No, the Military doesn’t fight for “Freedom”

Let me start out by saying that this will not be a popular post and may get me some hate mail. I know that America and the people who live here are by in large pro-military but I am not. I preface that by saying that I do not wish harm on the military but I also do not support what they do. There are so many that say that the military fights for “freedom” yet they haven’t in nearly seven decades and do not now. They occupy countries and fight for oil, profit, and occupation. Those who say that they fight for our rights, allow us to be “free”, or protect us are repeating the usual talking points of the right as they have not done those things in many years.

The wars that happened after WW2 were not about our rights, they were about a growing anti-Muslim agenda that has become part of the American conversation about terrorism and seek to demonize those that live in the Middle East and other persecuted regions. The right loves the military when they are fighting their unjust wars but when they come home they ignore them and throw them under the bus, they do not fight for their healthcare or help them when they become homeless yet want us to believe that they are pro-military, they for sure are not that.

Our military does not fight for freedom, they may intend to be when they join but they are manipulated into joining for the wrong reasons. They think they are fighting for America when they really are fighting for the corporations and defense contractors, not the American people. The sad part is that they have killed millions of innocent women and children over the years yet people think they are freedom fighters. The worship of the military no matter what they do is central to American culture but not all of us buy into this and we don’t support the agenda of this organization, we know what the military does in these countries and don’t buy the “freedom” nonsense.

The fact is, many members of the military claim to be prideful about their service but are ashamed of the things they did over there, they tell us that they fought for us but in fact they fought for the government and the agenda of the powers that be, not us Americans. They have killed millions of innocent civilians over the years and call it “collateral damage”, that is just an excuse and a way to get out of the fact that our military murders innocent women and children in these unjust wars. they can spin it anyway that they want to but it is murder, when you invade someone else’s country and kill them (intentional or not) then it is murder and should be charged as such.

I could go on for hours posting links showing the bombings of schools, hospitals, and residential areas that our military do and have done over the years but I will just tell you that it does happen and it happens all of the time. The pro-military crowd does not like my views on this but as they always say, the truth hurts. I do not say this to demean of bash the military and I do not hate them, I simply want to expose them for what they do, I want people to know about what we do in these foreign lands. Transparency and honesty must exist and secrets cannot be kept from the American people. We have a right to know what our military does, our tax dollars go to fund these wars and when we do not agree with the wars for oil and profit we should be able to withhold those tax dollars.

The military does not fight for this so-called freedom or protect us, to protect us would be to keep the troops at home to defend, not to invade other nations and assault their people. I agree, there are many dangerous people in the world that want to do s harm but we caused us in some ways by our bullying of the world over the years, especially the Middle East. Diplomatic action is what is needed, not to bomb countries indiscriminately. The dangerous Trump administration makes this all worse, Obama tried to end the wars and ended the two wars Bush started but with our current president it seems like we will go to war once again. I am sorry but I cannot support a military that in the past used cluster bombs to rip children apart, these are weapons that resemble toys or food rations. I wrote an essay back in college when the Iraq war just began about the innocent people we killed and specifically focused on those cluster bombs.

The point is that these wars are about oil, profit, and occupation and not about freedom. The military TODAY does not protect our freedoms, they were secured decades ago and today the wars are about government interests not about protecting the American people or fighting for our rights. I do not support the military, do not wish harm on them but do not support what they do. I cannot support killing innocent people even if by mistake, I cannot stand by a United States military that commits these atrocious acts, they do the some good but I don’t support combat troops. Those on the right call me a traitor and tell me to move but if they fought for freedom then I have the freedom to oppose what they do and still stay in this country, that is my right and I will always stand against the bullying and war crimes we commit against the world!

The United States isn’t even the most free country, I have been to many nations more free and they don’t have to invade our countries to get that freedom, we think that we are the only free country but we aren’t and the military does not fight for our rights. People get so offended when you don’t support the troops or salute the flag but we don’t have to, we can have our own views as that is what freedom is. This is the truth and may of course make those “patriots” angry at me but I cannot be silent, so often the military is treated better than the rest of us because of their “service” but they are no different than you or me, serving does not make you a hero, we are all the same and we are all heroes in our own right. I am sorry but killing innocent people because your government tells you to isn’t heroic, it isn’t freedom, and it isn’t something that I support!


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