The World of Alternative Facts in the Trump Era

Trump loves to lie, he has done it for a very long time and continues to twist the truth as president. He has created a team of people who defend these lies and also twist the truth to defend him and his fans buy these lies and repeat the falsehoods that he tweets and puts out there. His advisor Kellyanne Conway came up with the trending term “alternative facts” when she tried to defend one of these lies that the Press Sec Sean Spicer repeated and that is what we have now in this country, a daily barrage of alternative facts spewed by our very alternative president.

Every single day Donald Trump and his administration use these alternative facts to further their agenda and we the sane portion of the American people are not buying it. They created fake terrorist attacks like the “Bowling Green Massacre” and “Sweden Carnage” and Trump supporters ate it up like a yummy dessert. They are able to use these lies to pass their hateful and clearly unconstitutional polices because they have a group of fake news and lying propaganda “news” sources like Breitbart, Fox News, and The Blaze that repeat the lie and give it a voice for the audience to see. The sad part is that the base of Trump buy these falsehoods and defend them with more lies and these alternative facts, they do not see the truth of what is happening.

The fake attacks and the fake news that Trump ran with of “Pizzagate” of a fake pedophile ring at a Pizza parlor are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many false things spread by Trump and his team, it goes much further and continues to get worse by the day. The new lie of Barack Obama wiretapping and spying on Trump in Trump Tower with no evidence to back it up is further proof of the alternative facts of this man and those around him. He tweets out these lies like this one and his fans buy those lies, they do not care about evidence or facts and its obvious by their posts on social media. It seems that everyday he comes up with a new lie and then will tell further lies to back it up and this started years ago when he would lie about his bankruptcies and many other things that he said and did. He even lied about his relationship to Putin and his ties to Russia back in the campaign by saying at one time that he has a great relationship with the Russian president and then later backtracking and saying he doesn’t have a relationship with him.

His team repeats these lies and defend the lies he tells with more lies, even calling them a cute name like alternative facts to try and deflect from the fact that they were called out for the lie. Changing the name of a lie does not change the fact that it was a lie, we all know that these alternative facts are LIES, they are not fooling anyone. The truth is that Trump has lied more than any president since Richard Nixon and even is lying more than he did, he has committed so many crimes by telling these falsehoods that if they are in fact investigated then he’s looking at some serious prison time.

I pointed out some of the biggest lies but there are many others like his many racist and sexist comments that he claims he didn’t say but video evidence shows that he did and continues to as president. There are other lies like his false claim that our last president was born outside of the United States, that was also proven false yet his supporters still believe this lie. There are so many lies or as he calls them “alternative facts” that he has said and continues to say and yet the majority of his supporters ignore them and claim he is telling the truth and blame the media instead. The other lies that he has told may not be as big but are just as dangerous and should not be simply “let go” without making him answer for them. There was a study that came out that found that Trump lies around 91% of the time yet most of his falsehoods are ignored by the mainstream media, they say he is treated unfairly by the media but if you ask me not unfairly enough. It is time that he is called out for these falsehoods and I will list the other lies he has told the American people .

He lied about never declaring bankruptcy as mentioned, he also lied to students at his fraudulent university and to contractors when he said he would pay them, he lied about his net worth as he isn’t worth what he says he is, he lied about paying federal taxes, he lied when he said he didn’t support the Iraq war, he has lied about so many things that it is difficult to keep track of them all or even half of them. This was just a small sample of the liar that Donald Trump is but there are so many more that I didn’t list as doing so would take hours and hours and I have other work to get to. The point is that Trump has told lies and when you are president you cannot do that, everyone lies but this man takes it to an entirely new level and these lies are dangerous and damaging to this country, I only wish that his supporters could see the truth of how much a fraud this man is.

The fact is that a president should not lie to the citizens of the country that they are leading and when they do lie they should be held accountable as they falsehoods have consequences that are dire and can damage the image of the nation as well as the integrity of the office he holds not only now but for years to come. We as citizens must always call out the lies of a president and make sure he is held accountable, nobody is above the law and everyone must be held to the same standard, especially the President of the United States of America. I am here to tell you without a doubt that President Trump has told many lies and I am sure will not stop until he is held responsible for those falsehoods. It does not matter what we call a lie, it is still the opposite of the truth and as they say, if you are not telling the truth then you are for sure lying and trying to mislead the public who you are supposed to serve and speak for. It is beyond time that we as a country hold Donald Trump to the same standard that everyone else is held to and make him answer for the multiple lies he has told as president!


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