The Resistance Continues

The supporters of Donald Trump continue to say that we liberals are “crybabies” and need to “get over it” but they seem to forget how they behaved when Obama was president and the fit they threw when he won both of those presidential elections. They tell us to “move on” yet they never got over Obama or moved on after he won, they complained about him and bashed him and his family daily for eight years. I witnessed the fit they threw on sites like Fox and other right wing echo chambers and can say without a doubt that they did not get over it and even to this day cry about Barack Obama.

So, my message to these Trump supporters is no, we won’t get over it and the resistance will continue for as long as it takes. They may think that they have won but the fact is that the entire nation lost and continues to lose with the backwards and hateful policies of the current “president”. The resistance isn’t about crying or being a “snowflake” like they accuse us of but rather what we are doing in the resistance is fighting for humanity and our liberal values that this country is all about. The resistance is not a temper tantrum, that title goes to Donald Trump and his Twitter fits and he does it very well, does not need any help. We resisters are fighters of equality, civil rights, and so much more.

The resistance is a growing movement of concerned Americans who do not want our country and all that we worked for over he years and are willing to fight for what we believe in. You see, when Republicans threw a fit over what Obama did when he was in office they were crying and throwing a tantrum and accomplished nothing but what we are doing is very different. Our resisting put pressure on federal judges to act against his unconstitutional policies and got his travel ban stopped twice, we have made it difficult for Republicans in Congress to repeal Obamacare, and the movement is still accomplishing great things. This is not “crying”, this is making a difference and continuing that hope and change that Barack fought so hard for. The movement that we are all part of is without a doubt a righteous and noble movement fighting to save this country from the destruction of what Trump is doing and the lies spread by his followers.

We will not back down and we will not stop fighting for our democracy and the great work that our last president Barack Obama did to rebuild this country into a respectable and compassionate place that it was when he was our fearless leader. Now, we are an unrecognizable country full of hate, division, and destruction and if you don’t believe me, just open your eyes. The reason we cannot back down is because the great legacy of Obama is at stake as well as the future of our people, we cannot allow Trump and those who support him to destroy the progress we have made and all that we stand for. I know that from a personal standpoint the resistance is home for me, it is a place that is close to my heart because it represents everything that is good about this nation and it stands for what this country should stand for.

I know that the Trump supporters will continue to go after me and tell we in the resistance that we aren’t making a difference but I know that we are and we are leading the way to greater things once again. The movement that we are is not something that we created though, Trump and his supporters created us and they make our movement grow every single day. The resistance was bound to happen as when you have a wannabe fascist dictator attempting to fundamentally change a nation built on equality and humanity it creates mass protests by the people who refuse to lay down and take it. I always say that America isn’t great as there are a lot of areas where we fall short and it has always been that way, but under Obama we came as close to great as we will ever be and Trump fans know this, that is why they fight so hard against our opposition to the destruction Trump is creating.

Resist, it isn’t a cute slogan, it is what we need to do and continue doing until things change back to the greatness of the last eight years. I assure you that we do not need “safe spaces” or “pacifiers” like the right says we do, we are doing just fine and won’t back down now or ever. The resistance is in fact what this country is all about and will accomplish all that we set out to do despite the plans the right has to try and shut us down and silence us. Let’s look at protests for example, the right to assemble is a fundamental freedom that has always been part of the American experience yet Trump wants to shut down protesters and silence freedom of speech. We cannot let this happen, the resistance is all about protesting and even Republicans did it under Obama although they were actually violent in doing so. Trump supporters are always telling me that they didn’t loot, riot, and commit violence when Obama won but the fact is that they did and the race riots they started were dark stains on our history, even if they refuse to acknowledge they happened.

The right to protest the policies of the Trump administration is a right that is at the heart of the resistance. This is what we do, we protest and speak out against what he is doing and what he represents. We hold elected politicians accountable at their town hall meetings by demanding they represent their many constituents instead of Wall Street or Washington insiders and we oppose the harmful things Trump and his cronies are trying to do to the American people, this is what we do. We do not cry or whine, we do not needlessly complain, and we are not sensitive as the ridiculous snowflake line implies. What we do in fact do is fight for what is right and do our best to defend those who cannot defend themselves and will continue to do so.

The resistance will continue .. personally I will continue to write political books on the issues I care about, blogging about these issues, and fighting for the vulnerable and know many others who will do the same. The attack on the LGBT community, our undocumented immigrant and Muslim friends, the poor, the disabled, the elderly, and so many more people by the Trump administration, the GOP establishment, and Republican voters wont be tolerated. We will in fact always defend our values and will always stand up for what is right and if the fans of Trump think that they have “won” then they are in for a major shock as the resistance isn’t going away anytime soon, we will fight for the rights of the most needy in this country and will not roll over. This movement is not a weak movement, we have accomplished so much and will continue to fight for the greatness that Barack Obama created and gave us and keep on keeping on and being a beacon of hope.


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