Terrorism is Terrorism

Earlier today I was debating the Muslim travel ban that Trump keeps trying to implement and one of his followers accused me of being a supporter of “Jihad” and defending terrorism, this is the most ridiculous accusation that I have ever heard. They assume because I point out that most Muslims are not violent and are good people that I defend Islamic terrorists, I do not defend any type of terrorism and never would. That brings me to the main point, terrorism is terrorism no matter who commits it. I find violence against anyone disgusting and pathetic and always oppose hurting innocent people or hurting anyone at all and always will stand up against it.

There are some basic facts about this issue that those on the right fail to recognize, the first and most important is that violence is committed by every race, religion, nationality, and so on. Muslims don’t own terrorism and by looking at the data we see that over 90% of terrorist attacks are carried out by non Muslims. This is a fact yet those in right wing circles like to repeat the lie that all Muslims and the religion of Islam is inherently evil and violent and this simply is not true. Of the 2.18 billion Muslims on the planet less than 10% commit terrorism, most are decent people who abide by the law and treat people with respect.

I deplore terrorism, I do not attach a religion, race, or any other demographic to the act and will not allow misinformation to be spread about our Muslim friends across the world. ISIS or any other terrorist organization does not represent the religion and do not kill people because their religion tells them to. They are anti humanity and evil people and even murder Muslims, when they carry out these attacks they kill many Muslims, innocent people. ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and the various other terrorists organizations who hijack the religion of Islam do not represent that religion, they are evil and do not believe in any God. I said it once and will say it again, terrorism is terrorism and is not who we are as humans and should always be called out and opposed no matter who does it.

In this country those on the right say that Islam is evil while ignoring the terrorist attacks committed by extreme right wing groups and others. 94% of terror attacks on American soil have been done by non Muslims, right wing extremists commit a lot of these attacks. Trump won’t even acknowledge the phenomenon of white terrorism, the act done by white right wing extremists in hate crimes against minorities and protected classes. This happens so much in the United States yet is rarely called terrorism. They think that if someone who isn’t Muslim commits violence then it is random and not terrorism but the fact is that all mass shootings are terrorist attacks and white gun owners commit most of them, mostly legal white gun owners. In my opinion they are the real threat, not Muslims or undocumented immigrants.

Terrorism is terrorism, it does not matter who does it and in our popular media like TV shows like 24 Muslims are portrayed as the terrorist always when most Muslims hate terrorism and want to stop it as much as you or I do. I love 24 the show but they need to show terrorism done by extreme right wing white guys as those attacks happen so often. The mass shooting in Charleston by Dylan Roof was terrorism as was the attempted assassination of Gabby Giffords in Arizona and so many other mass murder events yet the right only focuses on the mass shootings done by Muslims as terror attacks, that is not right. Terrorism comes in all shapes and forms and let’s not forget that one of the worst terror attacks in our history was committed by a white guy, the Oklahoma City Bombing.

If we are to call out terrorism then we must call it out by everyone that does it and not ban people from Muslim majority countries thinking that will keep us safe, to keep us safe we should ban guns as 100,000 shot by our own people every year shows us that terrorism and violence exists right here at home and banning Muslims wont stop that violence. The acts committed by ISIS and others are horrible and we should be diligent and keep our people safe but that won’t happen by denying entry and human rights to groups of people different than us as they are victims of ISIS too. Donald Trump calls them “Islamic terrorists” but I call them TERRORISTS, religion or region do not matter, their hate and violence is what we should focus on and realize that hate comes in all forms and should not be labeled by someone’s country, color, or religion. That is discrimination and not who we are, who we are is to accept all people and be a welcoming place.

We can stop terrorism without hating groups of people, that makes us less safe and gives the terrorists ammunition against us. Until we stop demonizing the Muslim population then we will continue to be less safe and suffer as a people, not just as Americans but as human beings. Even Bush said that we are not at war with Islam and Muslims are peaceful and good people, we are at war with hate and that happens with American gun owners who commit violence and every other group of people worldwide who commit violence and terrorism. The banned countries on Trump’s list never attacked us but will if his hate continues to divide people and show them that our country is hateful, this is what we have become but some of us are not like this and know the truth about the issue of terrorism, not the Fox agenda of hating Muslims.

My ex-gf is Muslim and the clinic that I attend is the Muslim Community Health Center and they are not terrorists. They are good people and they are Americans who just want to be left in peace and not profiled. I will stand with the many good Muslims and defend them against the hate from Trump and his following, I will expose the division and hate of the right and will always protect the vulnerable from this hate speech. I know that terrorism is done by hateful people and isn’t tied to any one group of people, that means that some white Christians are terrorists, some Muslims are, some atheists are, and on down the line. We need to focus on behavior not someone’s skin color, religion, or anything else, we need to focus on the hate and violence and not where someone comes from or looks like. When we do this then we will stop radicalizing these people and when our government stops bullying Muslim countries by bombing them and killing their women and children and rejecting them from entry into our country then we will begin to fix this problem!


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