Hypocrisy of “Pro-Life” Movement

Republicans call themselves “pro-life” because they are against abortion yet in other areas they never act like it and do not support other lives, they only care about fetuses, not the lives of so many other groups of living people and this shows by their agenda. Now, when I say Republicans I do mean the GOP as a whole but this issue has taken on a new life with the rise of Alt-Right Trump supporters, these people give new meaning to the word hypocrisy and give the anti-life movement new meaning as well. Trust me, these people are not the least bit pro-life, what they are is pro-birth and this shows in their views on various issues as well as abortion.

They want people to believe that they care about the unborn yet when these kids are born they throw them under the bus and ignore them and their needs. We see this with homeless and poor children where those on the right call their moms and dads “lazy” and “freeloaders” and don’t care if they starve, go without a place to live, or healthcare. This is not pro-life, not even close. If they really cared about children then they would care about all children not just the ones in the womb like they do now. They would fight for every child in this country not try to restrict a woman’s right to choose or fight for the rich and elite.

Being pro-life means to value all lives not just select lives and the fans of Donald Trump, Republican lawmakers, and Republicans as a whole try to take away food stamps, health insurance, and other benefits from the poor and they are pro death penalty, pro war, pro gun, and anti LGBT equality yet try to tell us that a woman cannot have an abortion because they are trying to save babies. I will tell you that they are not fooling me or anyone else for that matter as this is not about saving babies, this is about restricting women’s rights and controlling their bodies. Like I said, if they cared about children then they would not let ONE child sleep on the streets, die from no money for medical treatments, or go without food or clothing. If you care about children you do not let them suffer, you don’t let them be homeless, you don’t let them starve, or die.

They cannot claim to be pro life or care about children after the Republicans in D.C. flat out ignored what happened in Newtown where twenty school kids were gunned down, they could have taken action to prevent it from happening again yet they continue to ignore the countless kids killed by guns via murders and accidents on a daily basis and choose to defend the firearm industry over the lives they take. It isn’t only children either, countless Americans die from gun violence and those on the right who claim to be pro-life protect guns over the lives of the innocent. You cannot call yourself a pro-life person if you own a gun as guns take lives and do not save them. You cannot call yourself pro-life is you want to save the unborn yet are perfectly okay with executing your fellow citizens. This is another issue, the death penalty is not being pro-life, you cant value some lives while discarding others. Capital punishment is inhumane and wrong and those who value life do not support killing anyone including criminals.

They also call young black people shot and killed by the police “thugs” and do not value their lives either. They are okay with them dying, they are okay with people being put to death, with women and children killed by our military in these unjust wars, people killed by guns as long as they can keep their toys, and so on yet want us to believe they are “pro-life”. I have news for these people, being against abortion isn’t pro-life if you don’t value the lives taken by other means. It is being pro birth and having an anti-women agenda, it is being against women’s rights and wanting to control their healthcare choices and has nothing to do with “saving children”. Like I said, if they were really advocated for children then they would accept refugees, not deport undocumented children or their parents, advocate for food, medical care, and housing for low income families, and want stricter gun laws to keep kids safe. They would also not approve of the bombings of schools and hospitals that the U.S. and Israeli
militaries do that kill children. Being pro-children and being pro-life means that you value ALL children and ALL lives.

As you can see, Republicans and Trump and his fans are not pro-life, they never have been and never will be. They do not value lives and this is evident by their views and values as well as their actions. However, we on the left are pro-life and do value every single life that their is. We are against violence and war, we want strict gun laws and to keep guns away from kids, we want every single person to have healthcare, food, housing, and other services. We stand for the homeless, disabled, refugees, the undocumented, and so many more. We have compassion and love for our fellow human being and want them to be treated fairly and equally.

The right thinks that we are “pro-abortion” but in fact we are not and think that adoption is the way to go but also realize that it is a woman’s RIGHT to have an abortion and she should make that choice, not anybody else. We want children to have loving homes and have their needs met and would never let a child be homeless, hungry, or sick. We are against the barbaric death penalty and no, we don’t coddle criminals and do believe they should be in prison for their crimes but death is always wrong. We are against war, we are against gun violence, greed, and people going without. We value all lives and are the true pro-life party and it is evident by our values and our decades of fighting for the vulnerable! Liberals are pro-life, the right is NOT!


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