Clinton is Corrupt? No, You’re thinking of Trump!

Corruption is a word often used to describe Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump and his fans but when we look at who the real corrupt one is we can clearly see that it is the current president not the Stronger Together leader. The level of corruption that this man has committed over the years is astounding but what really boggles the mind is how his clear ties to Russia as well as cheating and scamming ways in previous years are ignored by his fans.

The question we must ask ourselves is why do his supporters ignore the things that he has said and done while blaming liberals like Clinton and Obama for  anything and everything that happens in this country? This is a good question but one that his supporters never seem to be able to answer, they always find a way to shift the blame back at the left when it is Trump and his cabinet that is destroying this country after years of Obama doing his best to repair the damage done by Bush.

The connections to Russia that Trump clearly has prove this man is corrupt and was working with them to turn the election in his favor, we know this by the evidence that is mounting against him and his team and no matter how much he denies that these Russian connections exist, they are there. His former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn had ties to Russia and was in contact with them and now we are learning about other members of the Trump cabinet who also had been in contact with the Kremlin including evidence that Trump himself appears to have met with a Russian diplomat.

These are concerning allegations that are looking to be true by the day and the reason that they are so serious are because when we allow other nations to meddle in our election process then we no longer are a democracy and our long history of patriotism within this election process ceases to exist. We can never allow our adversaries to try to impact our political process, especially when we have one of our own presidential candidates telling them to hack the election and help him win. It is always alarming when we have a sitting president in bed with someone like Russia yet continues to deny those allegations, they are becoming more than allegations and soon the truth will come out showing that Trump and his team were complicit in the Russian hack and interference.

Of course the Russian issue is the most obvious example of the corruption of Donald Trump but this man has a history of corruption and bending the rules to throw things in his favor. He got to the top by cutting corners and throwing people under the bus and that is also how he became President of the United States. He is known for stiffing the contractors that he hired for his real estate projects refusing to pay them for the work that they did for him and then there are the students at his failure Trump University whom he scammed out of their hard earned money for his fraud of a university and the list goes on and on.

He doesn’t pay his federal taxes, he has been sued by hundreds of entities, and has done many other corrupt things in his career and in his life. This is not who we are America, we are not Donald Trump and we must always stand against corruption even when the leader of the free world is the one committing that corruption, we cannot sit by and allow this to unfold in front of our own eyes. Hillary Clinton isn’t the corrupt one, she isn’t the one who sold her soul to Russia for a seat in the Oval Office and she is not the one who has clearly something to hide, that is Trump.

His fans need to stop defending him by blaming her and Obama, they are not president, this is on Trump and Trump only. The man is corrupt and in this democracy we cannot have someone who commits treason and turns on his own people lead us and we cannot have someone with a proven track record of lying and being corrupt as our leader, we must continue to resist and demand answers to the crimes that he has committed.


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