Raising the Minimum Wage helps Everyone

Republicans attack a lot of things but the minimum wage is something they attack the most and it is rather infuriating to say the least. They are epic liars about every political issue but they take it to a whole new level on this very issue and these lies must be challenged. I am sure that many of you know that the federal minimum wage has remained at the outrageously low $7.25 an hour since 2009 and despite constant efforts by former president Barack Obama and other Democrats those in the GOP have refused to budge and raise it to a level that would allow for sustainable living for millions of Americans.

This is very unacceptable simply for the fact that the minimum wage being a living wage helps everyone, not just does receiving those wages. Wage hikes help the rest of us too and the facts support this even if Republican lawmakers and voters refuse to acknowledge it. The right says that the minimum wage being raised hurts businesses and the economy but this is perhaps the biggest myth of them all and has no evidence to prove it to be true. When workers are making more money then they are putting that money back into the economy by going out to eat, entertainment, and shopping and also when they make more money they are happier employees and that helps businesses.

There is no way that raising the minimum wage hurts the economy, when people bring home more money then they are healthier and happier and are able to be more contributing members of society. It is a fact that societies who have higher wages for their people have less crime, less violence, less poverty, fewer homeless and depressed people, and so on. More money means a more satisfied workforce and thus it means more jobs for people and more customers going to those businesses which means more profit for the owners of those businesses. The wage being low does the opposite, it has a significant drain on the economy and makes for more depression, more poverty, and more crime and this is proven by cities like Detroit and Chicago. People who have lower wages have less opportunity to get ahead and that makes everyone less happy and hurts our country.

The right thinks that people who work in fast food don’t deserve $15 an hour but they forget it isn’t about what job they do, it is about how the current wages do not allow people to keep up with the rising cost of living and how these people deserve to be able to provide for their families. Republicans that I have debates with repeat the same usual talking points that they use with every argument, they cannot think for themselves. They repeat these things in an effort to demonize those who work for these wages but it is all propaganda and hate of the poor. The myths are just that, mythical talking points used to keep the poor stuck in the cycle of poverty while allowing the rich to get even more rich.

– “If you want higher wages, then go to school”
– “If you want to be paid more, get a better job”
– “Higher wages cause businesses to go out of business”
– “Minimum wage jobs are starter jobs”
– “Get a real job”
– “Minimum wage raises hurt economy”

These are all myths and quite honestly, rude and disrespectful to the millions who work these jobs. They are myths and the anti-poor Republicans are hateful in saying these things and have no idea what it is like to struggle. Those who work these jobs work hard, they work 40 or more hours a week and pay taxes yet the right calls them “lazy”. You know who is lazy? The rich CEOS like Donald Trump that own these companies are the lazy ones, they get rich off of the hard work of their low income workers. The minimum wage workers work very hard and they do deserve to be fairly compensated for the hard work that they do, not demeaned for the job that they do. Another one is they say to get a real job instead of demanding more pay to be a fast food worker, those are real jobs and another thing is that many jobs are minimum wage, not just fast food jobs.

There are 3.7 million Americans that work for these wages, they aren’t lazy and they aren’t “starter jobs”, many family people work these jobs and in many cases work more than one of them because of the low pay. If those on the right who hate raising the minimum wage are so against it then maybe they should stop going to businesses that pay those wages, maybe they should cook their own food or pour their own beer. As far as it hurting the economy I have shown that it does not, more people making higher wages mean that more people are putting money back into the economy and making businesses more money. This is simple math, but the right isn’t very good at that. Places that pay higher wages don’t go out of business, they actually thrive because they have more satisfied people who work there. The other two myths are the belief that if you want higher paying jobs that you should go to school or you should just get a better job. These people don’t live in reality or have any idea about how things work in the real world, they tell us liberals that we don’t understand economics yet it appears they don’t understand reality.

Many of minimum wage workers are students and need to be paid more to be able to afford the high cost of living and still stay in school and the thinking that everyone can simply find a higher paying job is just not based in reality or logic, if better jobs were available then nobody would work these low paying ones, they do what they need to do to provide for their families. These are all talking points and myths, none of them are true and none of them deal with the real issue. The real problem is the greed of this country, rents, medical costs and food continue to go up even when the minimum wage doesn’t and this is also a fact.

They say that a rise in wages make prices go up yet the min wage has not been raised federally since 2009 and prices continue to go up year by year leaving low income workers to suffer. The even bigger issue here is that the right does not have compassion for the less fortunate and they want to take the focus off what they are about which is hate and blame the poor for being poor and that is the real truth. They have zero compassion for the poor and that is why they favor taking health coverage and food stamps away from the poor, they don’t care about anyone but themselves.

The minimum wage helps and needs to be raised as does the benefit amounts of food stamps and SSI and SSDI for disabled people. These wages and programs are vital to the survival for the low income in this country and with rents costing $1000 or more a month and the price of a hamburger costing more than half of an hour’s wage we need to raise the minimum wage in every city and state in this nation. Thankfully cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and New York have done the right thing by raising the wages for everyone so that it keeps pace with the rising cost of living but more need to follow. Even the server wage or as they call it tipped employee wage is low in the states that have raised the regular minimum wage but states like California and Oregon pay tipped workers the same as everyone else.

States like Florida and Mississippi among others pay their servers and other tipped workers just $2.13 an hour which is outrageous as when they don’t get tips they make no money. The minimum wage needs to be raised for everyone and by raising the minimum wage everyone is helped and our economy and our country is better off. I ask you to stop buying the hateful lies about raising wages that is spread by the right, I ask you to stop calling poor people “freeloaders” or “moochers”, they are human beings and as Jesus told us to do as Christians, we must help the less fortunate and be full of love and compassion, not judge them for their hardships!


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