Stop the Anti-Immigrant Hate of Trump

This is an issue that I have discussed a few times already but it is a hot topic that is trending right now in this country and one that must be talked about again. Ever since Trump announced that he was running for the highest office of the land the anti-immigrant sentiment has been at the forefront of the political arena and a hot topic in the media. The message that the Trump campaign and now the Trump White House has tried to send is that immigrants are bad and the brown ones are a threat to our safety but this is not the truth and is a dangerous message to send.

This message that demonizes immigrants and makes them into villains that the far right or as they are now known as, Trump fans send is dangerous and quite honestly dishonest. Propaganda networks like Fox News and Breitbart help to spread these lies about undocumented immigrants by only showing stories of those here without papers committing violent crimes such as rape and murder yet never mention the countless times white Americans do these disgusting criminal acts and trust me, Americans commit these crimes much more often. The truth never matters to these people and that is obvious by the lies that both Trump and the fake news networks spread about undocumented immigrants.

The photo-op and all for show Trump likes to talk to the families who have tragically lost loved ones in crimes committed by an undocumented immigrant and Fox likes to interview these families yet they won’t mention the countless innocent people killed by legal American born citizens, they won’t mention the 80% of mass shootings done by legal American gun owners, and they won’t mention the rapes committed by white college athletes yet have no problem picking out the handful of these crimes done by undocumented immigrants so they can build the case to deport 11 million immigrants, many of which are families and have never harmed a soul. If they cared about violence and really stood for the victims then they would care for all crime victims not just the ones done by brown people. They do not care about ending violence or being there for these families, they care about demonizing immigrants and pandering to their viewers who also hate undocumented people.

Trump supporters repeat the same talking points that Trump and his team put out there, they focus on one or two cases where an undocumented immigrant raped or killed someone while ignoring the thousands and thousands harmed by our own people, this is a hateful agenda to deport families and nothing more. They say that President Trump is trying to keep us safe and protect Americans just like they say about the Muslim ban, that he is trying to protect this country and its people, this is total bullshit. His supporters are so blind and gullible that they believe his scam job on this country and this is one of the lies that they buy. This nor the Muslim ban are about safety, they are about hate and nothing more. If Trump truly cared about protecting the American people and looking out for them then he would make our gun laws stronger and not allow mentally ill people to purchase firearms, he wouldn’t take away vital food stamp and healthcare benefits from millions of people, and he would not bash our allies across the world.

The anti Muslim and anti immigrant policies of our “president” do not keep us safe, they make us less safe and ruin what this country stands for and is all about. Just look at the inscription on the Statue of Liberty to see how these policies are NOT who we are, not even close. Lady Liberty is about helping others and reads as follows,

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door”

This means that we must accept the vulnerable and the poor and those who come here for a better life. The right does not understand this but this is true, that inscription represents the best of who we ae and Donald Trump and his deplorables represent the worst of this country, I have said it once and I will say it again and again. We will always protect the undocumented from being thrown away and being deported, we will not allow families to be torn about just because we have a racist president and hateful people who follow him like the sheep they are. The truth is that undocumented immigrants are not the threat and while some do horrible things, most do not and deserve to stay in this country and work for a better life.

So, undocumented immigrants are murderers and rapists Trump and Trump fans you say?

The evidence and data says no, they aren’t the threat. The data suggests that undocumented immigrants are the least likely to commit crime at all let alone violent crime, the ones doing those crimes are American born citizens. In fact, the 2015 killing of Katheryn Steinle in San Francisco by an undocumented person that is used by the right wing media to demonize immigrants while tragic was very rare as was the rape of a 14-year old recently committed by one of the undocumented immigrants. These people belong in prison but to deport families because of what some do is wrong and the right knows this as it is them who tell us not to blame all for what one does. They say not to blame all gun owners for what one does and I don’t, I blame the gun as without the gun people cannot be shot. This issue is different, there are so many good undocumented immigrants who work hard and don’t rape or kill people, they just want to be left alone and live their lives.

If the right cares about protecting us so much why mention these rare events done by immigrants yet ignore the thousands killed by American gun owners or the rapes and child molestations done by white Republican men? If you are against these horrible acts then oppose them all, not just the ones done by brown people or immigrants. The fact is that they aren’t the threat and they should not be deported, they should be allowed to stay and get help from our government to eat and get medical care. When I think of helping others I do not think of them as Americans or foreigners but as human beings, children of God who deserve respect and help. The anti-immigrant agenda of the Trump team and of everyday Republicans isn’t about “keeping America safe” or “sovereignty” but it is about hate and racism make no mistake about it. To make America “great” we have to make it great for everyone and deporting families which will leave so many children homeless and without their parents for sure does not make us great.

The facts are that only one fifth of the population in our prisons are non-citizens and less than 10% of undocumented immigrants have a criminal record while the number of American citizens with a record is much higher. Those who are undocumented don’t have criminal records for the most part and are hard workers who pay taxes and give back to society. We should be a humane and compassionate country and help those who come here for a better life and are not harming us rather than throw them away. The day without immigrants that we had recently showed us that we need them to keep our industries like our fields, factories, and restaurants going and in business. We have enough jobs for them and for our own people and if we would stop with the hate of those who are undocumented and have some compassion like that inscription on the Statue of Liberty instructs us to do then we would be that beacon of hope again and actually be a great country.

The facts are clear, undocumented immigrants are by in large peaceful and not criminals, they are not the monsters that Trump and his fans make them out to be and they do not want to hurt us. The threats are those who have guns, those who use racism and hate to hurt others, and those who wave hateful flags and vilify those different than them. Those people are the ones we need to look at when we are trying to make America a better place. The fact is that the people who come here for a better life do not want to rape or murder us, they do not want to hurt anyone, they are not the problem and are not criminals. Some do commit these crimes but the facts show that American citizens are the ones who are killing and raping and many times getting away with it. To keep us safe how about we give white rapists from prestigious colleges the sentences for those crimes that they deserve, strengthen our gun laws and stop things like “Stand Your Ground” law, and hold the criminals on Wall Street accountable for their white collar crimes. Let it be known and let me say it again that undocumented immigrants are not the threat and the profiling and hate that is thrown their way needs to stop, that is not who we are and NO human being is illegal!


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