even losing support amongst his base of fans. The amazing part is that his extreme Alt-Right supporters do not buy any of his lies or the facts told about how bad he is doing and will defend him to no end even when the evidence and his own words prove them wrong. These people cannot be swayed or reasoned with even when the evidence of what he has done and said is right before their eyes. The people did not want Donald Trump as president and this was seen by the millions who voted against him and now can be seen by his very low popularity even among Republicans. More people voted against him than for him in the election and now these people and others are showing their displeasure with what he has done in the short time he has been in office.

Besides his low approval rating his first 100 days have been disastrous with his actions and policies too. He has had TWO Muslim bans overturned by the courts, Mexico said it won’t pay for the wall like he said they would, he is under investigation for his soon to be proven ties to Russia and Putin and now his much hyped Trumpcare bill failed and was an embarrassment for him to the entire nation. He tweets lies everyday and cannot back them up and then he tries to blame the Democrats or the media for his failures and the absolute mess he has created. The man has no idea what he is doing and this is obvious by how he does things yet his fans do not see his epic failures and will defend him no matter what he does.

I know many Republicans and they are ashamed of what he is doing and embarrassed for our country and their party. I have never been a fan of what the GOP has done but with him it is an entirely different animal as he is a fascist not a Republican and his policies are harmful not only for the American people but for humanity and its obvious for all who are awake to see. At least the supporters of Bush had some decency but Trump fans have a pessimistic and hateful view of the world, they are true nationalists and think that the United States is the only country in the world. They cannot see the mess of his first 65 days and repeat things like “He has done more in two months than Obama did in eight years” or “He is the president of the people”, neither which are true or even close to accurate. He for sure has done a lot to destroy this country and what we stand for in his two months or so but he has done nothing good and those who don’t have blinders on can see that.

Take away his epic failure on healthcare, continued losses with his attempt to ban Muslims, and his pipe dream of making Mexico may for the wall there are other things that make this the most disastrous presidency in recent history and make us long for the days of Obama. His press secretary digs a deeper hole day by day and advisors like Miller and Conway lie and then pass those lies off as “alternative facts” while allegations of being in bed with our greatest enemy Russia become more clear. His National Security Advisor Michael Flynn had to resign because of Russian ties and it looks like several other members of his cabinet also were involved leading us to believe he was also involved in the whole thing. This plus his repeated trips to his Florida resort or as he likes to call it the “Southern White House” and using more taxpayer dollars on vacations and to keep his wife safe at a separate residence and him even given his daughter an office in the West Wing of the White House.

This is a bigger mess than many thought it would be and he has not even been in office those 100 days. Can you imagine FOUR YEARS of this? This is an absolute wreck and the worst part is that his thin skinned fans defend everything he does and never hold him accountable for what he says or does. I loved Obama and was and am still a huge supporter of his as you will see when I write a post about his amazing legacy later next week, but I called him out when I thought he was wrong. I opposed his drone attacks as an anti-war person and was against his crusade against hero Edward Snowden. I held him accountable but this is very different, Obama mostly did amazing things for the country and that is why his approval rating was 65% after 100 days and still near 60% when he left office in January, even at his lowest he was higher than Trump. Our current president has a historically low rating and is losing support of the country as he moves forward and yet the core of his base love him and think he is doing a good job, he isn’t.

Hopefully he will be impeached for his Russia connections because our nation won’t survive four years of this, this is bad for everyone all the way around and the sane people can see this. He is bad on social issues, domestic policy, trade, foreign policy, and leadership and is driving this country into the ground and digging a hole that will take decades to come back from. I do not say this as an anti Trump person but as a concerned American who wants to live in a great place and nothing Trump has done or wants to do is great. He says he wants to “Make America Great Again” but America was much better before he took office and I say this as a globalist who doesn’t believe in patriotism or the nationalism point of view.

I know that Barack Obama did his best for all of us and that Trump is trying to destroy his legacy while destroying our democracy and what we are about. It is time for people to WAKE UP and see the damage he is doing to America and our image and it is time for people to resist and stand against the nation that him and his fans are trying to make us, they want us to return to segregation, help Russia become the USSR again, and make us the hateful place we were of the 60s but we will not let him destroy who we are and the diversity and equality we have fought so hard for, we will not let Donald Trump and his following ruin this country, we will always fight and defend our values. I know that if the next 100 days are as bad as the first two months have been then we won’t be a country for much longer as this is not good and anyone who says that it is good has clearly not been paying attention or doesn’t care. The first 100 days have been without a doubt the worst we have seen in decades and this is coming from someone who remembers the disaster of Bush and his recession and unjust wars, this is much,much worse and something must be done before it is unfixable and we become unrecognizable.


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