The Republican War on the Poor

Republicans (both voters and politicians) have this view of the poor that they are lazy and freeloaders but that is not even close to the truth and these people know this. The GOP politicians do not have talking points demonizing the poor in this country, they simply just refuse to raise wages and are constantly attacking the benefits that help the poor and less fortunate but the Republican voter has many false talking points. I think it is of vital importance to go over these views that they have so that we can see the disrespect as well as the falsehoods that these people spread.

The anti-poor rhetoric that is spread by those on the right is harmful as well as untrue and must always be challenged when it comes up as it is a form of hate and discrimination and that is not who we are in this country. The Republicans in Washington have themselves done a number on things that help the poor like food stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, and other programs but what is concerning are the views of the Republican voter and more specifically Trump fans on these issues, they do not care about the poor and it shows by their following statements.

  • Get a job
  • Liberals are “moochers” and “freeloaders”
  • Sick of my taxes paying for the lazy
  • If you don’t like min wage then get an education
  • Everyone wants something for free
  • I work for a living

These are just some of the disrespectful and rude things that these people say about the poor and less fortunate and none of it is true, these are just the usual talking points and slogans that those on the right say to make excuses for the selfishness of the GOP who do not want to help the poor or provide funding for programs that would ease the burden on those who suffer and starve in this country. These slogans are not only hurtful but they are absolutely inaccurate and have no truth whatsoever to them, they are repeated by those who support the anti-poor right wing agenda but one thing that they lack is facts and one thing they are full of is ignorance and propaganda.

Min wage workers come from every walk of life and many are students who are trying to get an education but need money to survive while they pursue that degree and many others are far from lazy and work long hours to provide for their families. There are roughly 3.3 million min wage workers in this country who pay taxes and work hard and they all deserve a living wage. Maybe if Republicans don’t want to pay higher wages they should lower the cost of rents and food as well as healthcare coverage because wages stay the same and those things go up, every single year.

Also, they say that poor people don’t work and think that liberals especially are lazy and just stay at home but the fact is that liberals do work and over 60% of people on food stamps also work and pay taxes, they simply need extra help because of the low wages and high cost of living. Poor people aren’t “freeloaders” or “moochers”, they simply need help to survive because of the very high cost of living coupled with low wages and they should never be ridiculed for that. Many who get food stamps and public health coverage are also on disability and cannot work, these people are not lazy and many paid into the system to get their disability so no, your taxes do not pay for them.

Those on the right do not mind paying their tax dollars for our unjust wars yet do not want to help their fellow citizens survive and not starve or sleep on the streets. The right calls themselves “pro life” yet they do not care about the millions of American lives who starve or are homeless or go without healthcare, they are pro birth so there are children who grow up to fight their wars. They call poor people all these names because they do not care what happens to them and want to make themselves feel better for the hate that exists in their souls. I believe that we have an obligation as a country to help those less fortunate than we are and our government should provide everyone with food, a home, medical care, and clothing but then again those of us on the left have compassion and care about our fellow man, the right doesn’t and never has or will and that’s the truth.

The conclusion is that the poor isn’t lazy or people who want a “handout’, they are simply human beings who have had their share of difficulties and struggles in life and need some help and if we were a compassionate and Christian nation like we claim then we would provide that help with no questions asked. Those on the right claim to be “Christian” yet they never act Christ like or having any compassion for those less fortunate than them, they step over the poor and show no love for those who are addicted, poor, homeless, or sick.

Jesus healed the sick, fed the hungry, clothed the naked, and helped the broken yet none of his so-called followers on the right do any of those things, they are not as loving and Christian as they claim to be but we liberals who do help and care for the vulnerable are as we care for the broken, poor, and sick and do what we can to make their lives easier, that is what the truth is now and always will be.




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