Guns are NOT “Freedom”

The whole idea that having a gun makes you “free” is outrageous and I say this because if guns made people free then nobody would die from them or lose family members from the senseless act of gun violence yet so many do. They continue to say this and I quote. “Free men own guns and free people do not need permission from the government to be armed” and they repeat these slogans over and over until they are blue in the face.

You do need permission from the government to have a gun and we call that the law, background checks, permits, and so on. They say that guns created this country and made this country the free nation that it is today but this also wrong as this country was founded by men and democracy is what made us free. Were we free when Native Americans were slaughtered so that America could be “founded” or when African Americans were held as slaves and abused throughout history?

No, guns do not make us free and had nothing to do with our freedom and I will always repeat this as it is the truth. The freedoms in the constitution that do not take lives equal freedom like freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, freedom to practice your religion, and so on. Guns have nothing to do with freedom and are the opposite of freedom, if you need to carry a gun everywhere you go then you are far from free my friends. In this country freedom is something that is for everyone not just some people and if you have a gun and I don’t then who is free?

That is not equal and that is not fair, that is intimidation and I know that this is unpopular but it borders on terrorism as people carrying loaded weapons around with them in public where families go to practice true freedom endangers and takes away their freedom. If you need a gun again I say, you are not free and you are not brave and I know this may hit a nerve with some but I must tell it like it is. Guns take freedom away from those who just want to go about their day peacefully and safe from harm.

Freedom is being able to go to the movies, the mall, school, or to a ballgame without fear of some whacko pulling out an assault rifle and mowing you down. Freedom is being able to go about your day and live your life without the worry that someone who has a gun is going to take your life, if you think guns equal freedom then you do not know the true meaning of the word but lucky for you, I am about to explain to you what real freedom is and it is the opposite of what pro-gun people say it is and it has nothing to do with being armed everywhere you go.Freedom is not to be restrained or limited and some may argue that is what gun ownership is about but I beg to differ and challenge them to think about this, if being free is not being enslaved as the definition in the Webster dictionary says then how can you claim freedom if you are enslaved to a gun?

That is right, I truly believe that someone who needs a gun is not truly free as they are enslaved to needing something outside of themselves for so-called “defense”. That is not freedom my friends, freedom is to be free from the need for something, people who are free do not need something outside of themselves to claim that they are free, people who are truly free are free from restraint and in my view guns restrain you from being free while also endangering others and taking away their freedom.Guns do not give people freedom and the lie that they make us free needs to be stopped and that is why I am writing a chapter on the topic as people need to know the truth and that is that guns or the “right” to have one has never been about “freedom”, it is about intimidation and fear mongering and that is what we need to focus on when discussing this issue.

The creator of the universe did not intend for people to be armed like they are and neither did the founding fathers who wanted people to have muskets and should have thought of that when they wrote the 2nd amendment, they did a great disservice to America by not being more specific. The mythical line by pro-gun people is that guns equal freedom and we hear this line quite often but my question for them is this and I am being completely serious when I ask it. If people have “freedom” to have guns and carry them on our streets, in our malls, in our schools, and so forth then what about the freedom of people and their families not to be around those guns? It is a logical question, if people have freedom to bring guns into these places don’t people also have freedom not to be around these guns and to be safe from harm?

I know what they will tell me, they will say that we have a right to go different places but that isn’t freedom for all is it? Plus, where would people go? Our new president wants to get rid of “gun-free zones” and have guns everywhere, even in our schools. Shouldn’t parents have a say in the matter if they do not want their children to be in a school that has armed people? I know that I would not want guns around my children and certainly would not feel comfortable sending my child to school knowing that the teachers or even parents picking up their kids could have guns on school grounds, no parent should feel comfortable with that.

Freedom is something that is equal for everyone and not something that should take freedom away from others and it never has been. Just look at this, if you have the right to marry someone as is case with same-sex and opposite-sex marriage then that is great because that right does not harm others and most freedom of speech doesn’t harm people either and we have restrictions on harmful speech like laws against threats and so forth but with guns it is not equal. The so-called “freedom” to carry a gun endangers people who don’t have guns and does harm others.

The pro-gun folks like to repeat the myth that guns are all about freedom yet they oppose other freedoms that we liberals support like the freedom for a woman to decide if she wants to go through with a pregnancy or not or the freedom to smoke marijuana and so forth. They want their freedoms but don’t want us to have ours and the ones we want do not kill people, guns do! Think of it like this, a gun can cause things like internal bleeding, ballistic trauma, and death and depending on the gun or magazine size you can kill a lot of people very quickly. That isn’t freedom and does take away freedom from others and makes us all less safe, as I said in my last book on this topic, when we have 300+ mass shootings a year and experience 30,000 gun deaths on an annual basis then that is not freedom, that is terrifying and tragic. Freedom is equality, being able to go about your day without fear that someone who has a gun is going to shoot you and take your life


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