America isn’t Exceptional

There are many who claim that the United States is the greatest country in the history of the world but apparently they don’t get out much because the states is far from great and does not measure up to the true great democracies of the world. I will say that under Clinton and Obama we became a much better place than we are now or were in the Bush years (both Bushes) but have never achieved complete greatness. I know that there are many who will attack me and thus call me “Un-American” for this view but this is the truth and the truth is not always popular but it must always be spoken.

There is no such thing as being “Un-American” because in this country we all are free to have our views and what is pro America to some may be anti-American to another, it is subjective. They think that I am anti-American because I am anti-gun, anti-war, anti-capitalism, and so on but I think that being in favor of taking people’s food stamps away, being okay with our fellow citizens being homeless, and favoring guns over the lives those guns take is Un-American, it is subjective like I said. The policies of Trump that deny entry to people based on their religion or don’t help immigrants and the less fortunate is very against American values but they disagree with me.

There are two points here, the first is that there is no such thing as being anti-American, we all have our values and we don’t have to think or believe in certain things to live here. I am a liberal and have my values and if people think that those values are anti-American then so be it, I believe that they are pro humanity and will always defend them and fight for my core beliefs no matter what others think. Now, the second point here is that America is not exceptional nor are we the greatest country on earth, we are a good country and have a lot more to offer than a lot of places but at the same time we do not represent everyone like we should and do not have a nation built on equality and fair play. There are some great places out there who are exceptional but they do not believe that they are, instead they know that they are part of the bigger global picture that values humanity over one particular country.

Countries like Denmark and Canada and the Netherlands and so on are places that truly are great which is why they are consistently are listed as the happiest and happiest countries, places that take care of their people and believe in peace and equality. These countries give their citizens healthcare, they give them equal rights regardless of their sexuality or anything else, they provide for the less fortunate, they have great gun laws and very low gun violence, they don’t bully the world and bomb innocent civilians, and they are places that people want to live. The states has many great things and many great places but the injustices that exist here take away from the good that we have and keep us from being the true beacon of hope that we were meant to be.

We were almost great under Obama, I say almost because we overcame a lot of the decades long injustices like the mistreatment of LGBT people and women as well as other minority groups, established good relationships with our allies once again, and began to thrive as an economy and a country but our gun culture and gun violence epidemic as well as homeless problem and mass incarceration issues did not get better. Obama made the United States a hopeful place once again but we still had a long way to go to be exceptional and now that Trump has become our president we have even a longer way to go to be an exceptional and great place. The countries that I mentioned are the example we should follow as they are places that get it right, we could learn from them and the good they do for both their people and for the world. Great countries try to help everyone and have policies that help rather than hurt and we saw that with Obama and what his administration did for the American people, he tried to give more people health insurance, help those with addiction issues, fight for strict gun laws to keep us safe, and stand up for civil rights and equality and that is what these great countries do as well.

For us to be great we must end homelessness and poverty, we must provide free healthcare and education to every single citizen, we must stop allowing our law enforcement officers to profile and kill minorities, we must be welcoming to immigrants and make it easier for them to come and stay, we must stop with the deportations of these people as well as the Islamophobia that this current administration puts out there. There are other things we must do to be great and that is to stop saying we are exceptional and have humility as a country and do things like have full protections in our constitution for the LGBT community, stop demonizing groups of people, and have opportunities for all not just the super rich and well connected. Doing these things are more will make us a great country, we must go back to the inscription on the Statue of Liberty and live by that, to feed the hungry, house the homeless, accept outsiders, and help the broken.

This is what a true Christian nation would do and if we want to be known as that then we must act like it, we must act great to call ourselves great and while yes we became greater under Barack Obama we have regressed and become something that many of us Americans cannot even recognize as the United States of America. We can be like these other great countries that help people and treat their citizens and outsiders with dignity and respect, that try to build people up rather than tear them down. The nation that we have become since the election of Donald Trump doesn’t move us closer to being great, it moves us into near third world status and tarnishes our image as a beacon of hope and a world leader. I don’t think people realize just how good we had it under Obama but soon they will see the damage that the current president has done in just a short period of time. The point here is that we here in America aren’t a great country, we aren’t exceptional and if we do not change things and stand up for the vulnerable then we never will be, we must look at the nations mentioned for guidance as that is what great is, those countries are places that are truly exceptional!


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