“Snowflakes” and “Libtards”

Last night on the Sean Hannity show he called us the “Snowflake Left”, this was funny because the new term by Trump fans about those of us on the left is in fact snowflake but was funny to see Hannity using this so-called insult. We know that Fox News isn’t really news, they never have been, but one would think that someone like this man would have enough professionalism to not resort to this type of name calling but just look at the insults thrown out by our so-called president himself. The snowflake thing really is ridiculous but so was there last insult, libtards.

Both of these right wing manufactured insults have been thrown around like beads at a Mardi Gras parade but when the media starts using these insults then you know we are in Trump’s America. I guess when the president can insult the disabled, women, and other groups then everyone thinks that they can get away with it and that includes supposed journalists.

When Hannity used this line it made me laugh because I debate with Trump supporters daily on the various social media platforms and they all call me these two names, they think it hurts my feelings but it actually is quite comical. Seeing a media person use the snowflake insult towards those of us on the left proves the point that I have been trying to tell people for years and that is that Fox isn’t a legit news source, they are nothing more than a propaganda channel spreading the hateful right wing agenda and this proves it.

They lied on Fox about Obama and Hillary for years and now they are calling we liberals cute names that Trump’s supporters call us because we are resisting and calling him out for his cheating and ties to Russia. Fox stooped to a new low by using this insult and now are no better than the hateful supporters of Donald Trump, but we knew by the way they treated Barack Obama that they did not respect anyone but their own party.

Fox is state run TV now, for years they were a source of propaganda and lies but now they are a place that gives the president airtime to spread his lies about Obama while they defend his ties to Russia and other criminal acts he commits. The media supposed to be a system of checks and balances that hold the president accountable but not with Fox and fake news like Breitbart News, they defend his unconstitutional agenda and don’t call him out on anything and now they are calling Americans who do not follow their agenda names.

For years the “libtard” insult has been used by the right and now they come up with “snowflake”, they use these words constantly in debates and one is not even a word while the other makes no sense. The “libtard” one while not a word is drawn from another name people have used to make fun of the disabled for years and that is retard. This is disrespectful to the developmentally disabled but it is no wonder that it has gained popularity again, Trump himself makes fun of disabled people and made fun of a disabled reporter so his fans think that they can get away with it too. They repeat these insults like they repeat everything, they cannot think for themselves and use the same insults that others use and then the trend gets started. The snowflake line is a new one and honestly doesn’t bother me, it is quite comical actually but then again, the right is full of comedy which is why shows like The Daily Show and Full Frontal are so popular.

They use snowflakes as an insult just like they use the “safe space” insult assuming that liberals are sensitive and easily offended but the truth of the matter is that we are not overly sensitive and many liberals are strong in both character and physically strong. What we are bothered by are the policies of the president that take rights away from minorities including Muslims, LGBT people, women, and so many others. That does offend us as does the hateful rhetoric of his fans and those on the right as a whole but trust me, we do not need a safe space, we fight for what we believe in and will always stand up and rise to defend our democracy.

When Hannity called those of us on the left the cute but absurd insult of snowflakes last night it made it clear that Fox is in the tank for Trump and we are now two Americas rather than one united nation like we should be. The media supposed to be unbiased yet Fox shows everyday that they are the “news” station for Trump and his base and do not care about reporting the facts or holding him accountable.

You people can call us snowflakes or any other cute name that you have but the fact is that we are the resistance fighting against Trump’s fascist and hateful agenda and will continue to stand up for what is right, we will not back down today or ever and we will protect the vulnerable and those who don’t have a voice. Go ahead and say that we need our “safe spaces” but we will do our part to expose what we have become as a nation and expose what Donald Trump and his supporters stand for and are trying to do to this country. So, go ahead and call us snowflakes, libtards, or say falsely that “liberalism is a disease” but the fact is that liberalism is humanity and snowflake or not we are standing up for what is right and for the good in this country.

In the end, my message to Hannity and all those on the right is this, we don’t need safe spaces but those who are attacked and bullied by Trump and his fans do and we will fight for them, we aren’t sensitive snowflakes but Republicans who whined about Obama for nearly a decade just may be, and we aren’t libtards or any other cute name you come up and we will always resist and always fight against what you people represent!


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  1. Russell Bishop says:

    Awfully snowy read…


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