Free Healthcare is the American Way


Trump thinks that “Trumpcare” will be the answer to replacing Obamacare but when we look at two side by side we clearly can see that Obamacare was better and allowed for more people to be insured at a lower rate. First of all, Trump is calling it by his own name when Obamacare was called the Affordable Care Act and was dubbed “Obamacare” by the media but leave it to the narcissist Trump to name it after himself like he named his buildings and everything he has ever done after himself. On the issue, Obamacare worked for so many people and continues to provide millions of Americans with quality and affordable health insurance, to repeal it would be devastating for so many people and would cost lives.

I was having a conversation with some folks (Trump fans) on Facebook earlier today about this issue and as usual, these people are very uneducated as well as heartless on the issue like they are on most topics. They think that everyone has thousands saved in the bank for healthcare costs and call people who don’t “lazy” and “moochers” but the reality is that over 45 million Americans live below the Federal Poverty Line (FPL) and many others are barely above and live week to week on very little and cannot afford extra to save for their healthcare costs. These people are ignorant to the fact that many people in this country do not have the savings to pay for a sick child or even if their car breaks down so how do they think they can pay for their own healthcare costs?

Many people in America work 40-50 hours a week and still cannot afford the rising costs of healthcare, they have families to house and feed and other expenses. The ACA as well as Medicaid and Medicare help people cover these high healthcare premiums, co-pays, and costs of medicines and without these programs then they would likely die. in fact, my ex-wife is in the hospital as we speak with a heart issue and for her one week stay with all of the tests and other treatments it is in the high thousands, she is on disability and if it was not for Medicaid then she would not be able to afford the care and would have died. She is not alone either as millions of Americans are in similar situations and need help to pay for their healthcare costs. Even people on Medicare who get SSI and SSDI have to pay for their premiums and other costs, it isn’t “free” like Trump fans like to say it is. They think they are “freedloaders” but my ex whom I mentioned gets $454 in SSDI and her disability check was deducted $134 a month for the Medicare premium before the state Medicaid program kicked in and started paying for that premium, so it is not “free” like those on the right like to falsely claim.

Of course, Trump and his fans do not care about these people and do not care who dies from a lack of healthcare coverage, they only care about themselves and their own interests and greed, it is about greed more than anything. They hate poor people and do not care what happens to them, they only care about what happens to them and want to deny poor people anything that would help them. Funny how they call the poor names for accepting and needing help but ignore that Trump got millions in a loan from his daddy to start his business years ago.. maybe Trump is the freeloader! Healthcare should be free for everyone, it should be one of the rights in this country or any country, in many it is.

Some of the greatest countries in the world have free or affordable healthcare for their citizens, look at nations like Canada, Denmark, and so on and the quality care they provide for their citizens. The lies about how there are long waits in these countries and their free or low cost systems don’t work is just that, a lie! They do work, I spent a lot of time in both Canada and Denmark and their people have a right to healthcare as it should be, they get treated and no bill, no questions asked. That is how it should be in this country, people should have a RIGHT to healthcare, it should not be a privilege. The pro-gun people who worship the 2nd amendment are constantly harping about how guns are a right and the right to self-defense is the most fundamental right we have, I disagree as I am against guns but that is another issue for another day. My point is that these people are clearly hypocritical, they think that owning a weapon should be a right but being treated when you are sick shouldn’t be?

The right to healthcare is the most fundamental human right, not guns. Citizens should be treated when they are sick, that should be a right when you are a citizen of a nation yet in this country it all about money not about people. Countries like Canada value the health and wellbeing of their people while here in the United States they don’t if you get well, they only care about profit. This is true with other things too, instead of the greed of our real estate industry we could care about people and house everyone. In regards to the healthcare issue, we could afford to give free healthcare to every American citizen if we would stop fighting these unjust wars and other unnecessary things like giving breaks to the very rich like Donald Trump. Healthcare should be free for all, everyone deserves to be healthy as well as be fed and housed. These are the rights our country should focus on not the right to deny people healthcare because they are poor or other things we value over human life.

Obamacare has been a huge success, over 20 million more people have coverage now and many lives have been saved via the ACA yet the right continues to lie and say that many lost their jobs and coverage because of it. This is untrue, people gained coverage and if people did lose their jobs (I don’t believe they did) then perhaps they should blame their employer not Obama. Our former president did a great thing with the ACA and thought about helping people by giving everyone an opportunity to quality coverage, not just the super rich. Trumpcare or whatever it will be called will hurt people, just like every policy that he has adopted, it will hurt people and cost people more money. We must continue to stand up for the ACA and fight against the repeal, so many will lose coverage and that will be a shame for the many sick in this country who cannot afford health insurance and desperately need it. We MUST save Obamacare!


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