Hope and Change becomes Hate and Destruction

America has a long history of good and not so good presidents but never before have we seen a leader who has accomplished what Barack Obama has done for this country. He did so much for us and yet got so much hate and disrespect thrown in his direction and it is sickening. This man made America a more hopeful place that we can begin to be proud of the country we call home again. It is the
Republicans who claimed that did nothing good but when you look at the facts he accomplished so much and continued to do so day by day throughout his very amazing eight year presidency. Our last president was the greatest ever but being that he was a true progressive that makes sense, liberals are great leaders and Barack Obama is a clear example of that!

They say that he did not do anything that even resembles successful but we all know that is the furthest thing from the truth. Barack Obama brought us back from an awful recession, two brutal wars, a tarnished image globally, and so many more things that were not good for us. In essence, Obama saved this nation from ruin and destruction and made the United States great again or as great as we can be, we never have been great as I have mentioned but we were the best that we possibly can be under #44! Obama was a great example of the great that liberals do for us, his presidency saved our economy, gave LGBT civil rights fully, repaired relationships with the world, and did so many great things for this country.

After all it was the left who gave us great things like national parks and forests, labor laws, unions, as well as the Clean Air and Clean Water Act, the FDA, Social Security, safety nets for the poor, gun control laws that save lives, civil rights, and much, much more. It was the Democrats who fight for the various issues I write about in the previous blog posts as well as in my books and continue to fight even as I write on this very day. They believe in standing up for the voiceless, fighting for victims, and defending the defenseless. They are the ones who created the concept of hope and change and put it into action. Obama, Bill Clinton, JFK and others are the change makers and unifiers while the other side is the party of obstruction and fear. There is so much good that liberals have done for this nation, so if you really are patriotic then thank a liberal as they are the ones who fight for what is right and make America what it is.

it is sad that all the progress we made under Barack may be lost by the destruction that is being caused by our current president, #45, or as he is known by many, “The Donald”. We came so far under Obama and we truly were a nation full of hope and change but now things are not great like they were when our last president was in office, things have become very bad very quickly and our country is almost unrecognizable. We went from having a president who had respect for every religion, race, sexual identity, and class of people to one who only values rich, white, so-called Christian, straight people not everyone who lives here. Obama was the president of ALL Americans while Trump just wants to be the president of his base, not every citizen who lives here. I don’t think people realize just how great we had it under our last president, he was a dignified, honorable, and competent man who lead us with grace and a clear sense of professionalism.

The president we now have is a child, a man who rather whine about things on Twitter and attack groups of people than lead with a professional attitude that puts us all first. Trump is unfit and unhinged and is dangerously leading us into a very dark place, the scary part is that his base cannot see how much of a disaster he has created and doubt that they ever will. We had it so good with Barack Obama as our president but that is what it is with liberals, when those on the left lead us we ARE a great country, as I briefly stated above, liberals made this country great as everything good about this country came from the left and everything wrong and evil came from the right. Republicans have never done anything good for this country, the Dixiecrats were what the Republicans are now, so when the right says that we created the KKK don’t believe them, it was the right that did, the two parties switched. Now, we have Trump and his fans and it is an entirely different animal, a racist and hateful movement that wants to destroy the great legacy of Obama and what we as progressives have fought for but the resistance cannot allow that to happen.

We are in scary times, the left has the best interest of humanity in mind and will do what is right for this country but Trump and those who support his agenda do not care about minorities, the less fortunate, or anyone but the rich and white Christian populations. We are seeing a reality show in front of our very eyes, we are seeing treason committed on a daily basis, and we are seeing disrespect of our former president with the false wiretap allegations and the mistreatment of groups of vulnerable people by Trump and his base. We cannot allow this to go on any longer, we must protect those groups of people like our undocumented immigrant friends, Muslims, LGBT people, the poor, and so many more that are attacked and picked on by this new administration and his many deplorable supporters. We are seeing an absolute disaster, we are seeing a mess that this man has created and continues to create by the day! in response, we must fight to preserve the great years and great policies of Barack Obama and fight for our democracy and all that is good about America that liberals gave us!


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