Welcome to Trump’s America

Donald Trump did something nobody thought was possible and that was to fundamentally change the United States of America, something the fans of this man falsely have said that Barack Obama did. Trust me, it was Trump who did this and it continues to happen as the days pass in his early presidency. This fundamental change has not been a good thing and will go down as one of the worst reversals of democracy this nation has ever seen and he also will go down as the worst president this country has ever had while Obama was clearly the best.

How has Trump changed this country in just two months?

It began long before he took the oath of office on January 20th as it was almost two years in the making, he started to change the way we behave as Americans and what we value during his campaign by his words and actions and the vision he tried to create for this country. The scary part is that his supporters bought his scam and the vision he had/has for America and they have been part of this changing of the United States turning it from a diversified democracy into what we now know as Trump’s America!

What is Trump’s America you may be asking yourself and how is it different from the America we had under Obama?

This is a good question and I will answer it in some very simple terms, in a way that people can understand although his fans will not believe me because these people are blind and have understanding of what is actually happening to our country. Quite simply, the nation we have become under Trump is a less safe place, place where equality is no longer, and a place where the rich and elite are cared for while the rest of us suffer. It also is a nation that cares about straight, white, so-called Christians but not anyone else. This is sadly the nation we now live in and it seems like it will only get worse as the days, weeks, months, and years go on.

Trump says “Make America Great Again” but what he means is make it hate again, make it white again, and make it dangerous again. He wants to arm the mentally ill, he wants to ban Muslims, wants to get rid of climate change, and so on. All of these things make this country less safe, not more. He wants to get rid of the healthcare that Obamacare has provided for millions of people, he wants to change the system where people will lose their doctors and services as well as their Medicare and food stamps. His policies are harmful and will only hurt people, his anti LGBT and anti women policies will ruin the progress we have made in those areas, his pro-gun policies will roll back the helpful and great progress we have made in preventing gun violence, and his ties to Russia raises concerns about our foreign policy and what they will become.

This as well as his anti immigrant stance and views on minorities as a whole, the poor, and so many other issues make Trump’s America a disaster that will send this country into third world status and will make us less safe, less equal, and less America. In this nation we do not ban people from entering nor do we take away healthcare and services from those who desperately need them nor do we do any of the other hateful and un American things that this man does or wants to do. He does not represent the best of this nation and his supporters represent the worst of who we are and we see daily how they are tarnishing our image as a country and making us into the hateful place that they want us to be, not the compassionate and helpful nation that we are known to be.

That brings me to my last point about the America that exists under Trump, under him we have had more hate crimes, more violence, and more division than any time in we have had in recent history. His supporters have attacked a gay man beating him into a coma, attacked Muslims including women, made fun of disabled people like he has, and done so many awful and truly deplorable things and continue to do so. Why? They do these things because that is who they are, they are not the decent Americans that we as liberals are who respect and love our fellow man but they also behave this way because he basically gave them permission to do so by his own words and actions, his own mistreatment of these groups and deplorableness. He does not condemn these attacks, he does not even think that domestic terrorism or hate by white people exists.

Donald J. Trump and his supporters do not represent the best of this country, they are NOT who we are and we must do whatever we can to resist what they are about and what they are trying to do to this country, we must resist this fascism and hate and seek to once again become the great, hopeful, and compassionate nation that we were under the kind and respectable leadership of Barack Obama, we had it so good under him but now in Trump’s America we are something entirely different and trust me, none of what we are now is good.


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