A Proud Progressive Upbringing Made Me This!

Many have asked why I do what I do and why am I so passionate about these issues that I write about in my books and on this blog, I thought now was a good time to briefly answer that question. I grew up in one of the most progressive cities in the United States and that city is Boston, a city that has a history of fighting for the little guy and those who cannot fight for themselves. I was raised by parents who were big supporters of some of the great Democrats in this nation’s history and raised me with the same ideals and values and for that I am very grateful.

I was named after Robert and John Kennedy if that tells you anything, being a liberal has been in my blood since before I was born and that is a big reason why I do what I do and have the beliefs that I do. In life, we are who we are based on how we were raised as well as the events that happen to us or happen in our world and both of those are reasons why I am the progressive that I am today and will continue to be throughout my life. Those of us from liberal cities like Boston believe in the democracy that is known as the United States of America and we fight for it to remain that way.

My home state of Mass was the first to make same-sex marriage legal and my current home of the San Francisco Bay Area is known for progressiveness and liberal values and of course equality. We generally flock to the areas that align with our core values and that is why I moved from Boston to California when it was time to move on to a new place and I am quite happy with both places. I believe that we all have something to offer the world so why not do my part to make it a better place and fight for those who do not have a voice, that is why I fight for undocumented immigrants, Muslims, LGBT people, women, and so many other vulnerable groups that are a constant target of those on the right and more so Donald Trump fans.

My books touch on all of these issues and are out there for everyone to see, I made this blog as just another tool to get the word out there and have my views heard as if we are silent then nothing is accomplished, we must always speak up and stand for what it is that we believe in if we want to impact the world in the positive way that we seek to and change things for the better. I have a liberal podcast on iTunes as well as a YouTube channel by the same name as this blog and try to update them as well as possible with current issues to keep people informed. The books that I write are on subjects other than politics but most of them are in fact on politics as that is my passion and they can be found on iBooks, Nook, Kindle, and so on under my name, Rob Clewley.

What I have to say is not always popular but the truth usually isn’t to those who have their own set of views like we all do. Just because something is opposed that does not mean that we should stop speaking out about it, we should actually speak out more when people try to silence us and attack what we are trying to say. Now is the time more than ever to speak out and defend our values as with the current administration and his fans and what they are trying to do to this country and what we stand for we must always fight for what is right and that is why I will always speak out and do my part.

This was just a bit about who I am  and why I do what I do, this is me and I will never apologize for who I am nor for the work that I do to keep our democracy and our hold held values intact and I will always stand up for my beliefs whether it be on gun control, equality, helping the poor, or opposing racism, we must all do the same if we truly want to be a great nation!


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