The Puppet in the White House

Don’t get me wrong, Donald Trump stands against everything our nation was built on like equality, acceptance, and decency and is scary how he has pushed hard against those ideals in just a short period of time, but there is a bigger picture and more at play here. He is without a doubt a fascist, a hatemonger, and a bad president but at the same time he is a puppet and it is the people pulling those strings that are the bigger problem. Those people are his group of less than qualified advisors and of course, the Russian government who were directly responsible for this election result.

Trump is a deplorable man who is destroying this nation in short order with his hateful and unconstitutional policies but what is worse are those advising him to make these decisions. His team is unfit and borderline psychotic, I know that this may not be the most professional thing to say but these people are for sure a disgrace to this country and dangerous to our democracy. One of them that comes to mind is Stephen Miller, this guy is not working with a full deck and that was never more obvious than his Fox News interview defending Trump’s Muslim ban.

He defended the travel ban with a level of anger and defiance that I have never seen in a political figure. He has in the past significant ties to white supremacists and neo-Nazis. He is also part of the anti Muslim movement that is the core of this administration, should be known that he also is good friends with Richard Spencer, a known white nationalist. Miller, tried to shut down questions by saying that this is the way it is and the president has the ultimate authority and won’t be questioned about his policies, I guess he has not read the constitution lately.

As scary as this guy is, there are worse advisors on his team and they are the following, one who is no longer with the administration. Kellyanne Conway, she is not dangerous as much as she is uneducated and absurd. After all, she is the one who created the alternative facts thing and was first to mention the fake terrorist attack of Bowling Green. She says the most ridiculous things and is quite out there but she isn’t running the show and neither is Miller or ousted Foreign Policy Advisor Michael Flynn, the one running things and who is the mastermind behind the Muslim ban, deportations, and the anti-LGBT policies is none other than Breitbart founding member Steve Bannon. This is by far the most dangerous man in America who is pulling the strings of our puppet president and is running the show. He was named the Chief Strategist of the Trump White House and is really the president, that is why #StopPresidentBannon was trending as a hashtag on Twitter, he is in charge, at least of some of the key policies that is defining this White House.

Now, Flynn was bad, he was in bed with the Russians and was in direct contact with Russian officials during the campaign but he was really thrown under the bus by the Trump people. Of course Miller, Conway, and the others are a problem and should be removed but the real problem is Bannon. Steve Bannon has been a problem since his days at Breitbart which spreads fake pro right wing news and has an agenda of hate even to this day. However, now he is in the White House and is pulling the strings, make no mistake about it.

Breitbart is the worst of the worst when it comes to right wing media sources, they lied about Obama for years and spread their racism, Islamophobia, and homophobia everyday in this country. Now, Bannon is bringing that same alt-right hate to the nation’s most prestigious office and playing the president like a fiddle. He along with the other advisors to the president are running the show, that isn’t to say that Trump is innocent because he is far from it but they are the bigger issue here and mist be stopped along with Donald.

The Muslim ban had Bannon’s fingerprints all over it, everyone knows that is what he supports and has advocated for since any of us can remember. Years ago he wrote about Islam in a very hateful way and even had a film script that was clear Islamophobia and hate. At Breitbart he helped create the hateful anti Muslim movement that is at the core of Trump’s agenda that we are seeing today and continues to hate them and spread lies about the religion. He also has a history of racism, sexism, and homophobia among other prejudices so it is no wonder Trump picked him as the leader of his advising team. This man is in charge and is pulling the strings but he is not at the top, someone is pulling his strings and also pulling Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s strings and that is Trump’s pal Putin, the leader of Russia and the most dangerous man in the world.

Trump is bad, he is bad for America and bad for humanity but he isn’t the only one and is not even the one running things. His team of advisors lead by Steve Bannon are the main culprits and bigger than them is Russia who wanted Trump to become president so they could complete their takeover of Europe and rebuilding the Soviet Union. That is the global issue and why Trump won, he lost by almost three million votes yet became president, that is because of a flawed Electoral College system and uneducated voters in red states who bought his scam but also because of Russia’s involvement. Trump fans deny this but it is the truth and will be proven soon enough and when it is he needs to be impeached and his team of corrupt advisors need to be removed as well. This is a disaster and it goes deeper than what Trump is about, it is the Bannon effect and the much deeper Russian interference. I know, many or all Trump supporters will call this “fake news” or blame it on Dems but the fact is that the investigation has begun and will show what we all suspect, a cover up and crimes by the Trump team.

Domestically the agenda of Steve Bannon and others is also dangerous, they are trying to Breitbart America and make us the alt-right country they have always sought. They want to make America white again and get rid of everyone who isn’t white, straight, “Christian”, and rich. Do not deny this, this is the truth as everything Bannon (who also has significant ties to white supremacists and neo-Nazis.) has ever been about is creating this type of country and these people have molded the one-time liberal Trump into an alt-right fascist. Now, Trump has never been decent or a perfect person as he has always been a sexist and a racist but as a NYC liberal he has turned his back on many of his values that he held for years and has become a true fascist dictator who is hell-bent on destroying this country and it is all because his advisors are pulling the strings behind the scenes and getting him to create the America that they seek and the mastermind of it all is Steve Bannon and Vladimir Putin.

The entire administration from Trump to Pence to Tillerson on down to Sessions and yes Bannon too is corrupt and vile and stand for the very worst of this country and want to make us into Russia, this is very bad. Trump is the puppet and the string pullers are his advising team but he himself also has become a corrupt and dangerous man. He is a man who is willing to do anything he can to rid America of the vulnerable and less fortunate as well as every minority group there is. None of these people can be trusted and each one of them has an agenda and that agenda is not to serve the American people or help our citizens in any way at all.

The leaders are the advisors and the one signing these very hateful and anti-American executive orders is the puppet Donald and the results prove everyday to e destructive and damaging to our democracy and that is why the resistance must step up and do something, because if we don’t then the United States of America as we know it will be no more. If the Puppet in Chief and those controlling his actions get their way then everything we have worked for over the years will be ruined and dark times will be in our future for years to come!


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