Forced Patriotism isn’t American

The right thinks to be patriotic you have to be pro-gun, pro-war/pro-military, and a capitalist but that’s not the case and we must continue to speak out and show people in this country and around the world that Americans can have different beliefs and those differences are what makes us the great nation that we seek to be. The way it is now here in America it is like we have a us vs. them situation where we are not united as one nation but we are two nations fighting each other. That is not what our founders intended and this must change as we move forward. We have to move forward for us to have a truly accepting and great nation and I hope we can heal this divide and once again become one America not the right vs. left America that we are now and have been
for some time now.

I believe that we can do this with effort and by looking deep inside and being who we set out to be 240 years ago when this nation was founded. I have written political books on various issues and keep this blog and run a podcast show, all to speak out about these important issues. The truth is that we have seen Republicans in Congress as well as conservative voters divide us for years and this is all based on what they call patriotism. They divide on race, they divide on guns, on healthcare, on homelessness, and so much more and we must change that if we hope to continue the great progress that occurred during the Obama Administration over those eight years.

This division created by the right is based on this patriotism and if you are not patriotic or believe in the things that they consider patriotic then they label you a “traitor” and tell you to get out of America, they cannot tolerate a different point of view. Much more than the division that the right creates the bigger problem is that they commit what I call forced patriotism, they push people to support the wars that the military fights, support guns, and many other things that they are about and if you don’t then they attack you and tell you to “Move to Syria”. They assume that everyone must believe these things to be in America but one of the good things about this country is that we are allowed to have our own views and live here even when we don’t support what the majority supports.

Forced patriotism is pressuring people to salute the flag, support the troops, and being pro gun among other things but that is not patriotism, that is a false agenda of American exceptionalism and not what we are about. As many know, I do not support what the masses in America do and that is okay because I do not have to. I am free to fight for my beliefs and choose what patriotism is to me and NO, the military didn’t give me that freedom. I wish no harm on the troops and wish them safety but I don’t have to support what they do, I also do not have to salute a flag that allows innocent black people to be killed by law enforcement, homeless people to be ignored, LGBT people and women to be denied their civil rights, a military who kills innocent women and children for oil and occupation of foreign lands, or that represents a president who is in the process of destroying what that flag supposed to stand for.

I can choose to support what I believe in and I can define for myself what patriotism means to me. This forced patriotism and bullying by those on the right for people who don’t agree with their agenda or beliefs is not who we are in America, freedom goes both ways and to force people to believe what you believe and salute a flag or troops is fascism, not freedom. Even Trump, he wants to make burning the flag illegal when it is a constitutional right to do so and protest how people see fit as long as nobody is harmed. I for one will not be forced to be patriotic or believe anything, I do not pick country over values and I do not believe in the nationalist agenda of America being better than every other country. I am a globalist, I support human beings no matter where they are from and I do not pick America or Americans over everywhere or everyone else, I support my fellow human beings that God created no matter what religion they practice or where they live.

The “America First” agenda of Trump is fake, he cares about himself and not anyone else or this country. He and his fans care about winning, not about this country and it is beyond obvious. I choose humanity, not Americanism. I do this because I am a human being over being and American and I will not be made to feel guilty or forced to be patriotic, I will stand for what I believe in not what people tell me I must believe. I will not allow myself to be bullied to support things that I don’t but I will always treat people with respect and with dignity. This forced patriotism is a dangerous ideology that isn’t about freedom of choice or America first but it is about control and I will not be forced to support or salute anything.

They say the military died for our rights and we must support them but they died for the government’s agenda of invading countries for selfish reasons and imperialism. They did not fight for the rights of you or me and this notion that everyone must be pro-military or pro-gun or even pro-capitalism to be pro-American is absurd, we are able to believe what we want to and support what lines up with our values, not anyone else’s. When we force people to believe what we do then we are not about freedom, we are about control. I don’t tell others that they can’t support the troops or salute the flag, it is up to them. I do tell people that they cannot control women’s bodies, own dangerous weapons, or deny LGBT rights because those are harmful, me not standing for the flag or supporting the troops hurts nobody and isn’t harmful. That is the difference and the truth is that forcing people to support the military, guns, the flag, or anything won’t make them patriotic, it will drive them further away.

If you think that having a gun, saluting the flag, supporting these wars where we kill innocent people, or vote for fascism and against civil rights including the rights of the poor makes you a “Patriot” then you are dead wrong as that is not patriotism, not even close. Patriotism is fighting for the marginalized and oppressed and helping those who cannot help themselves, it is not being a gun extremist or a warmonger, or someone who hates and fights against the poor, disabled, or any other oppressed group. The right not only divides people into little groups and oppresses people but they also have a messed up view of what patriotism and love of country is. I say all of this that under Obama I was a lot more patriotic than I am now, I have always been against war and what the military does and anti-gun as well as having socialist values and points of view but was never as un-patriotic than I am under Trump. This man is doing a job of destroying our country and making America a very unrecognizable place thus creating more of this feeling of being ashamed of America and what we stand for.

Those who are forcing this patriotism on the rest of us are perfectly okay with their fellow Americans going without a home or healthcare but if someone opposes their wars or guns then they will attack them and label them “Un-American”, they like to oppose civil rights but can’t handle people opposing their so-called patriotic agenda. I am sorry to tell them but you cannot force people to be patriotic or believe what you do, we all can have our own views and take on the world. The concept of patriotism is subjective and it doesn’t have a certain look or philosophy, what is patriotism to one person isn’t to another and we all can have our views and beliefs and fight for those values, nobody should force anything on anyone and that is exactly what the right does with forcing patriotism on the rest of us!


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