Make America Sick Again

As you’ve heard by now, Donald Trump and his following promise to “Make America Great Again” or #MAGA but much of what he has done and wants to do will do the exact opposite. His plan to make our country safe again does the opposite as his Muslim ban likely will radicalize more people to turn against us, his gun policies will put us in danger by allowing felons and the mentally ill to have guns, and many other backwards security policies will make America dangerous again. His plan to make us “work again” will actually cost us jobs as he wants to do away with our free trade partnerships and push away our allies who we have job agreements with, not to mention his own products being made overseas giving the whole thing a hypocritical feel. Then we have the heart of the matter here, he claims to want to make America healthy again yet in fact will make us SICK again.

So, how is his Trumpcare or as they call it “Obamacare replacement” going to make us sick again? I am glad you asked, the simple answer is that it will throw millions off of their health insurance plans leaving them with no way to see a doctor or get the medicines that they rely on to be well. The estimate is that between 24 and 26 million Americans will lose their coverage under Trump’s plan and that means a lot of sick people as well as a lot of chaos. The GOP claim that their plan is better than the Affordable Care Act (ACA) but in reality it is much worse and will be a disaster when it is put into action, hopefully it doesn’t get enough votes. I assure you that if this passes and becomes law many will suffer and the results will in fact be deadly for a large number of our citizens.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) came out with these estimates and then the Harvard School of Public Health estimated that in 2026 alone more than 23,000 people would die because of these cuts and the numbers will increase year by year. They also estimated that of those 24-26 million that will lose their care a mind boggling 14 million will lose their care by 2018. These are amazing and scary numbers as these are our fellow Americans and their lives matter and they deserve to be treated. Kicking people off their health insurance plans is not something a compassionate nation does but under this new administration it is how it is working, not only with healthcare but with food stamps and so many other programs. The CBO report opened a lot of eyes as to what a disaster Trump’s healthcare plan is and how we must oppose it and fight to save the ACA.

So many who didn’t have insurance gained it under Obama and our nation did become more healthy, more were able to get treatment for their pre-existing conditions, mental health conditions, and addictions that needed treatment yet because of selfish Republicans who didn’t want to help poor people and pay for them to be well they attacked the ACA for years and years. Now, the plan the Republicans are pushing will indeed make our country sick again and those twenty plus million who gained insurance will lose it and likely die from not being able to get care. The thinking of Republicans is that Trump’s plan will be cheaper and better but that isn’t true, they have these new propaganda commercials building it up but nobody is buying their lies, at least those of us who know the truth aren’t buying the lying agenda behind Trumpcare or whatever they are calling it.

I wrote about the issue of issue of healthcare last week in a post that talked about how healthcare should be a right and be free for those who cannot afford it but felt with the vote to repeal Obamacare tomorrow we needed to revisit the issue and tell how dangerous repealing it will be for the most vulnerable of this nation. There is word that the Republicans do not have enough votes to get rid of Obamacare and I hope this is true because I know so many who have been helped by the ACA and they would be devastated if it were to be gutted as would millions of others. To make matters worse, Trump and his GOP cronies want to cut programs like Medicaid and eventually get rid of Medicare by privatizing it but the more immediate damage is that part of Trumpcare will be to cut Medicaid by $880 billion nationwide and 70% of that will be to seniors and the disabled of this country. Private health insurance premiums will also go up by 750% and the truth is that poor and older Americans cannot afford to pay their rent let alone pay these outrageous rates for health coverage.

This is a disaster for everyone, this is worse than many of us thought it would be and trust me, we resisters knew it would be bad with him as president but this is even worse than we thought possible. Healthcare should definitely not be a privilege for anyone, you can live without guns but you can’t live without medical treatment and yet one is a right and one isn’t. This is not right but that is another movement that we need to work on which will take some time, but for now we must focus on the dire need of the movement and that is to oppose the mess that Trumpcare will be and save the life saving success that Obamacare has been. Years ago Michael Moore did the documentary “Sicko” and even back then which was pre-Obamacare things were bad with our healthcare system but now they will be the worst we have ever seen, they will be destructive beyond nothing we have ever seen.

We cannot afford to throw people off health insurance not only for them but for our country. It is proven that countries where everyone has the coverage they need that those countries are economically better as well as happier places to live. Just look at the healthiest and happiest countries in the world, they are happy because they are healthy, the two go together but with us losing healthcare for millions of people we will continue to be a less happy and less healthy country. America did better under Obama, we were happier and were healthier and that was because many more acquired health coverage and in some cities this started before Obamacare as San Francisco put in their own version of universal healthcare with Healthy San Francisco and the city became healthier and more well adjusted and that is what happened with Obamacare too, lives were saved and our country just ran better. That is what happens when people aren’t sick and they get the care that they need, everything runs better and everyone feels better.

The opposite will happen with Trumpcare, many will die and many will be sick and thus unhappy from the results of that disastrous healthcare plan and with the nation already miserable from all the horrible things he is doing and the mess he has created it will not be good for anyone, except the very rich perhaps. I hope that people vote against this plan tomorrow because the results of Obamacare being repealed and Trumpcare being implemented will be tragic for millions all across this nation and that is something that we cannot afford and something that is pure evil make no mistake about it!


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